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Enlarging online games can be tricky, depending on how they were written. If browser zoom functions don't work, you may have to change your monitor's DPI.

I've enlarged the text and it's fine on Internet Explorer, but extremely small words and cards when the Yahoo bridge game is being played. I used your instructions to enlarge the font. How can I enlarge the bridge game? Using Windows 7, I get into the game by going online and clicking on Yahoo Games or Yahoo Bridge Game. Thank you.

In this excerpt from Answercast #75, I look at various ways to resize a screen or browser so that all the elements in an online game will enlarge.

Enlarging online games

So there are two ways to increase the font size on your computer.

One is to use the browser's ability to increase or decrease the font size. Usually, that's the plus or minus key on the numeric keypad or the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Now. That only increases the size of text and it only increases the size of the text in your browser. Depending on the game, it may actually be written in such a way that it is completely ignored.

In a case like that, there's actually very little that can be done within the browser. The fact is - it is the size that it is!

Enlarge whole page

One thing I would try (and this depends on which version of Internet Explorer you're running), but down at the lower right-hand corner is a magnifying glass. That magnifying glass (with a plus or minus sign next to it) will also increase or decrease the size of the page - and it may do so by actually magnifying the entire page. In other words, it's not changing the font size; it's actually zooming in or out of the page.

That's only available in later version of Internet Explorer. I would recommend that you try and see if yours doesn't do that.

Enlarge Dots Per Inch on monitor

Now, the other approach to making things bigger is to make things bigger everywhere: that's the DPI setting in Windows.

If you take a look for an article called, "How do I make the text on my screen larger?" it will walk you through locating the DPI setting in the Windows display configuration. It will basically allow you to tell Windows to treat the screen as if it were say 150% bigger than it really is - or smaller than it really is depending on which way you're looking at it.

The short of it is that everything will become bigger including the fonts, the graphics, the dialogs, the windows, the texts, and hopefully the game that you might be seeing in the Yahoo Bridge Game.

So those are the two approaches that I would take a look at. You can play with the DPI setting - but before you do that, see if you can't find the Zoom possibility in Windows Internet Explorer.

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