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Delivery errors, problems and other topics related to getting email messages from sender to recipient.

Can I count on mail to a bad address bouncing back?

If you send email to an invalid address or a closed account, usually you'll get a bounce back. Usually. The problem is that you cannot count on bounces.

Can I delete email simultaneously from both my PC and iPad?

It boils down to the difference between POP3 protocol and IMAP, but you'll need to reconfigure your email account and keep an eye on your quotas.

Can an email be picked up from a non-existing email address?

Email addresses are tied to domain names. It's possible that the domain name has a catch-all. I explore what that means.

Does bounced email mean all the recipients didn't get my message?

When an email message comes back to you because of a problem exactly who did or did not get the message depends on the error and where it happened.

How can a message I send by using "Reply" bounce?

Hitting Reply sends a message back to the person who sent the original, right? Not always. I'll look at how and why a Reply might actually bounce.

How do I get "Send Mail" buttons to work on web pages?

The easiest solution is to have an email program installed on your machine (such as Windows Live Mail) and configured to properly send email through your email account.

Is there a way to ask people to let me know they've seen my message?

This falls into the bucket of etiquette rather than technology. Any technology-based solution is doomed to failure because of spammers.

People who send to my Hotmail address are getting a bounce from some other email address. Why?

The bounce message isn't coming from Hotmail; the bounce message is coming from somewhere else entirely. That implies that there are some faulty settings involved.

What does "conversation timed out" mean in an email bounce?

Occasionally email will bounce with the error "timed out". We'll look at what that does, and does not, tell us, and what might be the real problem.

What does "host name lookup failure" mean in an email bounce?

A hostname lookup failure means that the server to which your email is being sent can't be found. This could be a temporary or permanent error.

What does "relaying denied" mean?

"Relaying denied" is an obscure error you may receive in a bounce message. We'll look at what relaying is, and why it might be denied.

Why am I getting two copies of emails I send to some lists?

What may be happening is that the email gets sent and then the mailing list turns around and sends it back to you - so it shows up in your inbox again.

Why am I not getting all messages sent to the mailing list I'm on?

Mailing list messages represent a conversation between members that has a natural order. It can be very confusing when some mailing list messages arrive out of order, or not at all.

Why am I not getting the email my friend sends me?

Email can be lost in transit for a variety of reasons, but the most common explanation is spam filtering. I'll look at why that is and what you can do.

Why can't I send email via my MiFi?

The problem here is that many ISPs specifically block email transmission to anything other than their own email servers.

Why does Outlook still download deleted Gmail messages?

Downloading deleted email is a mystery! Perhaps it's not really deleted and you need to check some settings.

Why does email take so long to be delivered sometimes?

Counting on email being almost instant is probably a bad idea. Email is designed to tolerate many delays, and delays do happen.

Why does my laptop bounce email?

Why does some email arrive with the wrong sent time?

Email with the wrong time on the sender's computer can result in a strange sort order on the receiver's end.

Why is my email bouncing because of too many being sent at once?

Too many emails sent at once can trigger spam filters on your email account and cause return error messages.

Why is my friend getting two copies of my mail?

Getting multiple copies of email is most often a problem at the receiving end. We'll look at both sending and receiving, and the most common causes.

Why is my mail to HotMail (or AOL, Yahoo, etc.) subscribers not being delivered?

Mail not being delivered is an unfortunately common problem. There's no magic answer, but I'll look at some of the reasons your mail not be delivered.

Why is some email to me delayed by days?

The email system is built to tolerate delivery delays of several days. That shouldn't happen often these days, so I'll look at what you can find out.