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A series of articles and videos walking through the steps to backup - and restore - your computer using Acronis TrueImage Home 2009.

Aren't incremental backups just as important as a system backup?

The different terms used for backups can sometimes make the process seem more difficult than it is. I clarify some backup terminology and help sort it out.

Creating Bootable Rescue Media using Acronis TrueImage Home

After installing the application there's a critical step you need to take first, before even thinking about backing up.

Do I need to make a new recovery disc each time I backup my system?

You don't need a new recovery disc after each backup you make. Same is true of those rescue discs you make when you first boot Windows.

How do I back up to a memory stick?

Memory sticks are not quite sufficient for regular backups, but you can find step-by-step instructions to backup to any drive here on Ask Leo!

How do I read my Acronis backup data on a computer without Acronis?

Most backup software solutions have proprietary software. Trial versions can often help out in a situation like this.

How do I test my backups to DVD?

Macrium Reflect has a backup-verify step in its backup process that will help in testing for these kinds of problems.

How many full backups should I keep?

The number of backups to keep is a personal decision, I give both my recommendation and my own strategy for backup storage.

I am running out of room on my backup drive, what can I do?

There are several ways to approach storage space for backups (compression, increments, differentials). Some will be tricky, and in the long run, a new hard drive just might be easiest.

If an automated backup might automatically backup malware, shouldn't I backup manually when I know things are clean?

Backing up manually will not give you better options in recovering from malware. In fact, it could easily be worse than an automated system.

Installing Backup Software

The first installment in our backing up series is to install backup software. We'll install Acronis TrueImage Home 2009.

Making a Full Backup using Acronis TrueImage

Our first step after installing Acronis and creating rescue media is to create a full backup.

Restoring A File Using Acronis TrueImage Home

We have our backup program running, now it's time to try restoring a file from that backup.

Restoring An Image Using Acronis TrueImage Home

Your machine has crashed, and the hard disk reformatted or replaced - it's time to restore your entire machine from an image.

Scheduling Automatic Backups with Acronis TrueImage

Now that we've created our first full backup, it's time to let Acronis do it's job automatically - we'll schedule an automatic backup task.

What do I do with incremental backups when restoring?

If you've been backing up regularly you'll probably have a full backup and a collection of incremental's. We'll look at how they're used.