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If you're infected with malware you should run an updated anti-spyware scan, and make sure you keep that tool running and updated and regularly.

I recently found a company laptop which kept attempting a dial up connection. After hunting around a bit I found a program called 'wave eggs.exe'. I managed to get rid of it, but couldn't find anything on the net about it. Have you encountered it before and how can I protect against it?

I also could not find much of anything on "wave eggs.exe".

It's almost impossible to say exactly which virus or spyware it is just by the filename. Unfortunately some virus writers in their never-ending attempts to foil computer users and anti-virus software have started to create random filenames each time an infection occurs. It could be any of several different viruses.

The best advice is still my standard advice from my previous article How do I keep my computer safe on the internet?. In a nutshell:

  • Run a virus scanner regularly.

  • Run a spyware scanner regularly.

  • Use a firewall.

  • Keep them all up to date.

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