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It sounds like malware. I recommend doing a deep scan with an additional set of tools to see if those will clean the computer.

I have Windows XP on a laptop and a desktop. Almost every time I scan, which I do frequently, the offending name found is "Adware games PUP". Now I know PUP means Potentially Unwanted Programs. Is it perhaps something I have downloaded which is risky or is it just intrusion?

In this excerpt from Answercast #40, I look at a computer with potential malware and suggest a thorough scan.

Risky or an intrusion?

Actually, I don't see a difference between the two. I do feel that you probably have some malware of some sort on your machine.

  • It may very well be risky;

  • It is most certainly an intrusion of some sort.

My recommendation is that you get additional anti-malware tools. You haven't indicated which tools you're using so I'm going to recommend my standard set and that includes:

  • Microsoft Security Essentials;

  • Windows Defender Offline which is a bootable CD that you can use to occasionally get rid of malware that somehow prevents regular anti-malware programs from deleting them.

  • And also I'd recommend running Malwarebytes, anti-malware. They have a free version of that tool at That is actually very good at getting a number of various types of malware off of your machine.

Thorough malware scan

If you've already been using those tools and those are the tools that you are already running scans with, then you might consider looking into a couple of additional tools.

I know that I have recommendations for those as well on my "What security software do you recommend?" page.

But this really does feel like a very simple of case of some kind of malware:

  • Some kind of leftover malware that your current scanner isn't getting rid of;

  • And you do want to take some steps to fire up a different malware program that actually will get rid of it.

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August 3, 2012 9:52 AM

Malwarebytes detected my blackberry desktop manager from a third party as PUP this is the driver I use to connect my Toshiba Note book to the internet. I downloaded it from RIM website. What do I do? Please help!

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