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Setting up a new email account with Yahoo is pretty straightforward. But before you do you might want to check: you might already have one!

Can you tell me how to set up a new email account with Yahoo? I want to start using it for email.

You bet.

Yahoo! is the third largest free email service these days, behind Hotmail and Google Mail. Interestingly enough, though, Yahoo! offers so many other services that it's quite possible you already have a Yahoo! account and a Yahoo! email address.

Let's look at what to do if you do have an email account, and how to create a new one if you don't.

Do You Yahoo! ... Already?

Yahoo! has a lot of free services. As I said, it's possible that you already have a Yahoo! account; if you do, you already have a Yahoo! email address ready to go.

"... it's possible that you already have a Yahoo! account; if you do, you already have a Yahoo! email address ready to go."

Most common are Yahoo! Groups, or Flickr, or Pipes, or Messenger, or HotJobs, or ... who knows what?

If you want a quick review of everything that Yahoo offers ... well, there's a site for that:

Appropriately named, it simply lists all of the services that Yahoo! offers. Look through that list - if there's something there that you already use, you may already have a Yahoo! account.

Go to that service you use and login.

Now, come back to the Yahoo! home page. Do you see something like this in the upper right of the page?

Yahoo! home page fragment showing I'm signed in

If it's greeting you by name, then you're already signed in to Yahoo! and you already have an email account.

Click the little down arrow next to your name, and you'll see your Yahoo ID:

Yahoo! signed in as

Here you can see that while it greeted me with "Hi, Leo", my actual Yahoo! user name is "leonot". That means my Yahoo! email address is leonot (at)

If I visit and navigate to my inbox my mail is there, all ready to go:

Yahoo Mail, inbox

OK, I don't have any mail, only spam, because I don't use this account for anything email related.

But if you already have an account for something else on Yahoo!, you could use it for email right now.

A New Yahoo! For You

If you don't already have a Yahoo! account, or if you want to create a new or additional one, it's pretty simple.

If you're logged into your Yahoo! account, Sign Out:

Yahoo! Sign Out link

Many people seem to forget or not realize this step: you must be signed out before you can create a new account.

Now you'll see that things have changed:

Yahoo! sign up link that appears after you sign out.

Click on "Sign Up" and you'll be taken to the signup form:

Yahoo! signup form

Fill that form out, and you'll have a brand spanking new Yahoo! email account.


  • You'll need to pick a Yahoo! ID that isn't already in use by someone else.

  • Create a strong password! I can't emphasize this enough.

  • Assign an alternate email address to an account on some different service. Do not lose access to this account, or if you do then come back to Yahoo! and change this to another account you continue to have access to.

  • Remember your secret answers! I'm shocked at how many people do not, and end up losing their accounts and everything in them when they subsequently get hacked or forget their password. For extra security make up nonsense answers, but above all remember them.

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Not what you needed?

usman akhtar
December 26, 2012 8:07 AM

my id is not open because ican make new account

jacqulyn wayne
April 13, 2013 9:46 PM

I am getting married &want to change my yahoo email account accordingly.

Mark J
April 14, 2013 2:42 AM

Yahoo allows you to add a second email address to your account. It's a great feature which allows people to send to either email address and all of the emails will go to the same account.
Here's the link to the Yahoo Help page on how to do that:
What is an extra email address and how do I set one up?

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