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Questions and answers relating to your computer's display devices from CRT and LCD displays to projectors and TV hook-ups.

Can I connect two computers to my dual-input TV?

Connecting two monitors to a computer is common. You can go the other way and connect two computers to one monitor if you have the right drivers and hardware.

Can I leave my TV hooked up to my PC through HDMI all the time?

Leaving your TV hooked up all the time is unlikely to pose a danger to your equipment as long as you consider a few issues.

Can I replace my LCD screen from one laptop to another?

Many components in laptops are device specific, which makes it difficult to exchange one laptop screen with another. Replacing that screen is going to be a problem.

Can I use my 25" desktop monitor on my laptop?

Most laptops come with a video port that allows you to easily connect an external monitor. A few settings may be required.

Do I need digital video output for my LCD monitor?

Depending on what you're doing, you may or may not need digital video output for your LCD monitor.

Do I need to install software for my monitor?

Many hardware add-ons come with installation CDs. Some need the additional software, some actually do not. The trick is guessing what's really needed.

Do I need to use a screen saver if I have an LCD screen?

Screen savers were initially intended to keep CRT monitors from burning images into the screen. Now there are other reasons to continue to use them.

Does having my video card on the motherboard mean I can never upgrade?

The neat thing about this is that you're one step away from a dual-monitor system without really even trying.

How can I fix my computer from going to blue screen?

A sudden blue screen does not always mean that your computer is dying. It may be an easily fixable problem.

How do I fix the screen when a game I play leaves it messed up on exit?

The game has changed the video mode. You may have to revert it manually or check for support from the manufacturer.

How do I get my two monitors to display at different maximum resolutions?

Windows is capable of displaying two monitors each at their recommended resolution. Changing the monitor settings may do the trick.

How do I get my two monitors to run different programs?

Attaching additional monitors to laptops is common. There are several settings to look at in order to make them work as expected.

How do I make my cursor larger so I can see it?

Cursor size is not determined by the kind of computer that you buy; it is set by your monitor and the software in your computer. It can easily be adjusted.

How do I make this browser-based online game bigger?

Enlarging online games can be tricky, depending on how they were written. If browser zoom functions don't work, you may have to change your monitor's DPI.

How do I set up a system with more than one screen?

Putting more than one display device or monitor on your PC is relatively easy these days. With the right hardware you can create huge virtual desktops.

Is there a best or better way to set up multiple monitors?

Setting up multiple monitors is easily handled by Microsoft Windows. You may want to consider resolution and size factors when looking at what to buy.

My computer hangs when I stream video. Where do I begin to look?

Nine times out of ten, this sort of difficulty in playing videos indicates a problem with the video driver.

My machine now gives me a completely white screen. What do I do?

I'm hoping that you have backed up. If not, this is a very good reason to do so. We don't know that your data hasn't been completely overwritten!

What do I do if a program requires 16 bit color?

Some graphics intensive games may be written to require your video be set to 16 bit color. If you're running something else, it's an easy change.

What is the difference between high color and true color?

High color, true color, bits per pixel, whatever you call it color settings can be confusing. I'll outline the differences.

What's Open GL, and what do I do if it's not supported, but needed?

"Open GL not supported" means that it is not available in your video driver software. Getting it may be a problem.

Why do picture colors vary from computer to computer, or when I print them?

Color matching from device to device is difficult. Most monitors are not well calibrated initially, but doing so can return excellent results.

Why does my monitor show "No Signal" sometimes during boot?

Windows has stopped sending a signal to your monitor. It's probably crashing randomly. I explore what that means.

Why does my monitor sometimes turn purple?

When a monitor turns purple, the first thing to look at is the hardware. The good news is that you can test for hardware problems without spending a lot of money.

Why does my screen have a black border all around it?

Most flat panel displays have a default or native resolution at which they are best. If Windows uses a different resolution, the display compensates.

Why does only half of my email scroll?

Sometimes, video drivers have issues that can manifest in this type of unwritten screen. We'll check for drivers and upgrades.

Why has my laptop monitor started showing white as turquoise?

A laptop monitor started showing turquoise after getting cold out in the car. Sounds like a hardware problem.

Why is my screen sometimes covered with random pipes, and often freezes?

Those crazy pipes running around on your screen is a standard Windows screen saver... but freezing indicates a problem.

Why might my computer crash half way through playing a YouTube video?

Monitor going black while watching online video could indicate video drivers, overheating, or even screen saving settings.