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I'm going to suggest that you clear your browser cache, but my guess is that this is as simple as removing that message from your Drafts folder.

When I get on Hotmail, an old message that I sent keeps coming up. I cancel it, but it just keeps coming up when I go to my Hotmail. I actually tried to send it to myself and then erase it but it still comes up. How do I get rid of it entirely?

In this excerpt from Answercast #67, I look at a mysterious email that is popping up in a Hotmail account.

Stuck email

I don't know really know specifically what it is you mean when you say that the message "keeps coming up."

So, making a guess, I'm going to suggest that you do one thing and that is - check three folders to see if the message is there.

Drafts folder

I'd start potentially with your Drafts folder.

It's very possible that the message that has not been sent is being stored in your Drafts folder and Hotmail is trying to be helpful by presenting you with this draft message that you haven't "completed."

So go to the Drafts folder (click on Drafts on the left-hand side of the folder list) and see if the message is there. If it is, you should be able to select it or click on the checkbox next to it and click on the Delete button.

Check the inbox

Similarly, if the message is still in your inbox, do the same thing there.

Sent mail folder

Finally, again, not knowing exactly what you mean by "it coming up," the message might very well still simply be in your Sent mail folder.

That's not the sign of a problem; that's the sign of a message that's been sent and is being kept for you pretty much as you requested since turning on "Sent Mail Saving" is something that you have control over. If that's not what you want, you can of course go click on the message and delete it from your sent mail folder.

In other words:

  • Click on the Sent Mail folder;
  • Click on the checkbox next to that message;
  • And of course, click on the Delete button up above.

So my guess is that this is a Drafts problem. But in any case, those are three places where I can think of that a message might kind of, sort of stay - in a way that perhaps might not be totally clear.

Clear the browser cache

The other thing I'd thrown at you to do (just in case) is to go ahead and clear you browser cache. Sometimes, email programs that use your browser's features extensively can often get just a little bit confused if there's something wrong with the browser cache.

I've got an article on "How to clear your browser cache." I'm going to suggest you do that as well. But my guess is it's as simple as removing this message from your Drafts folder.

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