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How can I send a hyperlink in an email?

Sometimes, it's as easy as typing or pasting in the link. If that doesn't work, another simple step may be necessary.

How do I add a signature with a picture to my emails?

The ability to add a signature to email depends on the email program you use. Whether or not you can include an image also depends on that program.

How do I get YouTube videos embedded in email messages to work?

Online videos need to run from the YouTube website, so ultimately, clicking over there is the easiest way to go!

How do I get attached pictures to show in the body of email I've received?

How do I get music to auto-play when email is opened?

Really? Do you want to? I strongly offer an alternative to auto-play in an email.

How do I keep attached photos out of an email's message body?

How do I remove addresses from an email message for printing or forwarding?

Removing the addresses from an email you're forwarding or printing should be easy - and for forwarding it is. For printing, a few tricks are needed.

What's this backwards P all over my email?

A backwards P is probably a paragraph mark. If you're seeing a backwards P it's easy to turn off, but also tells me you should change something else too.

Why do links sometimes show up as blue and sometimes brown when I'm typing them in email?

Links will show in different colors depending on whether or not you have visited them before. It may not be under your control.

Why do pictures in email sometimes show up in-line, and sometimes as attachments?

Pictures in email don't always display. The reasons pictures in email don't display are many, and confusing. We'll look at some of the factors.