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If you are not in the country specified by the email address ending (such as .com,, etc), you will likely be locked into the ending specified for your country.

How do I make an email address ending in Example:

In this excerpt from Answercast #7, I explore the methods that these email providers use to determine your location and see if there are ways to set up an account that looks like it is from a different country.

Go to

The short answer is: Go to and sign up for an account.

The scenario that I get this question for (or questions like it) most often are from people who are not in the UK, for example, and yet who want an email account from the UK.

MSN and Hotmail are country specific

The problem is that many services (I believe MSN and Hotmail in general) will default to the site that is local to where you are connecting from.

It is very conceivable that I, in the United States, would be unable to create an account because that service would notice that I'm coming in from an IP address that's in the United States. I'd actually have to go to the UK, or somehow tunnel through a proxy that happened to be in the UK to create that account.

Like I said, I get this very frequently. Most commonly, I get the reverse where people are forced into getting a or account and what they really want, of course, is Unfortunately, in scenarios like that, it's very likely that you have to be in the United States, or in a country where Hotmail will let you create an account off that domain.

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