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How do I get sound out of the correct speakers in Windows 7 and Vista?

If you have multiple speakers or playback devices, Windows might guess wrong as to which you want to listen to. We'll set the correct playback device.

My headphones stopped working, what do I do?

Headphones not working? I work through the proper steps to see what is broken or turned off in the system.

My laptop's sound card doesn't work in Windows XP, but did in Windows Vista. How do I fix it?

It's possible that the drivers required for that Vista-era sound card haven't been written for Windows XP.

Why does my audio echo and reverb when I play video clips?

Sometimes audio hardware can be instructed to loop an output back into an input, which can result in the audio feedback that you've just described.

Why doesn't music play smoothly on my machine?

There are a few different reasons why music will not play smoothly on one's computer, depending on your hardware and how you're playing music.

Why don't my speakers work?

If your speakers don't work, and you've checked all software settings, then it might be a very simple, even silly, solution.

Why is emptying my spam folder the only time my computer actually produces sound?

One sound working is good news. Sounds like you are plugged in! Setting the rest of the sounds can now be done through the Control Panel.

Why is my computer picking up radio stations and sounds?

Radio might accidentally show up on your computer several different ways. We'll look at some of the possibilities for accidental computer radio.