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Keeping your email account safe, what to do to prevent hacking and other forms of abuse as well as what to do if you have been hacked.

Are viruses attached to my email after I send it?

It's not really true that viruses attach to emails after they leave your computer. One confusing issue is that some email is read on the local computer, and some is accessed online; those two methods have different problems.

Are you sure email accounts don't get infected with viruses?

Email accounts don't get infected with viruses... but they can be the delivery mechanism for viruses that then infect machines. Learn the difference.

Can my company monitor my personal activities?

The only thing that your employer can monitor is what happens on the computer that the employer provides, so keep your work and personal lives separate.

Could I be getting more spam after my friend's email account was compromised?

When a friend's email account is hacked, it is likely that the spammers have stolen and kept the contact list. This will increase the amount of spam you get.

Could my email account hack be related to my computer being stolen the week before?

It's not surprising to have an email account hack after your computer is stolen. There are several ways the hackers could have gained access.

Do all these email bounces mean I have a bot infection?

With all the focus on malware, it's easy to assume your computer has an infection if you suddenly get a lot of bounced email. That's typically not the cause.

How do I recover my email password from my mail program?

If your desktop email program has saved or remembered your email password for you, there are tools available that will recover and display it for you.

How do I recover my old emails and contacts from my hacked Hotmail account?

When data is deleted from Hotmail, it is often deleted permanently. Backups and safety are always important with any free email account.

If too many bad password attempts cause account locks, how do hackers hack in?

Hackers have a lot of ways to try to get into online accounts. Understanding how it works can help protect you online.

Is Thunderbird more secure than Outlook 2010?

I'm not sure what additional security you're looking for in Thunderbird. A secure connection is something that can be done in either program.

Is View Source a safe way to view suspicious emails?

View Source is a relatively safe way to view suspicious emails, even though it is good to remain wary.

Is it safe to look, just look, at spam?

Just looking at spam may be safe... if you know how to take the proper precautions.

Is sending an encrypted attachment a reasonable approach to email security?

Encrypted attachments in email can increase the level of security for sensitive communications, but only if done right.

Is web-based email more secure than using a PC email program?

Web-based email is probably not more secure than running a PC-based program... but as always, backing up is!

Should I change the security information on all my emails after my Hotmail was hacked?

Having control over recovery details is what allows you access back into a hacked account: the goal is to prevent the hacker from controlling that recovery info.

What is the security related information I need to change to secure an email account?

Security-related information in your email account is used to recover your account. But what if the hacker now has access to all that?

Which is more secure: fax or email?

The bottom line is that I understand why email would not be HIPAA approved, but I don't really consider fax to be any more or less secure than plain text email.

Why am I getting replies to emails I sent months ago?

When you suddenly start receiving suspicious emails from an old friend, the first thing to think of is spam. Don't click on anything!

Why am I getting spam that appears to be from my IP address?

Email headers, the place where the IP address information is stored, are incredibly easy to falsify. Spammers do this on purpose to hide their true location.

Why am I not getting some emails after my account has been hacked?

It's a tough situation after an email account has been hacked. There may be some further steps you can take to make sure you have total and exclusive control over it.

Why does the name not match the email address on this email I just got?

More than likely, your friend's email has been hacked. Spammers use this type of email cloaking to fool people into clicking on their links.