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Articles relating to the popular social networking site FaceBook.

A friend got email that looked like it was from me, but with the wrong email address. What do I do?

This is clearly something you were able to track down to a Facebook-specific relationship. But all it really is... is spam.

Can your email be hacked through the games on Facebook?

The javascript used in Facebook games has a potential to be a risk, but there is a much more likely scenario to be on the watch for!

Could someone set up a Facebook in my name?

Facebook accounts use an email address as the identifier and they often collect email addresses from friends. That can lead to fake accounts and unwanted invitations.

How did someone in another town login to my Facebook account?

How did someone else manage to log into this account? We can only look at the basic steps for good account security.

How do I block any trace of Facebook from my computer?

Blocking Facebook from your computer is ultimately not possible. There are a few steps you can take to manage how it affects your life, including not letting it bug you.

How do I change my email address in Facebook?

Changing your Facebook email address turns out to be not quite what most people expect. I'll walk you through the steps.

How do I delete my Facebook Account?

Deleting your Facebook Account requires some preparation, and then a fairly well hidden link. I'll outline the preparation and point you to the link.

How do I get Facebook out of my life completely?

Facebook is everywhere, so getting rid of it completely might be a little tricky!

How do I turn on "https" in Facebook?

Facebook is enabling the "https" option, and you should turn it on, particularly if you visit open WiFi hotspots. I'll show you how.

How do I use Facebook safely?

With Facebook's popularity have come concerns about safety and security. I'll review a couple of things to check and keep in mind as you use Facebook.

How does Facebook figure out who my friends should be?

Facebook has very sophisticated methods of matching you up with people you might know. It may seem scary, but they aren't stealing anything from your computer.

I have two Facebook accounts; how do I delete one of them?

Facebook identifies your account through your email address. Deleting one account won't delete the other.

Is Facebook going to start charging?

Facebook is not about to start charging for access. I'll look at why I can say that with certainty, and why you can too.

My Facebook account was hacked. How do I get it back?

Free online services do not provide any customer support. So, my recommendation is essentially not a very pleasant one.

My grandson uses my email address, can he use something else?

Setting up a good email account is very simple, so there is no need to share an account with a grandson. A few simple steps are necessary to separate the accounts.

Should I use Facebook to login to other sites when offered?

Many sites make it easy to login by using a Facebook application. It's easy, but is this really safe?

What does it mean to "Like" something on Facebook?

Clicking the Facebook Like button can give you access to business specials. In return, that business can be seen by your friends and allows them to communicate with you.

Where do Facebook friend suggestions come from?

Facebook invitations often include suggestions of other people you might know. I'll look at where they might come from, and whether there's a concern.

Who is accessing Facebook from my machine in the middle of the night?

Logs are showing a mysterious use of Facebook pages in the middle of the night. I'll give a few troubleshooting tips to track down the culprit!

Why aren't Facebook page visits showing up in my history?

Some applications keep you on the same page as you browse – even though it looks like you are moving around. That might be happening here.