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There are settings in VLC player that allow you to slow down the audio speed in a video.

I'm learning a foreign language; Chinese, in my case, although I guess this is immaterial for my question. As part of learning homework, I have to visualize some videos recorded in that language. Whether I use Windows Media Player, VLC, or any other of the many available programs, some of the conversations are too fast for me. The PC does not allow me (or maybe it's just I don't know how to do it) to slow it down.

The question: I would not care about losing video image quality at all; but would still like to slow down the reproduction of sounds and voices, so as to be able to listen to them at a slower rate. How can I slow down reproduction rate?

In this excerpt from Answercast #14, I take a look at the playback menu in VLC player and find the setting to slow down a video recording.

Slow down a video

Actually, one of the tools that you mentioned should be able to solve this problem.

I just fired up VLC Media Player and on the Playback menu, there is an item called "Speed." Speed has five different settings: faster, faster fine (whatever that means), normal speed, slower and slower fine.

So, I would suggest that you try playing this in VLC media player. At some point, go ahead and pause the video; hit the Playback menu and look for this speed option there under. I'm hoping, I'm guessing that's going to do exactly what you're looking for.

Video quality may suffer

As you say, it may affect the video quality, but it should slow down the audio in a way that should make it easier for you to listen to.

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Not what you needed?

Robb Thurston
May 4, 2012 8:27 AM

I learned Sanskrit, the Indian language this way. I took some texts and two tape recorders from Sony. This was about 1980,and you will have to check, but then it was possible to get a tape recorder with finely adjustable speed--it was just a dial,which increased and decreased at will. I would listen to the text I wanted to learn,on one tape recorder, and if it was too hard,I would record it on the other tape recorder going much faster than normal. When replayed at normal speed, the sound came out very much slower. I could in this way listen,pause, return to a hard passage,listen, etc.

May 5, 2012 3:20 AM

To adjust the speed of playback in VLC media player, try hitting "[" to slow down, "]" to speed up, 10% at a time.

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