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Articles that cover everything from purchasing your own internet domain to managing it and the issues that come with doing so.

Do I need all these services my domain registrar is offering me?

When you register a domain you may be offered a plethora of extra-cost options. Which do you domain registration options do you really need, and why?

How do I keep my domain registration private?

When registering a domain you're required to give contact information which is then made public. There are ways to retain your privacy.

Opening Phishing Holes with New Top-Level Domains

In addition to .com, .net, and the like, it's now possible to purchase custom generic top-level domains. I'll review what this means and why it's cause for concern.

SimpleURL - Inexpensive Domain Registration ... with Service

SimpleURL is a domain registrar that I've used for many years that provides low prices and excellent support.

What does it mean to register a domain?

A concept we often take for granted is that of internet domains, and how they're purchased and set up for use. I'll look at what it's all about.

Where can I best register an anonymous domain?

Registering an anonymous domain will hide your personal information from the easily accessible public records, but it does not insure complete anonymity.

Why is my BRAND NEW domain immediately getting spammed?

Purchasing a domain can sometimes cause you to inherit things, like spam directed at the domain's previous users.