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Gmail, or Google Mail, is Google's free and popular email service that includes many important features such as POP3/IMAP and SMTP, spam filtering, web access, and was the pioneer in large amounts of email storage.

Does Google read my email?

Web ads often relate to the topic displayed on the page. If that's your email, then the ads may well relate to the content of message you're reading.

Google Mail - Free Email that works and leaves you in control

Free email accounts, when used properly, can be very useful. Google's GMail is the current best of breed, primarily because it can be "used properly".

How do I backup my GMail?

Relying on free email services - even GMail - can be an unnecessary risk. Fortunately GMail makes it possible, even easy, to backup your email.

How do I cancel all Google services except for Gmail?

When you sign up for any Google service, you're creating a Google account, which will be available across all of Google's services. Canceling everything except Gmail might be tricky.

How do I create a filter in Gmail?

Gmail's filters are very powerful, and easy to set up. I'll look at creating a filter to automatically delete email from a specific email address.

How do I delete mail on Gmail permanently?

The Delete button in Gmail will move the email to the trash and there is a way to easily empty that trash.

How do I delete my GMail account?

Gmail or Google Mail accounts can be quickly and easily deleted; we'll walk through the steps. Just remember: it's permanent.

How do I delete my Gmail account if Gmail won't let me?

Closing a Gmail account requires several steps. If there is a problem, the error messages will help sort out what's going on.

How do I put two labels on a message in Gmail?

Gmail labels for messages can be a bit confusing until you realize that labels are labels.

How do I send a .exe file if Gmail won't let me?

Gmail and other mail programs or services will often block attachments using file types frequently used by malware. I'll show you how to send them anyway.

How do I set my Gmail alternate email address?

An alternate email address is an important security feature that you should configure should your Gmail account password or access ever be lost.

How do I view full headers in Gmail?

Like most email programs and interfaces, Gmail hides the administrative information or 'headers' in email messages. They're still easy to view.

How does GMail's "undo send" work?

GMail added the ability to "undo" a send. I'll look at how it works, and why it's not what people expect.