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I logged in to a forum on two separate instances with a different ID each time. Someone actually was able to find out that this was me logging in with different IDs. My question is, how can any forum participant know my IP? I know that the forum logs the IPs, but am surprised that a member was able to identify my IP. My IP is not visible on the forum.

There's a lot that's not specified here, so I'll have to make a few assumptions. My first assumption, of course, is that you had a good intentions using different IDs on the same forum, and that you you're not trying to deceive someone. (See my rant on ethics if you wonder why I care.)

Depending on things, I can hypothesize several different ways to tell it's you, and not all involve IP addresses.

You didn't indicate which forum, or more importantly, which forum software is in use. It's quite possible that the forum software may not display your IP address, but could still embed it in the HTML. A "view, Source" of the a forum page will tell you that quick enough.

The forum software might make the IP address information to forum administrators. So you, as a "normal" user might not see it, but an administrator of the forum quite well could.

It might not be your IP that they're tracking, either.

"... it could be something as simple as your writing style."

Most forum software uses cookies to track user sessions - typically so that you only have to login once, and not each time you view a new page. If you visited the forum from the same machine in both cases, it's possible that the cookie, or information it contains, is trackable. Again, either by a forum administrator, or hidden in the HTML of a forum post.

The forum might include information that could be tracked to the same machine or IP in your user profile.

Finally ... and many people don't get this at all ... it could be something as simple as your writing style. We each have our own style - including common errors and grammatical nuances - that is fairly consistent when we write. A sharp observer could possibly be looking at posts you've made under both ID's and noticed that they're written in nearly identical style.

I've actually experienced this one at least one mailing list where a member who supposedly left clearly returned by writing using her husband's membership. Her style was quite obvious, and distinct from her husband's.

So as you can imagine, there are many possibilities.

The best solution, of course, is not to need to play these games in the first place. But I know that there are sometimes appropriate and valid reasons. I've even done it myself.

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April 25, 2006 1:54 AM

How can i use two different ID same time at my PC. i.e. I want to use two different Yahoo ID same time and want to talk with two different persons.


December 31, 2009 4:56 PM

This was very helpful. However, to expound on the original question - If someone is posting on vBulletin (let's say), there's no way a non-administrator has access to your IP address, correct? If this is true, then how would a regular forum member with no admin privileges know you were using two accounts? This is not necessarily a question of ethics from the vBulletin user side than a question of ethics from the administrative side; as it is a possibility that the forum leadership could be alerting some membership to privacy details without your knowledge. If a user is running multiple accounts, the administrators have the responsibility to handle that quietly on the side and notify other members of the action only if needed.

I'm no vBulletin expert, but it wouldn't surprise me if there were a way to get the IP address of posters. Even if not there are many ways to determine that two accounts are the same person: everything from writing style and consistant typos to images that all happen to refer to the same image server, to who knows what else. And of course if the admin can't be trusted all bets are off anyway.

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