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This is a very common setting, so there should be good information in the browser's help guides to assist you in changing the download default.

When I try and download anything on my Dell Inspiron 1545, they always try and save it on to my recovery disc, which says there's no memory left and therefore, won't download it. I don't know if I've accidentally changed a setting for it to automatically save to that or what's happened and was hoping you could help me.

In this excerpt from Answercast #62, I look at a case where the default download location has been set incorrectly.

Download location

Well, unfortunately, you haven't told me what browser you're using - and this is a very browser specific thing. But yes, somehow the setting that says, "This is the default location to store downloads," has been changed.

Now, in the Options for your browser (be it Internet Explorer or Firefox or Chrome or whatever), there will absolutely be a setting. That setting will specify a path to where you want downloads to go by default. That obviously should not be your recovery drive.

Setting the path

My guess is your recovery drive is D: - and you don't want it to be anything on D:.

What you probably want is for it to be something on the C drive; your system drive, which presumably has a lot of free space. But that is all it is.

Go spelunking in your browser options. Use your browser's built in Help system. This is something that is very common. It is very commonly changed so there should be good help information in the browser itself to guide you through this setting, so that you can reset it to something that will actually work for you.

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Not what you needed?

October 19, 2012 11:54 AM

Sometimes if you don't have a default set, it will store it in the last location you stored it (that is what it does on my XP using Firefox). When you say you want to save something, you should have the option to tell it where before you actually do the [OK]. In other words, can't you pick where you want to save the file on the fly?

October 20, 2012 4:07 PM

Dan, In Firefox, right click on the item to download and select Save Link As. This will give you the option to choose an alternate location to save something instead of the default location.

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