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Moving emails to a folder for storage depends on which email program you are using. First you sort them...

How do I select a group of emails? Say all for 2011, and then move them to a new folder titled 2011 without moving each one individually? What phraseology would I need in the future if I need to look up an answer?

In this excerpt from Answercast #101 I look at how to sort and then select a large block of emails and move them to a folder for storage.

Moving emails to a folder

It's difficult to say what phraseology you should be using. You're actually using fine phraseology here.

The issue is... well there are a couple of issues.

Moving emails is program specific

One is, I don't know what email program you're using - so I'm going to have to be kind of general about my answer here. It can depend on the email program that you use but in general, most email programs work the way that I'm about to describe.

Sort email by date

First, make sure that your email is sorted by date. Typically, all that really means is clicking on the header of the date column to make sure that the emails then get sorted by date.

If they're sorted in the wrong direction, click it again and it will sort them in the reverse direction. Either way, make sure that things are sorted by date so that all of your 2011 emails are, in fact, grouped together.

Select block of emails

Now, go to the first one. Click on it. Go to the last one (if it's on the same page) and shift click on it... in other words, hold down the shift key while you click on the last one. What should happen, in most email programs, is that the first will be selected, the last will be selected and everything in-between will be selected.

In other words, since you grouped everything by date, by the year 2011, you'll now have all of your 2011 emails selected. Then you can either drag and drop that group of email onto your 2011 folder or you may be able to right-click on that group of emails that you selected and say "move to" that specific folder and so on.

But like I said, a lot of the devil is in the details on this one. This is sort of a general purpose answer. Your email program might be a little different but that's the technique that is generally applied to select multiple emails to allow you operate on them all at once.

(Transcript lightly edited for readability.)

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