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AWeber provides high quality email newsletter and autoresponder services with one of the highest deliverability records in the industry.

If you're a spammer, you can stop reading now. AWeber will not help you.

On the other hand, if you're considering setting up a CAN-SPAM compliant email mailing list, AWeber may be the solution for you.

AWeber is an Email Service Provider (ESP) that provides bulk and sequence emailing services. The most common example might be periodic newsletters: for example I use AWeber to send out my newsletter every week to over 125,000 subscribers.

Not to sound too "marketing-ish", but AWeber leads the industry in an incredibly important measurement: deliverability.

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One of the problems we all have is making sure that emails we send out actually make it to their destinations. Not a day goes by where I don't here about someone not getting email that they expected, email that they signed up for, or in some cases, email newsletters that they paid for.

AWeber holds its customers to very high standards of behavior - that's why I started by saying that spammers need not apply. As just one example, all subscriptions must be confirmed or double-opt-in. Not to worry, though, because after setting up a subscription form on your site, AWeber handles all that. The bottom line is that when someone joins your list, it's because they want to join, and have confirmed that fact.

"One of the problems we all have is making sure that emails we send out actually make it to their destinations."

Maintaining those high standards allows AWeber to have an incredibly good reputation in the industry, and one of the highest deliverability rates for any ESP.

AWeber is a reasonably priced professional-grade tool that works for lists large and small.

But they're not just about newsletters.

AWeber also supports something called "sequenced autoresponders". This is, in essence, a series of emails that you can then set up that are sent automatically on a schedule you create based on when the subscriber subscribed. So, for example, once they subscribe they get a confirmation message. 2 days later, message #2; 5 days after subscribing they get message #3, and so on. Everyone gets the same sequence of messages, all beginning when they sign up.

This can be a particularly powerful marketing tool.

AWeber also provides an impressive array of analytics - tools that allow you to understand various aspects of your subscribers, your deliverability, and the effectiveness of your email.

It's true that AWeber may not be for everyone (especially spammers), but if you're serious about email newsletters or autoresponders, and serious about deliverability, I can't recommend 'em highly enough.

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