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Earthlink is an internet service provider, so you shouldn't have files unless you are an Earthlink customer. I'll give you a safe way to remove those files.

I found Earthlink setup files on my computer. I checked the web to see what it was. I'm still unsure from the answers that I received. Can I delete this without harming any programs? Please help since I'm really a novice when it comes to knowing for sure what can be removed and what can't.

In this excerpt from Answercast #29, I look at some mysterious Earthlink files on a computer and suggest a safe way to remove them.

Earthlink files

EarthLink is an ISP. I see from your email address that you are a Verizon customer. So my guess is you are not using EarthLink as your ISP.

My guess is that it's probably quite safe to delete those files.

Back up first

However, in any case, when I suggest that people delete files... it's always a good idea to simply back them up first. Just in case.

What I suggest you do is to take those files and copy them somewhere else, or maybe, just rename the folder... but:

  • Before you delete them... make sure that nothing happens if they go away.

Just to be safe...

  • Copy them somewhere else,

  • Back them up to a CD, external hard disk (however you manage your backups),

  • Or just rename the folder that they happen to be in...

  • And see if anything goes wrong after that.

My guess is nothing's going to go wrong and you can safely delete those files.

But like I said, by backing them up (just in case) you know that even if they were still necessary for something, you can put them back.

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