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Hacked, missing and lost passwords and accounts seem particularly prevalent with respect to Windows Live Hotmail accounts. These articles cover various issues relating specifically to managing your Hotmail and Windows Live password.

Can I recover my MSN Hotmail password rather than reset it?

Many people would like to recover their current forgotten password rather then reset it. However if security's been done correctly, it's impossible.

How do I get a Hotmail password reset if my alternate email address is invalid?

If you lose access to your Hotmail account, the normal way to recover is to have a reset sent to your alternate email address. What if that can't work?

How do I get a password reset or reminder sent to my alternate email if I can't login to it?

Many people fail to set up alternate email addresses correctly, rendering password resets and reminders useless. We look at how best to set them up.

Why am I getting password reset mails for my Hotmail account?

Getting unsolicited password reset requests for your Hotmail account could be someone trying to hack you, or it could just be a phishing attack.