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There are several steps to try, including clearing the cache and then restarting the browser.

I've been using Chrome for over a year now and really like it except for the last three or four weeks. The home page won't load when I first open the browser. I'll close it and open it again and the home page loads and everything's fine. The home page always loads on the second try, but never the first. It's not a big deal, but it sure is irritating. Any ideas?

In this excerpt from Answercast #58, I look at a few steps that can help resolve problems in a browser that is not opening correctly.

Why doesn't the page load?

I have exactly two ideas. One is fairly simple.

The first thing I would have you do is to clear the cache in the browser. That's in the Option settings. You may have to go to Advanced to actually see the option to clear the cache that Chrome has stored on your computer's hard drive.

The reason I say that is - the cache (a bad cache, a corrupted cache, a full cache, just a confused cache) can cause pretty bizarre behavior in almost any of the browsers.

So it's one of those very quick first things to try. Clear the cache, restart the browser, and see what happens. It may very well be that this could clear up the problem.

The other thing that I would try... Well, let me insert a third...

Check your extensions

Another thing that I would try would be to take a look at the extensions that you have installed in Chrome. See if disabling any, some, or all of them makes this problem go away.

Extensions can interfere with various things in your browser. The kinds of extensions that come to mind are things like anti-malware tools that are trying to parse or protect you from the web pages that you visit as you're visiting them.

Take a look at the extensions, take a look at the add-ons, and see if disabling the add-ons that you have installed makes this problem go away.

Uninstall and reinstall

Finally, the solution that has perhaps the most work behind it is: I'd uninstall and reinstall Chrome. Without knowing specifically what's causing this problem, getting Chrome to reconfigure itself from scratch by reinstalling is the last thing that I would try in an attempt to resolve this particular issue.

Since it's such a massive step, you may elect to just live with it. But ultimately, that would be the last thing that I'd try just in the hopes that there is some kind of an issue with a misconfiguration that somehow, for some reason, is getting in the way of what Chrome's doing when it's loading your home page.

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John D. Barbuto
October 5, 2012 10:58 AM

Leo. I tried the clear cache for a similar problem (1 of my email accounts would not load) and it now works great - Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!

October 5, 2012 11:46 AM

I had the same problem, but it wasn't just the Home page that was affected. Everytime I clicked a link it wouldn't load. I found I had to click in the address bar, copy the link, and then paste the link back in and it would load. I finally traced it to the extensions. Don't remember which one specifically, but I disabled all of them and then selectively re-enabled them one at a time.

October 8, 2012 6:05 PM

I used Chrome for a couple years and loved it but started having similar startup issues the last two or three months. I'd start Chrome and the opening page wouldn't load. Close it and it would load the second time. Finally figured out if I opened Chrome and the home page didn't load I could click on a second tab and the home page would now be loading.Tried reinstalling-no help. Then a ton of issues with Shockwave Flash. I checked my plugins one time and there's three versions. I didn't put them there. I googled Chrome for Shockwave Flash issues and tried what fixes I could find; disabled the Chrome version so only the Adobe version could run. Disabled the Adobe version so only the Chrome version could run. Then there'd be another new version and that one wouldn't work. I loved Chrome-good interface, fast loading , good security browser but somethings gone wrong; I finally gave up trying to fix it -wasn't worth all the effort and frustration . Too bad. Switched to Firefox; not quite as fast but no starting issues, no Flash issues, no issues period. Maybe it's just me or my particular computer, or router or antivirus, but it seems strange that Chome is the only browser displaying all these issues. IE works fine, I just don't like it.

October 13, 2012 6:02 AM

Are you using Lastpass? That produces an identical problem on my computer. If you're using Lastpass, try disabling the extension(tools/extensions/ then remove "enabled" check) and see if the problem goes away.

October 31, 2012 6:50 PM

Did all that..still no joy. Deleted and reinstalled at least 10 times...downloaded newer versions of chrome...still no joy. Only extension is AdBlock and have disabled joy.

Windows XP Pro, SP3, Webroot, Windows Defender..nothing else is running. Even stopped all running windows services, necessitating reregistering my copy of joy.

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