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You can group emails, in most email programs, by using the column headers. It may take two clicks to get it in the order you want.

I have Windows XP. How can I go into my inbox and get all the emails from a specific sender collated together so that I don't have to search the complete inbox to see them singly? Thanks!

In this excerpt from Answercast #96 I look at the way most email programs allow users to sort emails using the inbox headers.

Group emails together

Unfortunately, you haven't told me what email program you're using. So, I'm going to have to kind of make a general statement that applies to many, perhaps even most, email programs. I just don't know if it applies to whatever you're using.

What a lot of people don't realize is that when you're looking at the list of emails in an inbox the column headers (in other words, literally, the words at the top of the columns that say what that column is: from, to, date, subject, those kinds of things) - those words are actually clickable.

What happens when you click on them is that the inbox is then resorted based on whichever column it is you clicked on.

Ascending or descending sort

If it's sorted the wrong way (in other words, you wanted it A to Z but it came up Z to A) click on that column heading again and it will sort in the opposite direction.

Sort the "from" column

To get exactly what you're looking for (in most email programs) you would simply click on the "from" header. In other words, the word "from" on top of the column that has all of the "from" email addresses - clicking will sort by that.

That way, you'll at least get all of the emails from that specific person grouped together. You may need to scroll down to it to find them - because of course it will be ordered alphabetically, one direction or the other, but they'll all be grouped together since they'll all be the same alphabetically.

(Transcript lightly edited for readability.)

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