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Discussions and instructions relating to hard disk partitioning, and when and why you might or might not need it, and how to manage it if you do.

Can I repartition my hard disk to remove CRC errors?

Repartitioning is not an effective way to deal with CRC errors or bad sectors. At best repartitioning will only hide or delay the error.

Can I swap how my C: and D: drives are used?

It's not easy to switch a D drive to a C drive without a complete reinstall. Changing the size of partitions is a better method.

How do I extend the backup partition on my hard disk?

The problem with expanding the size of partitions is that they can only be expanded from the back – but that's not your biggest problem – backing up to a partition isn't safe!

How do I format and partition my new external hard disk?

Partitioning and formatting a new disk, internal or external, is often not needed but it's easy to do using Windows built-in disk manager.

How do I free up space on my recovery drive?

Recovery partitions are meant to only hold system recovery files. It shouldn't be written to and doesn't need more space.

How do I remove a partition in Windows 7?

Windows 7 added basic partition management tools that make operations, such as removing a partition and extending another to use the space, very easy.

How do I remove my D: restore partition?

Many computers come with a pre-configured restore partition, often drive D:. If you backup properly, it's not needed; I'll look at recovering the space.

How do I remove the recovery partition on my machine?

If you're doing backups properly, recovery partitions can become redundant. I'll look at how to remove a recovery partition and reclaim the space.

How do I resize a partition in Windows XP?

Windows XP doesn't include built in partition management that will let you resize a partition. Instead, I'll walk through doing it with Linux.

How do I resize this partition that Windows can only resize so far?

What's probably happening is that some files are in the way that Windows either won't or can't move.

Should I partition my external drive?

Partitioning creates an artificial restriction on the disk that you must choose to begin with. There is a better way to organize a drive.

Should I set up two partitions on my hard disk?

There's a diversity of opinion on the topic. I'll look at why I recommend only a single partition per hard drive and what partitioning does and does not get you.

What are these partitions on my hard drive?

Many manufacturers create separate recovery partitions on hard drives. I'll discuss what they often are, and why I ignore or even eliminate them.

What is disk partitioning?

Partitions are ways of treating a single hard disk as if it were many. We'll look at why, how and when you might want to partition your hard drive.