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Webinars are real-time, live events. If you can't attend, I make recorded segments of the webinar available online.

I wasn't able to make your webinar. Is there some place where I can listen to or view the recording?


Assuming no failures on my part, I actually record the entire webinar each time that I hold it. However...

I don't make that full recording available "as is". The only way to get the whole experience - warts and all - is to attend live.

However, I purposely structure the webinar in a way that allows me to publish individual segments as stand-alone articles with videos and transcripts.

Start at the webinar's page

Each webinar has its own page on Ask Leo! Initially, that page serves as the announcement of the webinar with a link to the registration page and a tentative agenda.

Click here for a List of All Webinars.

Within a few days after the webinar is held, that page is modified to reflect the actual agenda that I was able to cover.

In the following weeks, each agenda item is updated to include a link to a new article where you will find a video containing that portion of the webinar, (with warts, errors, technical issues and awkward pauses removed).

Look for the agenda

Here's an example from the first webinar:

Agenda from the first webinar

You can see that three of the four agenda items are now links. Clicking on those (on that page) will take you to a page specifically covering that topic which includes the video recorded during the webinar.

You can also see that the first item is not a link yet. That's because the video segment hasn't been completed (as I write this). Keep checking back. Hopefully by the time that you read this, I'll have that item posted as well.

Each segment gets its own page

If you click (on that page) the link for say Installing MSE, you'll be taken to a new page:

Example of a webinar agenda item page

In addition to the full transcript below the video, you actually have four different approaches to viewing the video of the session:

  • The on-page video. Just click that big Play button on the video placeholder and the video will download and begin to play. This version is 640x360 in screen size, reduced from the original.

  • The download link. You can download the ".mp4" file of the video directly, and play it off line with any mp4-compatible player. VLC works well.

  • The link to the full-resolution or "HD" version, sized at 1280x720. That will take you to a new page with a larger player. Click the Play button on that page and the video will download and begin to play.

  • The download link on the HD page. The HD version can also be downloaded for offline viewing.

That's it!

Hopefully, you'll be able to attend the real-time webinar so that you can submit your own questions; if not, perhaps this will suffice as an alternative way to see what was discussed.

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