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How can I archive email in my free email account?

Backing up a free email account is best done by downloading it to a PC-based mail program. Some services support it, others need a trick or two.

How can I organize incoming email from two accounts?

How can I read my email on more than one machine?

How do I change my POP3 account password?

How do I change the size of my email display text?

How do I forward my old email address?

Some email providers have an email forwarding feature, but many do not. If available forwarding only works as long as you continue to own the original account.

How do I print an email with its attachments?

How do I send email to another machine on my local network without hitting the internet?

Sending email from one machine to another on the same network seems like it should be simple and direct. Sadly, it's neither.

How do I separate emails I receive on a single account?

How do I set up an email newsletter?

Email newsletters are important to both business and social communication. Setting one up properly is key to acceptance and to avoid being a spammer.

How long will I get email from an inactive account?

Though inactive Hotmail accounts are open for a some time before they're closed, spammers can make it appear as though an account is still active.

I get "Error Number: 0x800CCC19" when sending email - how do I fix it?

Error Number 0x800CCC19 is a timeout, which can be caused by many things. Most common appears to be interference by your anti-virus program.

My MSN sent mail isn't showing up in the sent mail folder. Is it somewhere else?

Check to see if the option to save your sent MSN emails is enabled if you aren't seeing any in your "Sent" email folder.

Should I Leave AOL?

What do you recommend for storing the many addresses we all have?

By and large, there really isn't a strong and specific recommendation that I have for everybody. Google and desktop email clients both have good contact management systems.

What is an "SNM" file?

An SNM file is simply a Netscape mail email message file.

What's the difference between an email program and an email account?

Terminology around email can be confusing and can lead to incorrect answers to misstated questions. I'll review some common and important terms.

Where are these viruses coming from?

Email viruses come from many sources, usually from other machines infected with a virus. There are clues in email headers, but that's often incomplete.

Why can't I email this movie?

Emailing movies is very tempting, because it's simple. Unfortunately emailing movies and other large files often fails. We'll look at a couple of alternatives.

Why can't I put my email on CD?

Burning email folders to CD is a reasonable way to archive email and free up space - until you want to read it. Then additional steps are needed.

Why can't I send email from all my accounts?

Why can't I send mail from my hotel room?

Hotels and other locations that provided internet connectivity, both free and as an add-on service, often take steps to avoid being exploited by spammers. This can affect your ability to send email.

Why can't my guest send email using my LAN?

Issues with configuring a guest's email have some simple solutions.

Why can't my recipients open the documents I email them?

There's a simple reason why a computer or an email program, out of the box, can't read every possible file format.

Why is attaching a Word document to email such a bad idea?

Why is downloaded email disappearing immediately?

Anti-malware software can interfere with email such that email disappears immediately, or other features of the email program stop working or worse.

Will I lose my email if I don't check it for a while?

Will receiving large attachments eat up all my disk space?