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Articles that are no longer relevant or appropriate, but remain for the sake of clarity.

Acronis TrueImage Home - Backup Software

Acronis TrueImage Home is a cost-effective, easy to use, reliable backup software solution.

CA Anti-Virus - solid, reliable anti-virus protection.

Everyone should have trustworthy anti-virus protection installed on their PCs. CA Anti-Virus is one solution that's been solid and reliable.

MSN-Problems (IMZers)

Should I try Windows 8?

Windows 8 may be tempting, but it's nowhere near ready for average consumers. Those who can't resist must assume the worst.

Should I upgrade to Windows 8? (old)

It's too soon to be thinking about upgrading to Windows 8. Better to wait until it is released and then start thinking about it.

Should I wait for Windows 8?

With the release of Windows 8 Preview some folks are wondering if Windows 7 is soon to disappear. Nothing could be further from the truth.