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Questions and answers related to desktop email programs like Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and more for your PC.

A computer crash lost my Outlook data file - what should I use instead of Outlook to prevent this in the future?

After a computer crash causes data loss, it's important to take steps so that it doesn't happen again. And you do need to make sure that you're taking the right steps.

How do I export and import my contact lists folder structure?

Transferring data between email programs can be tricky. You may have to re-organize.

How do I move from web-based email to email on my desktop?

Moving from a web based free email service to downloading email to your desktop is a smart move, but often not as easy to do as we'd like.

How do I set what email program my system uses?

Applications, and Windows itself, need to know the proper program to use when sending mail - we'll look at where that is, and how to [re]set it.

Should I get Outlook or just use Windows Live Mail?

Outlook vs. Windows Live Mail is going to be a matter of taste and functionality. Comparing their history might help you decide which one to use.

What's the difference between using Outlook Express versus my ISP's email?

Email programs, email access and email servers are all frequently confusing to many people. We'll review where email goes, and how you can get at it.

Why do I get "No profiles have been created." when I try to use "Send Link..."?

No Profiles means that a mail program has not been configured properly. The confusion is that it might not be the mail program you're expecting.

Why does my email program ask for a username or password when I try to download mail?

Desktop email programs will often prompt for information they need to do their work. In order to send or receive email, a username and password are required.

Why does my email program keep prompting for my password?

When your email program starts repeatedly asking you for your password, it's a sign of a problem. 99 times out of 100 it's the same, simple problem.