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A series of articles with instructions and videos demonstrating the steps required to install, backup and restore your computer using Macrium Reflect 5.0.

Macrium Reflect 1: Downloading and Installing

Macrium Reflect 5.0 is available as a downloadable application. I'll walk you through the process of downloading and installing the program.

Macrium Reflect 2: Creating Rescue Media

The first step after installing any backup software is to create bootable rescue media. I'll show you how to do that with Macrium Reflect.

Macrium Reflect 3: Creating a Backup Image

The most basic and perhaps most important type of backup is the system image. I'll walk through creating an image backup in Macrium Reflect.

Macrium Reflect 4: Creating an Incremental Backup Image

Incremental backups are the true backbone of any backup system. Incremental backups build on the initial full backup by saving files that have changed.

Macrium Reflect 5: Scheduling Backups

Scheduling backups to happen automatically is perhaps the most important and often overlooked part of a backup strategy. I'll show you how in Reflect.

Macrium Reflect 6: Restoring an Image

Hopefully, you'll never need it, but should your machine become malware-ridden or suffer a hardware failure, it'll be time to restore from a backup image.

Macrium Reflect 7: Restoring a File from an Image Backup

Image backups contain every file on the drive that they image. Fortunately, if you need only some files, you don't need to restore the whole thing.

Macrium Reflect's Rescue Media doesn't recognize my external hard drive, what do I do?

There are several ways to access your backed up data if your first restore disc does not work.

Why can't I access Documents and Settings in my Windows 7 backup image?

Documents and Settings folder has moved in Windows 7. Knowing where to look and how to setup Macrium Reflect will help you find your data.

Why does Macrium ask for a Username and Password to schedule a backup?

Macrium asks for your username and password when scheduling backups because it needs to know how to log into your computer.

Will my backup program recreate partitions when a restore is needed?

A good backup program will back up literally everything if that is what you choose in your backup settings.