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I think the fact that you downloaded these videos is probably coincidental, unrelated to something else going on with your machine.

Do YouTube downloads slow internet loading? I've downloaded a number of long musicals including operas from YouTube. Now my internet pages take much longer to load. Is that what causes the problem? Can I solve it by downloading these musicals on to a flash drive and then deleting them from my C drive?

In this excerpt from Answercast #57, I look at a system that seems slow after downloading large files.

Downloading large files

No. Once they're downloaded, what you have on your machine should have almost no impact on your browser speed... wherever they happen to reside.

The browser's basically done with them. You've downloaded them. The browser's role with them is over.

Clear the cache

In reality, I suspect you have other things going on. I would probably start by having you clear your browser cache.

It is possible... I suppose that a history of downloading a number of these things may have filled up your cache and could be slowing down the browser down that way. I'd be surprised, but it's a quick and easy fix.

I have an article on how to clear your browser cache. And I strongly recommend that you start by doing that.

Other problems

If that doesn't resolve it, then we probably need to start looking at other things that are completely unrelated to this download of musicals or large video files. I think the fact that you look at them is probably just coincidental to something else unrelated going on on your machine.

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Peter B
October 2, 2012 1:48 PM

Here in the UK, many ISPs have a 'fair use' policy, so that after downloading some volume of data at normal speed, they then reduce ('throttle') the speed of your connection for the rest of that session (normally a number of hours, less than a day).

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