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It may not be possible to globally check which email is being used as an alternate email address, other than by manually keeping track.

How do I list all email addresses that my account is the alternate email address for? I have so many addresses for my friends. All of these addresses have the same alternate email address and that alternate email address is mine. How can I list all my friends' addresses?

In this excerpt from Answercast #14, I discuss ways to track alternate email addresses and how important an alternate email address is.

So many recovery emails!

If I understand what you're asking, properly?

  • You have (say) an email,,
  • For each one of those three email addresses (which are separate accounts), you have configured one account as the alternate email address.

Make your own list

I do not know of any way to reverse figure which accounts are associated with a particular recovery or alternate email address. I don't believe it's possible. I believe you need to basically remember which accounts you have and then for those accounts, remember which alternate email address you are using.

You've got that second part down by using the same alternate email address all over the place.

The hard part is that you've got to remember all the accounts that you've created; there's just no way around that.

Keep the alternate email working

I will suggest strongly that you make sure you always have your alternate email address working. It's pretty critical. It is one of those things that I hear of frequently; where people have set up an alternate email address and then they've lost it somehow (either through lack of use, the account gets closed, or they've forgotten the account they used as their alternate email address.)

If that happens, it can be extremely difficult - if not impossible - to reset the alternate email address for that account.

So, I think you're doing something right. I also think that fundamentally remembering all of the accounts that you've created is on you: Keep a list... just remember... something that works for you.

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