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Internet Explorer, most commonly, downloads from Microsoft as part of automatic updates. Find out how you can get it manually.

How can I download Internet Explorer?

In this excerpt from Answercast #20, I look at how to get Internet Explorer directly from if it doesn't download as part of an automatic update.

Download from Microsoft

The traditional way to download Internet Explorer is simply to run Windows Update and have it recommend the most recent version for you.

Otherwise, go to Microsoft's website: Search for Internet Explorer. The very first result that isn't an advertisement will, in fact, be the page for Internet Explorer.

  • On that page will be a nice big fat button that says, "Download Internet Explorer."

Correct versions

Now, presumably, it will give you the correct version for your system: the most recent version for your system.

  • So as I look, I am running Windows 7, and it's offering to download Internet Explorer 9.

  • If you come to this page via Windows XP, I'm assuming (and hoping) that it is smart enough to offer you Internet Explorer 8 (which is the last version of Internet Explorer you can get.)

But the short answer is: if you can't get it through Windows Update, just go to and search for Internet Explorer. You'll find it there.

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