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To convert wpg files you'll need a graphics program that can understand Word Perfect graphics files.

I've a Windows XP system and I have many wpg files. Can you advise on how to convert those to jpeg? Online programs are full of viruses and ad programs.

In this excerpt from Answercast #90 I look at various programs that can open wpg files - which are Word Perfect Graphics files.

Convert wpg files

Well, nonetheless... it's not so much that all online programs are full of problems, it's that you need to know which ones to pick.

I actually had to do a little bit of research on this because I wasn't familiar with wpg files. In fact my favorite tools, the tools that I have, weren't able to understand them.

Word Perfect graphics files

However, I did do a little bit of research online, and I found something out at called Libwpg. So if you go to (I'll include the link in the notes that come along with this particular article and Answercast) that tool looks very promising.

It's open source software. It is free and you should be able to download it and get your pictures converted. There may be other things out there. I actually couldn't find a whole lot.


There are good tools that are generally recommended for other things. Irfanview, for example, is a tool that, I know, was able to understand some formats I was running into a couple of years ago - that was very helpful.

That kind of a tool, like Irfanview, would be another candidate to be considered safe - as long as you get it from a safe location. That typically means not getting it from a download site, but directly from the site of the Irfanview developers.


I did look at FastStone as first. It appears that FastStone doesn't understand wpg files. Otherwise I would have recommended that one immediately.

So, give Libwpg a try and see if that doesn't get you what you need.

(Transcript lightly edited for readability.)

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Not what you needed?

January 25, 2013 8:37 AM

I use Faststone for most of my viewing and some editing. But I also keep a copy of "xnview" handy. It can read over 400 extensions, even a few video ones. It has a small foot print and it's free.

Douglas Harding
January 25, 2013 12:26 PM

Word Perfect is a great word processor, but it has a unique way of creating/converting graphics into wpg. While the later versions of Word will finally open Word Perfect files, Word will not import wpg graphics. Nor can the Windows picture viewer "see" wpg's. Corel Presentations or Corel Draw will convert wpg to jpg or other image formats.

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