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A green bar in disk defragmenter shows files on the hard drive that cannot be moved. Usually nothing to worry about.

A green unmovable bar has shifted from left to right in disk defragmenter. Will this pose a problem? How do I readjust it? This is Windows XP, 32 bit, running on a Samsung.

In this excerpt from Answercast #100 I look at how unmovable files are displayed in Disk Defragmenter, it's nothing to worry about.

Green bar in disk defragmenter

So the short answer is - I'm surprised that green bar moved. My guess is that it actually didn't move on your hard drive.

What that green area means is that the files it represents are files that cannot be moved.

Unmovable files

Now it's possible that you've changed a partition on your system, or you're looking at a different disk than you originally were, or perhaps you've restored an image from backup. There are many reasons where the green "unmovable files" can kind-of be moved.

The reality is there's nothing wrong with them being there. There's no reason to move them either. Leave them there.

Defragment the disk

If you want to, you can defrag them. I have an article on defragmenting the system files that are typically unmovable. It requires a separate utility that actually causes the defragmentation to occur before Windows boots.

But in general, the green portion displays what's happening when defragmentation is happening. It simply means that the files that it represents are files that the defragmenter can't move. And there's nothing wrong with that.

(Transcript lightly edited for readability.)

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