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Issues around maintaining and managing your email account effectively and securely.

Can I have more than one email account with the same ID?

Having multiple email accounts with the same ID is typically not possible, and may reflect a misunderstanding of how addresses and accounts relate.

Can I read web mail using a pop3 mail reader?

Web based email is handy but limited. Most do not allow direct access using a normal email program.

Can two Windows XP accounts share a Mail account?

Sharing one email account across two Windows user accounts isn't always easy, but it is possible depending on what email program you use.

How can I list all the email addresses that I am the alternate email address for?

It may not be possible to globally check which email is being used as an alternate email address, other than by manually keeping track.

How can I share contacts between two email accounts?

Sharing email contacts is not as easy as you might think. I'll walk through a few ways it might be set up.

How do I copy the contents of my Hotmail or Gmail to a CD or DVD for reference?

The first step is to download the emails to your computer with an email program; then you can back them up any way you wish.

How do I deal with email sent from a deceased's apparently hacked account?

It's troubling enough to experience the loss of a friend or a loved one, but to then get email from them thereafter can be very disturbing.

How do I get a password reset or reminder sent to my alternate email if I can't login to it?

Many people fail to set up alternate email addresses correctly, rendering password resets and reminders useless. We look at how best to set them up.

How do I get an arbitrary email address?

You can have any email address on a domain you own, assuming you can own it, or use an email provider and take what's available.

How do I keep my business account when I change ISPs?

There are many varieties of business services provided by ISPs. When changing ISPs, you'll need to make sure that your business account moves as well.

How do I keep my email address if I change providers?

If you own your own domain you can keep your email address when you change providers. If you don't own it, things get dicey.

How do I move my emails from one provider to another?

When changing email providers, email stored on their servers can be difficult to move. We'll look at some of the options.

How do I prevent a former employee sending email that looks like it's from my company's domain?

Stopping someone from sending from your domain name can only be done if they are using your server to send. Otherwise, they may be spoofing.

How do I recover my lost files and folders in email?

Recovering lost files and folders is easy if they were backed up. If not, it's going to be a long process and your technician will need to know all the details about how the files were lost.

How do I set up an email address for my son on my computer?

Setting up a new email account is more than just a setting on your PC - you'll need to create a new email address with an email provider.

How do I set up an email address once and never again have to tell all my contacts of a new one?

One solution is to get your own domain. That way, it can be used conveniently with an online service, such as Gmail.

How do I transfer my email from one ISP to another?

Actually moving a web based email account to a different provider is nearly impossible. We'll look at some of the reasons and alternatives.

How do I transfer my email stored in Gmail to another online email service?

I believe the only reasonable way to transfer a large bulk of email from one email service to another is to use IMAP and a desktop program as the middle man.

How long after an email account is abandoned is its email address available for a new account?

Abandoned email account addresses can be difficult to recover. It will be quite a while before they are returned to the pool of available addresses, if ever!

I can't login when I set my blocking on high, what do I do?

Cookies and spam blockers are unrelated settings on a computer. This leaves me guessing what you may be talking about.

I have no "Accounts..." menu item in Outlook Express. Why?

It's possible to set Outlook Express up with no Accounts menu item. I can only speculate on why that functionality exists.

Is there a way to keep my email address when I change my ISP?

With a little planning it's possible to have an email address that does not need to change each time you change your internet provider.

My ISP went under - how do I recover mail email and email address?

If your ISP goes out of business it typically means you can no longer access data kept on their equipment. Prevention is really the only cure.

Terms of Service Violation: Why won't my email provider tell me what I did wrong?

If you're account is closed for terms of service violation, it's natural to want to know why. I'll explain why they probably can't tell you.

What happens if I let my email account expire?

Allowing an email account to expire is a convenient way to close it, but make absolutely certain it's what you want, or there could be serious issues.

What happens when an email account holder passes away?

In general, if an account holder suddenly stops logging into that account, the account will go through a series of steps and eventually be closed down.

What secret questions should I use?

Secret questions used to recover lost or forgotten passwords are a common weak link in account security. I'll describe my hack-proof approach.

What's a good way to get a permanent email address?

Each time you change your ISP or place of employment your email address can change. Instead, get your own domain and permanent email address.

Why can't I send mail unless I'm at home?

One common spam prevention technique may result in you not being able to send email normally when you're traveling. I'll look at why this happens and what to do.

Why does my ISP-given email account fill up if I don't use it?

Different ISPs keep your email for different lengths of time... but you really needn't worry about it!

Why is all my email downloading again after reinstalling Outlook?

A problem like this really depends on how Outlook was originally configured, whether you are using POP3 or IMAP, and how the email server is set.

Will I lose email if I don't check it for a while?

Most email services will delete your email if you don't login for a while or if too much email accumulates. We'll look at what you might do.