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Where did the email go? Where did it come from? Did they read it? Did it even arrive? Questions and answers on how, and if, you can trace email.

Can GMail be traced?

Can I tell where these virus emails are coming from?

Can I trace email related to social media sites back to the sending computer?

Divorce over social media sites? A technical solution doesn't seem to be in the making here, as tracing emails isn't all that easy...

Can a sender tell where I'm reading my mail?

Can an IP address on an email tell you which country it is coming from?

IP addresses can change for many reasons; you can't absolutely rely on them to give location.

Is there a way to determine if someone actually sent me an email if I didn't receive it?

Determining if an email was sent when someone says they sent it is tricky to impossible. Email is just too easy to forge.

Why is some email to me delayed by days?

The email system is built to tolerate delivery delays of several days. That shouldn't happen often these days, so I'll look at what you can find out.