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Cookies are nothing more than information a web site can save on your computer that that same web site can pick up again the next time you return. It's what some sites use cookies for that has some people concerned and why you might care about things like when cookies appear, blocking cookies, cleaning and deleting cookies, and perhaps even looking inside of them.

Does the browser store passwords in cookies?

Once you've logged into a site cookies are often used to keep you logged in for some period of time. There are risks associated with that, and more.

How do I delete cookies automatically?

Cookies do accumulate and while they are mostly harmless there are occasionally reasons to clean them up. We'll set up a nightly task to do just that.

How do I view what cookies I have, and which are safe to delete?

Anti-spyware programs often list cookies as suspect without much explanation. We'll look at how to find out a little more, and what to do. Or not.

I cleared cookies and more, so how did a web site still know it was me?

Websites have several methods of tracking visitors from tracing IP addresses to dropping cookies. I walk through various steps needed to go anonymous.

What are browser cookies and how are they used?

Browser cookies are a way that web sites can leave information on your computer that they can use when you return to their site. Simple and powerful.

Where do all these cookies come from?

Cookies are a fact of life when browsing the web. But, if you look at the cookies stored on your machine, you might be surprised at the number.

Why am I getting tracking cookies from your site?

"Tracking" cookies from most sites aren't that bad, and usually not tracking you personally. They are there to help with your user experience.

Why do some sites ask to store information on my machine?

Sites download information onto your hard drive to create a smooth user experience. There is a simple action that will solve the whole problem.

Why does Facebook tell me that cookies are blocked?

When a website can't set cookies to your machine, the first thing to try is clearing the cache. That, along with a few other ideas, should get you up and running.

Why does Hotmail occasionally log me off even though I've said "keep me logged in"?

Hotmail logs you off if it can't find a cookie on your computer to identify your login information. To stay logged in you must keep the cookie.

Why is my Hotmail login not being remembered?

Hotmail logins will not be remembered if cookies are deleted or turned off. Your computer's cookie settings need to be reset.

Why is my dropdown of websites suddenly gone and Facebook telling me I have a new IP address?

Websites can be cleaned from your drop-down menus and IP addresses can change. That in itself is not indicative of a hack. A few steps will increase security.

Why might deleting cookies cause my computer to be unauthorized with online accounts?

Deleting cookies will make online accounts forget who you are and cause you to answer all your security questions again.

Will deleting cookies free up room in my computer's memory?

Deleting cookies will clear up a little disk space, and may or may not actually free up a small amount of your computer's memory.

Will deleting cookies slow down my computer?

Cookies are a confusing concept. I'll revisit what they are and how they work, and what, if any, speed impact there is in deleting cookies.