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Exactly how you go about displaying recipients depends dramatically on what specific email service you happen to be using.

When I send emails to several people and I go into Sent, how can I see who I sent the emails to? I see maybe the first and sometimes the second person, but not all of them? Is this possible?

In this excerpt from Answercast #61, I look at some possible ways to view the full list of recipients in an email that has been sent.

Email recipients

Well, I'm sure that it's possible, but unfortunately, you haven't indicated what email program or service you're using.

Exactly how you go about displaying that information depends (dramatically actually) on what specific program or what specific email service you happen to be using. In general, there's usually going to be a down arrow or something you can click, usually off to the end of that list (or partially incomplete list) of email addresses that you sent your email to. Click on that. That may expand the list, it may drop down the list, it may do more, and it will eventually show you the list of everybody that you sent it to.

Expand the header

Another possibility is that many email programs show a compact header - which means they only show the bare, basic information in the header of an email when they display it. Things like only the first line or two, maybe the CC, only the subject and that's about it.

In those cases, there's an expanded header that may be available. Your email program may have an option to automatically display expanded headers instead of the compact ones.

Again, it depends on the email program. So, those are the things to look for.

Blind carbon copy

One thing I definitely want to clarify is that if you BCC (in other words, if you blind carbon copied someone on that outgoing email), it is possible that who you sent it to may not be visible. It may not even be available to you, no matter what you do.

This definitely depends a lot on the email program you're using. Some will save the BCC information in your Sent mail for email that you've sent. Some, on the other hand, will not and if they don't, there's no way to get it back.

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Not what you needed?

October 13, 2012 4:52 PM

I am using hotmail through Google for my e-mails.

October 13, 2012 4:54 PM

When ever I get an e-mail, if I forward it I always use BCC and remove the person who sent me the e-mail and any other addresses.

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