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ZoomIt is a small presentation assistance tool from the folks who made Process Explorer. I'll give it a quick show.

During my webinars, you may notice an unfamiliar small icon in the notification of the taskbar. That's ZoomIt, a small utility created by the authors of tools like Process Explorer specifically for use during presentations.

In this video from an Ask Leo! webinar, I'll present a very quick peek at ZoomIt.

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One quickie that isn't on the schedule, but I thought I should at least point out to folks for webinars and that is this little tool down here - ZoomIt.

ZoomIt is a presentation tool created by the folks who did Process Explorer. He ended up doing it for himself and you probably saw the break timer as we lead into the beginning of the webinar. That is provided by this function so if I hit Ctrl 3 you can see that the break timer will start all over again.

The other things that it allows me to do that I intended to use periodically during webinars was to be able to draw on the screen, type on the screen, and then also zoom in from time-to-time.

In practice, I'm not finding that something that I particularly want to do often. I think I'm just too busy talking about what I'm talking about to even think about it. But it's a useful little tool that was actually created by the SysInternals folks specifically for their own presentation needs.

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