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22-Apr-2013Does having a publicly visible Wi-Fi password add security compared to an open Wi-Fi hotspot?
21-Apr-2013Can I install Windows XP on a machine that comes with Windows 8?
20-Apr-2013Does installing lots of programs destabilize my computer?
19-Apr-2013Is there a fee for all of these updates that are ready for your computer pop-ups?
19-Apr-2013If I delete files from my disk drive will they be deleted from the backup?
19-Apr-2013Does turning off remote access keep me safer?
18-Apr-2013Does turning off Network Discovery improve wireless security?
18-Apr-2013Does emptying trash in email keep others from seeing the email I deleted?
17-Apr-201364-bit and 32-bit: Which Do You Want? Which Do You Have?
14-Apr-2013Can a flash drive transmit a virus?
13-Apr-2013Replacing An Old Hard Disk With a Solid State Drive (SSD)
12-Apr-2013How do I access a file on a hard drive from another Windows installation with restrictive permissions?
12-Apr-2013What's up with this IP address?
12-Apr-2013Why is Bluetooth Often so Flakey?
12-Apr-2013Why Can't I Go To a URL that Avast Tells Me is Related to a Trojan Horse?
12-Apr-2013 Why am I getting Object Errors on Windows 8 when I visit ESPN and Yahoo Sports?
12-Apr-2013Survey Pop Ups - Annoying Ad or Even More Annoying Spyware?
12-Apr-2013Firefox crashes and I can't uninstall it, how do I get it to work?
12-Apr-2013Does lapsed virus protection leave an open door for viruses?
08-Apr-2013Can I copy one USB drive to another without using a computer?
07-Apr-2013Is Google Talk a good thing?
07-Apr-2013How do I move all emails of a certain year to a folder?
07-Apr-2013Is cloud backup a reasonable alternative to an external hard drive?
07-Apr-2013Why does Flash keep crashing in Firefox, but work fine in Chrome and IE?
06-Apr-2013How do I create a Windows 7 System Repair Disk, and What Can I Do With It?
06-Apr-2013Why am I getting tracking cookies from your site?
05-Apr-2013Which laptop is best?
05-Apr-2013How can I switch back to the old Hotmail from
03-Apr-2013There's Just No Need to Hate Windows 8
31-Mar-2013Leo's 2013 Sabbatical Results
31-Mar-2013Why am I asked about putting a lot of things on the clipboard? And what's a clipboard?
31-Mar-2013Why are blank messages showing up in my Hotmail Drafts folder?
31-Mar-2013Why might streaming music play only with starts and stops?
30-Mar-2013Is a longer password of repeating characters more secure than a short password made up of random characters?
30-Mar-2013Will Roboform or Lastpass bypass keyloggers?
29-Mar-2013Can I move this green block of files in disk defragmenter?
29-Mar-2013Can I remove all these updates listed in add/remove programs?
28-Mar-2013Why do some sites ask to store information on my machine?
25-Mar-2013What does it mean when "traces" are left behind from malware removal?
25-Mar-2013Why do some Android apps need so many permissions?
24-Mar-2013Does minimizing the time data is spent in use improve security?
24-Mar-2013Do I need to be online to perform anti-malware scans or backups?
24-Mar-2013What password should I change on my router for security?
23-Mar-2013Are bigger internal memory or RAM sticks faster then those with less capacity?
22-Mar-2013Are hard drives getting more reliable?
18-Mar-2013How do I know what sites to enable in NoScript?
18-Mar-2013How do I obtain the ID of a spammer to block their spam?
18-Mar-2013How do I enter my product key if I can't read it from the sticker on my machine?
18-Mar-2013Why does copying text from some sites cause a program to stop working?
17-Mar-2013Why does my backup fail after 13 discs?
16-Mar-2013Do I need a specific type of Ethernet card to connect to the internet through my DSL modem?
16-Mar-2013Why does my screen suddenly scroll to the bottom when I'm typing?
15-Mar-2013How should I configure my email so that clicking mail links in other programs works?
11-Mar-2013Why is my 750GB external hard drive full when it has only 70GB on it?
10-Mar-2013How can I prevent neighbors from accessing the open WiFi hotspot I provide to my customers?
09-Mar-2013If my router keeps losing connectivity does that mean I'm being hacked?
09-Mar-2013Can I move Office 2010 from my old computer to my new one?
08-Mar-2013Why can't I format the memory in my camera to empty it?
08-Mar-2013Am I scanning for malware too often?
08-Mar-2013Is it possible to use exotic characters to make passwords stronger?
07-Mar-2013Do Apple Computers get malware?
04-Mar-2013How should I deal with two different programs that handle the same file extension?
04-Mar-2013Is it safe to look, just look, at spam?
04-Mar-2013How can I see all emails from a specific person grouped together?
03-Mar-2013Why does a web page redraw several times before it's done?
03-Mar-2013Does the TOR Browser provide any additional anonymity as compared to just running TOR?
02-Mar-2013Which is better, cable or DSL?
01-Mar-2013My CPU doesn't meet Windows 8 requirements, can I simply replace it?
01-Mar-2013Can I remove malware myself or do I need to pay someone?
24-Feb-2013Why didn't my anti-malware tool catch malware that was delivered when I visited an adult site?
24-Feb-2013Do I need both disk cleanup and CCleaner?
24-Feb-2013Why has the spam I'm seeing increased?
23-Feb-2013Why do I keep getting this random "Your computer is at risk" message?
23-Feb-2013Why don't my speakers work?
22-Feb-2013How do I resolve Javascript syntax errors suddenly popping up on most web sites I visit?
21-Feb-2013Can I print to my printer at home while I'm on the road?
21-Feb-2013Do I need to make a new recovery disc each time I backup my system?
18-Feb-2013Does WPA2 wireless access control pre-empt MAC address filtering?
17-Feb-2013My machine's suddenly started acting erratically, even after a reinstall. How do I fix it?
17-Feb-2013Why has my computer been locked by cyber cops?
17-Feb-2013Could my email account hack be related to my computer being stolen the week before?
15-Feb-2013Why did I get infected even though I run anti-malware software?
15-Feb-2013Why might deleting cookies cause my computer to be unauthorized with online accounts?
15-Feb-2013How long should I keep my backups?
14-Feb-2013Why isn't my product key from one machine recognized using the installation CD from another?
11-Feb-2013How do I save Yahoo email files to DVD?
11-Feb-2013Should I turn off my wired router while I'm away for two months?
10-Feb-2013Is there any real difference between copying files using copy/paste versus copy-to-folder?
10-Feb-2013Do I need to set up a Microsoft Account with Windows 8?
09-Feb-2013How do I go back to Windows 7 from Windows 8?
09-Feb-2013Are there any legitimate work-at-home sites?
08-Feb-2013How do we get search engines to include dates in the search results?
07-Feb-2013Are CAPTCHAs case sensitive?
04-Feb-2013Why do I get "The XML page cannot be displayed" after running a Microsoft Troubleshooter?
04-Feb-2013Why won't PDFs open reliably in Thunderbird?
04-Feb-2013Why does Hotmail occasionally log me off even though I've said "keep me logged in"?
04-Feb-2013Why has my laptop monitor started showing white as turquoise?
04-Feb-2013Why does Macrium ask for a Username and Password to schedule a backup?
03-Feb-2013How do I get Windows to actually shut down programs that cause it to wait for me on exit?
31-Jan-2013How do I copy photos from my phone to my PC?
28-Jan-2013Why won't my newly purchased game CD read in my DVD drive?
28-Jan-2013Do I need a firewall for my Android device?
28-Jan-2013How do I determine, not reset, the Windows administrator password?
28-Jan-2013Will using a router improve my internet connection?
28-Jan-2013How do I defrag my external drive?
27-Jan-2013I clicked on a bogus link in spam. What should I do?
27-Jan-2013Why is my Hotmail login not being remembered?
27-Jan-2013Why are progress bars so awful?
23-Jan-2013How do I install software from CD to a computer that has no CD drive?
23-Jan-2013Will deleting history free up space?
23-Jan-2013Should I update drivers regularly?
23-Jan-2013Why doesn't CHKDSK work on my DVD drive?
23-Jan-2013How do I get at system restore since it disappeared from my Start menu?
23-Jan-2013Is 60 megabits per second too much bandwidth?
23-Jan-2013How do I convert wpg files?
23-Jan-2013Why do I get only half of the pictures displayed in email?
21-Jan-2013Why is emptying my spam folder the only time my computer actually produces sound?
21-Jan-2013Why do my quick launch shortcuts sometimes stop working?
21-Jan-2013How do I get a driver that Windows says is missing for my camera?
21-Jan-2013How do I block floating ads on webpages?
21-Jan-2013Can ransomware impact my backups on an external drive?
20-Jan-2013Is it safe to let Quicken remember my online banking information?
20-Jan-2013How do I edit the hosts file in Windows 7?
20-Jan-2013Why do I still get viruses even though I run Norton?
19-Jan-2013What's in it for the creators of malware?
17-Jan-2013How do I get Firefox to work properly on my Windows 7 x64 system?
17-Jan-2013Should I get Outlook or just use Windows Live Mail?
17-Jan-2013How do I get the document path and filename printed in the footer of my Word documents?
16-Jan-2013Are multiple administrator accounts on a single machine a bad thing?
16-Jan-2013How should I password protect an external drive?
16-Jan-2013How do I fix "Windows Installer not working" after I ran a registry cleaner?
16-Jan-2013How do you put your signature at the end of every newsletter?
16-Jan-2013Does Microsoft Fix-it really fix it?
15-Jan-2013How do I go back to Windows 7?
14-Jan-2013How do I get this downloaded .avi file to play on my DVD player?
14-Jan-2013If flash memory is being used in solid state drives, isn't it going to wear out?
13-Jan-2013How do I delete my Gmail account if Gmail won't let me?
13-Jan-2013Why can't I post a comment on your website?
13-Jan-2013Why can't I copy this large video from my camera to my PC?
13-Jan-2013Why are my Office programs suddenly taking a long time to start and stop?
12-Jan-2013How do I get Windows Live Mail to increase my storage allocation?
12-Jan-2013How can I safely wipe and dispose of old hard drives?
10-Jan-2013How do I get rid of Google Redirect/YellowMoxie?
10-Jan-2013How do I install Windows 7 within Windows 8?
10-Jan-2013Can I install my copy of Windows 7 into a virtual machine running that same copy?
10-Jan-2013Is there a way to determine if someone actually sent me an email if I didn't receive it?
09-Jan-2013How do I burn the latest Ubuntu to CD?
09-Jan-2013How do I view a full-screen application in a window in Windows 8?
09-Jan-2013Why is my email bouncing because of too many being sent at once?
08-Jan-2013Why won't a picture copied into Word from a webpage always print?
07-Jan-2013Is CCleaner deleting System Restore points?
07-Jan-2013Is online email ever really deleted permanently?
07-Jan-2013Is there a way to save two copies of a file in two places at once?
07-Jan-2013Do I need these 32-bit updates listed for applications I'm running in my 64-bit edition of Windows?
06-Jan-2013Leo's 2013 Sabbatical
05-Jan-2013Should I reboot into Linux to do my online banking?
05-Jan-2013Why does my dial-up connection drop every so often?
05-Jan-2013Why can't I resize this window?
05-Jan-2013Can I move a hard drive from a computer using an Intel CPU to one using an AMD CPU?
02-Jan-2013How do I install something if I keep getting an LUA error message?
02-Jan-2013How do I backup my AOL email?
02-Jan-2013How do I put two labels on a message in Gmail?
02-Jan-2013What's this thing called "PROGRAM" in my Start menu?
02-Jan-2013Is there an easier way to combine documents than Copy/Paste?
02-Jan-2013How do I fix "COM surrogate stopped working" when browsing pictures?
02-Jan-2013When I visit a web site, can the server identify me?
02-Jan-2013Is Yahoo email safe?
02-Jan-2013Why do I still get Office 2010 updates after uninstalling it?
30-Dec-2012Why can't I write any files to my C: drive?
30-Dec-2012How does in-flight WiFi work?
30-Dec-2012How do I make links in documents attached to email clickable?
30-Dec-2012A technician resolved a bluescreen I was having by removing several anti-malware programs. Why?
30-Dec-2012How do I block any trace of Facebook from my computer?
30-Dec-2012Can I retrieve the old emails I sent and received from my email provider?
29-Dec-2012Can I change what page Hotmail returns me to when I log out?
29-Dec-2012Will a desktop and a laptop of the same specification have the same performance?
29-Dec-20122012 Most Popular Articles
29-Dec-2012How do I get senders that I've marked as spam to end up in the spam folder thereafter?
27-Dec-2012Why did Microsoft not provide the option of Windows 8 without Metro?
27-Dec-2012How do I change the default settings for my printer?
27-Dec-2012Why is my bank sending me secure messages as attachments?
27-Dec-2012How do I download Picasa without getting an additional toolbar?
27-Dec-2012Why can't I get Flash to work in Internet Explorer on my 64 bit Windows 7 machine?
27-Dec-2012Will securely deleting recoverable files leave my actual files intact?
27-Dec-2012Why can't I download mp3s in Chrome when I can in IE?
27-Dec-2012How do I delete the My Documents option from my Start menu?
26-Dec-2012How do I format a drive that's showing up as unformatted?
26-Dec-2012Why do my network drives disconnect when my computer goes into a power-saving mode?
24-Dec-2012Can a router be infected with malware?
24-Dec-2012Why do some unsubscribes require me to retype my email address?
24-Dec-2012How do I pick a wireless USB adapter?
23-Dec-2012Why isn't Malwarebytes Anti-malware recommended as standard security more often?
23-Dec-2012How do I get my backup program to put the backup where I want?
23-Dec-2012Why are hibernate and standby so difficult to get right?
23-Dec-2012How do I get this video camera to work with Windows?
23-Dec-2012Why does a scan of a simple text document result in such a large file?
22-Dec-2012Why does some email arrive with the wrong sent time?
22-Dec-2012Will backup programs run if my computer is hibernating or in standby?
20-Dec-2012Is web-based email more secure than using a PC email program?
20-Dec-2012Why does Internet Explorer keep stopping and restarting?
20-Dec-2012Is there a way to test a machine that won't boot to see if the BIOS is the problem?
20-Dec-2012Can I upgrade my motherboard and CPU and have Windows just reconfigure itself?
20-Dec-2012Does getting a BluRay drive for my computer require a hardware upgrade?
20-Dec-2012How do I get Windows Explorer to sort in the correct order?
20-Dec-2012Is there a difference between a USB Flash Drive and USB External Hard Disk?
20-Dec-2012How do I make pop-up tooltip balloons stay up longer so I can read them?
19-Dec-2012Why are all my files automatically being compressed?
19-Dec-2012Why can't I send mail from my hotel room?
19-Dec-2012Why is my new computer's internet access slower than that of my old computer?
17-Dec-2012How do I correct "An object could not be found" when closing a folder in Outlook?
17-Dec-2012Can I create a backup image of Linux using Macrium or Acronis?
17-Dec-2012How do I backup a website?
17-Dec-2012Where can I best register an anonymous domain?
17-Dec-2012Why are there so many odd certificates listed in my browser?
17-Dec-2012My touchpad stopped supporting multi-touch features. How do I re-enable them?
17-Dec-2012Why are pictures I email arriving blurrier than what I sent?
16-Dec-2012Are there problems if you put too many large files on your desktop?
16-Dec-2012Can I use a USB 3 drive on a computer that supports only USB 2?
15-Dec-2012How do I encrypt a file?
15-Dec-2012What's a good inexpensive VoIP solution for people in the US to call me overseas?
13-Dec-2012What should I do first with my new computer?
13-Dec-2012How can I share contacts between two email accounts?
13-Dec-2012How do I remove documents listed on the Adobe Reader menus?
13-Dec-2012Pages I visit are being obscured by a survey; how do I fix it?
13-Dec-2012Is sending an encrypted attachment a reasonable approach to email security?
13-Dec-2012Can I prevent a machine from ever sending mail?
12-Dec-2012Can I determine which of my contacts gave me a virus?
12-Dec-2012Can I use a Universal Printer Driver to connect to my printers?
12-Dec-2012Microsoft Security Essentials got a bad rating. Should I switch?
12-Dec-2012How do ISPs control my bandwidth?
11-Dec-2012What are the security ramifications of moving a file to another disk?
10-Dec-2012Which is better for computer longevity, turning it off when not in use, or leaving it on?
10-Dec-2012How often do I need to run complete anti-malware scans?
10-Dec-2012How can I read an epub formatted book on a Kindle?
10-Dec-2012Can I backup TrueCrypt volumes with my backup software?
10-Dec-2012If I upgrade to Windows 7 will restoring a backup made in XP cause problems?
10-Dec-2012Can I get my Windows 7 unsupported hardware to work by using Windows XP in a virtual machine?
10-Dec-2012If I have Windows preinstalled on a machine and I get a new machine how do I move Windows to it?
10-Dec-2012Can I take the old hard drive out of a failed laptop, put it in an enclosure and connect it to my new laptop?
10-Dec-2012Where can I get a copy of Windows 8 to download and try?
09-Dec-2012How should I protect my equipment from power outages?
06-Dec-2012Can I network two PCs without network cards?
06-Dec-2012Do tablets need anti-malware software?
06-Dec-2012Does "Do not track" work?
06-Dec-2012Are hibernate and standby easier on a computer than rebooting it from scratch?
06-Dec-2012Can magnets cause problems for external hard drives?
05-Dec-2012How long after an email account is abandoned is its email address available for a new account?
05-Dec-2012Are multiple instances of IE causing it to slow down dramatically?
05-Dec-2012How do I stop my computer from turning itself on overnight?
05-Dec-2012How do I recover my lost files and folders in email?
05-Dec-2012Is there a way to bulk erase emails?
03-Dec-2012Can I transfer software from one machine to another using an external drive?
03-Dec-2012Hotmail displays wrong under Safari. Is there anything I can do?
03-Dec-2012How do I control what shows in the Windows 7 taskbar notification area?
03-Dec-2012Will it cause a problem if I choose a different name for my backup than that recommended by Macrium Reflect?
03-Dec-2012Can I block all animation in web advertisements?
02-Dec-2012What's the difference between repairing Office and reinstalling it?
02-Dec-2012How do I make this browser-based online game bigger?
02-Dec-2012What's a "starter capacity" cartridge for a printer?
01-Dec-2012Why can't I burn an ISO to this blank DVD?
01-Dec-2012How can I see what websites a person has been to on my computer, even if they deny it?
29-Nov-2012Is there a downside to storing files in Recycle Bin?
29-Nov-2012Did we learn anything from the recent email scandal?
29-Nov-2012Can compressing files reduce the chances of its being infected?
29-Nov-2012Can I trust a failed flash drive if I reformat it?
29-Nov-2012Is there an age or gender component to being comfortable with technology?
28-Nov-2012Is real-time anti-malware scanning really needed?
28-Nov-2012Is "Defender" enough, or do I need additional anti-malware tools?
28-Nov-2012How do I record a streaming video?
28-Nov-2012How can I remove the shortcut arrow from a desktop icon?
28-Nov-2012My program crashes when I drag the cursor too fast to copy something. How do I fix that?
27-Nov-2012What are all these domain references in my router log?
26-Nov-2012I have to minimize and restore my browser to see the page display. How do I fix this?
26-Nov-2012Can you list some good alternative DSL modem/routers?
26-Nov-2012Is initiating a WiFi connection more sensitive than simply keeping an existing connection running?
26-Nov-2012I have problems with Firefox. What's a good alternative?
26-Nov-2012Why does SkyDrive require I login with my Hotmail account?
25-Nov-2012Can I block spam based on country or time of day?
25-Nov-2012My webcam suffers from poor performance even at small resolutions. What I can do to make it work?
25-Nov-2012How do I make a URL clickable in email?
24-Nov-2012My screen is scrambled on return from standby. What can I do?
24-Nov-2012Since so many other people have uploaded music to YouTube, can't I do that legally too?
22-Nov-2012Is it safe to donate or give away RAM?
22-Nov-2012Can my landlord see the websites I go to?
22-Nov-2012Should I accept application software updates relating to Windows 8 even though I'm running Windows 7?
22-Nov-2012Why isn't my browser remembering my usernames any more?
21-Nov-2012Is there a best or better way to set up multiple monitors?
21-Nov-2012Will Outlook XP Work in Windows 8?
21-Nov-2012Is there a way to search so the government can't see what I'm doing?
21-Nov-2012What's Open GL, and what do I do if it's not supported, but needed?
21-Nov-2012How do I change a file from read-only to read/write?
19-Nov-2012Why is Outlook so slow to receive email?
19-Nov-2012What should I do about saving my hardware drivers as so many instructions seem to recommend?
19-Nov-2012How much of what you cover is applicable to Macs?
19-Nov-2012Why do some programs show up on the Add/Remove Programs list and not others?
19-Nov-2012How do I prevent a former employee sending email that looks like it's from my company's domain?
19-Nov-2012I suspect the large number of emails and folders in my PST is causing problems with Outlook. How can I fix this?
19-Nov-2012How can I protect my security when corresponding by email?
18-Nov-2012Why would a taskbar item turn yellow when its application is minimized?
18-Nov-2012How do I get video files I burn to CD to play in a specified order?
18-Nov-2012Why does Internet Explorer crash when I try to print?
15-Nov-2012Do disposable email addresses really add any security?
15-Nov-2012How do I copy-protect the text on my website?
15-Nov-2012My browser disappears while typing an email. How do I fix that?
15-Nov-2012Why isn't the time on my computer the same as that on my self-synchronizing watch?
15-Nov-2012If I have nothing to hide, do I still need a Windows password?
15-Nov-2012Why does Outlook still download deleted Gmail messages?
15-Nov-2012Why might my computer crash half way through playing a YouTube video?
15-Nov-2012What's the best way to archive an email newsletter I receive?
14-Nov-2012Is there a better way to learn Linux than from a book?
14-Nov-2012Can my credit card information be read remotely?
12-Nov-2012Why am I not getting 4G speeds on my 4G wireless modem?
12-Nov-2012Why might I not be able to copy long filenames to an external device?
12-Nov-2012Should I get the download or boxed version of a product?
12-Nov-2012Does Windows 8 support Windows XP mode?
12-Nov-2012My machine has slowed down even more after a reinstall. Why?
11-Nov-2012Can I upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 8?
11-Nov-2012How can I connect an external keyboard to my smartphone?
11-Nov-2012How easy is it to add an SSD?
11-Nov-2012Why am I getting two copies of emails I send to some lists?
11-Nov-2012Can I defrag or reformat my thumbdrives?
10-Nov-2012What file format do I want for my pictures; RAW, JPG, both or something else?
08-Nov-2012What's a PCL5 printer and why is Windows trying to download it?
08-Nov-2012My laptop won't turn on and only beeps when I start it. Is it dead? Or is this a simple fix?
08-Nov-2012Is there a way to change the font color of a document I've downloaded?
08-Nov-2012Is anyone doing anything about what could be an ever increasing amount of spam?
08-Nov-2012I keep getting warnings that something is trying to change my browser. How do I stop that?
08-Nov-2012I have an old machine. Can I install Ubuntu Linux on my Windows XP OS?
08-Nov-2012Should I be concerned about the tracking cookies I'm being told about?
08-Nov-2012How do I avoid getting bogus FBI warnings on my computer?
07-Nov-2012How do I get YouTube videos to play using RealPlayer?
07-Nov-2012How can I share files without allowing people to modify or delete them?
06-Nov-2012Is Microsoft shutting down Messenger?
05-Nov-2012Are streaming audio or video calls kept somewhere?
05-Nov-2012People who send to my Hotmail address are getting a bounce from some other email address. Why?
05-Nov-2012I plugged in an old drive via USB and Windows Explorer doesn't see it. How should I access its contents?
05-Nov-2012My computer hangs when I stream video. Where do I begin to look?
05-Nov-2012When is a dynamic IP address assigned?
05-Nov-2012Why do I lose 10-15% of the right hand side of my printed documents sometimes?
05-Nov-2012Why am I seeing these odd defragmenting results and why is it taking so long?
04-Nov-2012How do I get multiple tracks on a CD full of audio?
03-Nov-2012How do I get rid of this old Hotmail message that keeps coming up?
02-Nov-2012Why has my computer started freezing, but not in Safe Mode?
01-Nov-2012How do I find out what all these programs are in Process Explorer?
01-Nov-2012Shockwave keeps crashing. What can I do to fix it?
01-Nov-2012Can I use my router's DMZ to attach my IP-based phone to the internet?
01-Nov-2012Should I backup my emails with Dropmyemail?
01-Nov-2012Can I use a power supply with a higher wattage rating on my laptop?
31-Oct-2012How do I get rid of 'Like', 'Send', 'Share,' and so on, that slow down so many web pages?
31-Oct-2012Why does my backup use all available RAM and fail?
31-Oct-2012I can't send HTML email or attachments; they get stuck in my outbox. What do I need to do?
31-Oct-2012How does my phone know my YouTube subscriptions if I've never logged into it there?
30-Oct-2012How do I print a list of emails from my email program?
29-Oct-2012Where can I purchase a replacement DVD laser?
29-Oct-2012Can I swap my third mouse button for the left button?
29-Oct-2012My laptop's sound card doesn't work in Windows XP, but did in Windows Vista. How do I fix it?
29-Oct-2012Will a bad sector cause my backup image to become invalid?
29-Oct-2012Why is all my email not getting downloaded in Outlook?
28-Oct-2012How can I tell if my external drive is SATA or IDE?
28-Oct-2012Why do some smartphone photos come out upside down?
28-Oct-2012I'm told my firewall isn't working, but it is turned on. Do I have a problem?
27-Oct-2012What's a good alternative to Microsoft Office?
25-Oct-2012Is there technology that would allow a file to be opened only once?
25-Oct-2012What happens when an email account holder passes away?
25-Oct-2012Can I install the VC++ 2008 runtime even though I have the 2005 version installed?
25-Oct-2012My router disconnects every few days. What do I do?
25-Oct-2012Malware prevents me from booting, even in Safe Mode. What do I do?
25-Oct-2012My machine now gives me a completely white screen. What do I do?
25-Oct-2012My printer prints things too small. What can I do?
24-Oct-2012I'm having trouble getting access to a second hand machine. What can I do?
24-Oct-2012What's my upgrade path for a machine running Windows 2000?
24-Oct-2012Why is Windows Explorer slowing down?
22-Oct-2012How can I get data off of some very old 10MB and 20MB drives?
22-Oct-2012Which is more secure: fax or email?
22-Oct-2012Why am I getting spam that appears to be from my IP address?
22-Oct-2012How do I transfer my documents and programs from my old Windows XP machine to Windows XP Mode on my new machine?
21-Oct-2012Is it safe to stay logged in to LastPass?
21-Oct-2012How do I get "Send Mail" buttons to work on web pages?
21-Oct-2012Why does email arrive sooner at one ISP than another?
21-Oct-2012Will replacing my C: drive with an SSD speed up my overloaded system?
20-Oct-2012How do I get rid of Download Accelerator remnants that are preventing me from downloading files?
20-Oct-2012How do I move my contacts from one provider to another?
18-Oct-2012How do I stop spam?
18-Oct-2012Is there a reference of what services I need running on my machine?
18-Oct-2012Could a technician discover my browsing history from seven years ago?
18-Oct-2012My machine won't finish booting. What do I do?
18-Oct-2012How do I get my browser to download where I want it to by default?
18-Oct-2012Is my browser tracking me?
17-Oct-2012My machine is slow and unstable. What do I do?
17-Oct-2012Can you recommend an anti-virus tool that will work in a 256MB system?
17-Oct-2012Why did my PDF print with two additional pages of pornography?
17-Oct-2012How do I find out who's sending me this harassing email?
15-Oct-2012Why is my email being immediately deleted as it arrives in Thunderbird?
15-Oct-2012Why is the Maxthon browser always setting itself as the default browser, and how do I stop it?
15-Oct-2012Is it safe to keep Outlook Express?
15-Oct-2012Why can't I download PDFs in IE9, but I can in Chrome?
14-Oct-2012How do I burn an audio CD?
14-Oct-2012My ex-friends tell me they can read my email, that it'll go to them. Is that possible? What do I do?
14-Oct-2012I found what appears to be a crash report for MsMpEngine, what should I do?
14-Oct-2012Does having my video card on the motherboard mean I can never upgrade?
13-Oct-2012Why do I get an I/O device error when I try to create a system image?
13-Oct-2012How do I display the full list of recipients in my Sent email?
13-Oct-2012How do I get IE8 to remember my email password?
11-Oct-2012How do I properly secure a mobile broadband hotspot?
11-Oct-2012Can my mobile phone calls be listened to?
11-Oct-2012Why does a file grow dramatically after I add only a small amount?
11-Oct-2012Why does only half of my email scroll?
11-Oct-2012Should I partition my external drive?
11-Oct-2012How do I disable https?
10-Oct-2012Can I create a true factory fresh image without even the initial customizations?
10-Oct-2012Who is it safe to give my passwords to?
10-Oct-2012What is the IP address and why is it called localhost?
10-Oct-2012How do I set up an email address once and never again have to tell all my contacts of a new one?
08-Oct-2012Is there a way to ask people to let me know they've seen my message?
08-Oct-2012Why can't I send email via my MiFi?
08-Oct-2012Why is all my email downloading again after reinstalling Outlook?
08-Oct-2012How do I retrieve pictures from a machine that won't boot?
08-Oct-2012Does DBAN really erase everything?
07-Oct-2012Why don't toolbars installed in IE show up in Chrome?
06-Oct-2012I'm told that IE8 is using too much memory. What do I do?
06-Oct-2012Why do some ISPs disallow special characters in passwords?
06-Oct-2012Should I combine my data onto CD/DVDs or flash drives?
05-Oct-2012Why do some emails that I forward get stuck in my outbox?
04-Oct-2012Why I bought my wife a Mac
03-Oct-2012How do I find out what's filling up my external drive?
03-Oct-2012What do you recommend for storing the many addresses we all have?
03-Oct-2012How do I confirm that a file has been copied correctly?
03-Oct-2012Chrome won't load my home page on the first attempt, but will on the second. Why?
03-Oct-2012How can someone create a fake account in my daughter's name?
03-Oct-2012Someone's sending email that looks like it's coming from my domain. What can I do?
03-Oct-2012My power options include an active or passive CPU setting. Which do I want?
03-Oct-2012Why can't my recipients open the documents I email them?
03-Oct-2012How do I replace my hard disk while preserving the old contents?
03-Oct-2012Will Windows 8 have Outlook Express?
02-Oct-2012What is svchost, and why is there more than one copy running?
01-Oct-2012What's this file that ends in ".dll" or ".exe"?
01-Oct-2012Do YouTube downloads slow internet loading?
01-Oct-2012Can I determine whether two IP addresses come from the same source?
01-Oct-2012Do network communications have different channels or only one?
30-Sep-2012Why do I get "write protected" when I copy a file to an external destination?
30-Sep-2012Why does an https certificate work under one browser but not another?
30-Sep-2012Why don't you partition your hard disk so that programs are on C and data is on D?
29-Sep-2012How do I transfer my email stored in Gmail to another online email service?
29-Sep-2012Can I take the hard drive with Windows installed on my Toshiba laptop and have it work on my HP laptop?
29-Sep-2012Why is my laptop hot and why does it eventually crash?
27-Sep-2012If VPNs can be blocked by ISPs how do people in firewalled countries get out?
27-Sep-2012A friend got email that looked like it was from me, but with the wrong email address. What do I do?
27-Sep-2012How do I get .zip attachments out of the .eml files that I get mailed to me?
27-Sep-2012Is Thunderbird more secure than Outlook 2010?
27-Sep-2012Dban didn't erase my hard disk and neither did Windows 7 setup. How do I wipe the drive?
26-Sep-2012Is it OK to install this software that an online streaming service says I need?
26-Sep-2012Can a keylogger record keystrokes pasted in by my password utility?
26-Sep-2012How do I open .doc or .docx files in Windows Mail?
26-Sep-2012After resuming from Sleep keyboard works in Linux but no longer in Windows. What should I do?
26-Sep-2012Can I delete the preloaded backup software from a new external drive?
24-Sep-2012Can I use this other Windows XP Setup Disk on a different computer?
24-Sep-2012What should I do when my browser tells me a script is unresponsive?
24-Sep-2012How can I retrieve some photos on a failed hard drive?
24-Sep-2012What does "the path is not of a legal form" mean?
24-Sep-2012Can I prevent something from being forwarded by adding a legal statement to my message?
23-Sep-2012Why I'm not a fan of System Restore *discs*
23-Sep-2012Why does my computer sound like it's running away sometimes?
23-Sep-2012Is there a backup solution that will keep files I delete forever?
23-Sep-2012My Facebook account was hacked. How do I get it back?
22-Sep-2012Why does printing take so long to start?
22-Sep-2012Does using a Linux Live CD protect me from keyloggers on public computers?
20-Sep-2012Why is my WiFi signal stronger and weaker at different times?
20-Sep-2012How do I switch to an encrypted connection to my ISP's email servers?
20-Sep-2012How do I tell if my ethernet is encrypted?
20-Sep-2012Defragging my hard disk blue screens, what do I do?
19-Sep-2012How do I prevent pictures of my paintings for sale on eBay from being copied?
19-Sep-2012Why does my audio echo and reverb when I play video clips?
19-Sep-2012Why does my ISP-given email account fill up if I don't use it?
19-Sep-2012Microsoft Security Essentials says I'm at risk, but won't scan because it's out of date. What do I do?
19-Sep-2012How do different memory options interact with one another?
19-Sep-2012How do I disable the touchpad if it's not in my Control Panel?
19-Sep-2012Google search does nothing. How do I fix that?
17-Sep-2012How do I resize this partition that Windows can only resize so far?
17-Sep-2012Why doesn't Flash work in IE9?
17-Sep-2012If I don't login to my Hotmail account, will it take up any space on my computer?
16-Sep-2012Why are you using Chrome instead of Firefox?
16-Sep-2012I can't activate Windows and I can't access my data. What do I do?
16-Sep-2012Is downloading .torrent files without downloading the files they point to a problem?
16-Sep-2012How do I uninstall this search hijack that came along with another install?
15-Sep-2012Why don't email filtering rules work in my browser?
15-Sep-2012Why do some blogs have pictures next to some people's comments?
15-Sep-2012My computer won't boot and I'm being advised to reformat, but that will erase my data. What do I do?
15-Sep-2012Will installing Windows 8 clear up the errors I'm having in Windows 7?
13-Sep-2012Why do navigation buttons not show up on some websites?
13-Sep-2012Why does Save-As... not work in my web browser?
13-Sep-2012How do I identify this flashing window at boot time?
13-Sep-2012My machine is slower than a snail. What can I do?
13-Sep-2012Can a TV get malware from my PC?
12-Sep-2012Why does it take so long for webpages to load?
12-Sep-2012How do I merge applications and settings from my old hard drive into my new?
12-Sep-2012How do I exclude irrelevant yet matching pages from a search?
12-Sep-2012What happens to streaming video if my internet connection doesn't meet the requirements?
12-Sep-2012If there's only one copy, it's not backed up. Why is that so hard?
12-Sep-2012Can my Wi-Fi slow down my internet browsing?
10-Sep-2012Why do I keep getting these illegible letters I'm supposed to decipher when sending email?
10-Sep-2012Can I retrieve a message I submitted via a web form?
09-Sep-2012How do I go back to plain http for Google Plus?
09-Sep-2012Word's Save-As menu disappeared. How to I repair it?
09-Sep-2012Can't we just charge spammers per email they send?
09-Sep-2012Should I install another firewall if I can't turn on the Windows firewall?
09-Sep-2012How do I un-write-protect this USB thumb drive?
08-Sep-2012Is it worth getting a high-speed router or switch?
08-Sep-2012Why does scripting not work in Firefox?
08-Sep-2012What's the best long-term storage media?
06-Sep-2012Is there any chance that Hotmail will revert these broken "improvements" they've made?
06-Sep-2012How do I stop this auto play audio from playing after I delete the email message that had it?
06-Sep-2012How do I load my floppy-based backups if I have no floppy drive?
06-Sep-2012Can I just give people remote access to my machine to view my vacation videos?
06-Sep-2012CHKDSK is stuck after 48 hours. Is this a problem?
06-Sep-2012Why is my audio choppy?
05-Sep-2012Why does the name not match the email address on this email I just got?
05-Sep-2012Why does legitimate anti-malware software interfere with my browsing?
05-Sep-2012Why am I getting replies to emails I sent months ago?
05-Sep-2012I get a blue screen when setting up Windows XP. What do I do?
04-Sep-2012TeamViewer - Powerful Remote Access Software, Free for Personal Use
03-Sep-2012How do I remove this hijack of my search engine?
03-Sep-2012Can I install Office 2010 and keep Outlook 2007?
03-Sep-2012How do I get my two monitors to display at different maximum resolutions?
03-Sep-2012If an automated backup might automatically backup malware, shouldn't I backup manually when I know things are clean?
02-Sep-2012How do I free up space on my recovery drive?
02-Sep-2012My ISP's equipment is beeping and indicates a battery replacement is needed. What do I do?
01-Sep-2012How do I recover my contact list in Outlook?
01-Sep-2012How do Java and Javascript relate to each other?
01-Sep-2012My trip pictures vanished from my memory card. How can I recover them?
01-Sep-2012I can't print from Excel. How do I fix this?
01-Sep-2012How do I reactivate my Hotmail account?
30-Aug-2012Why will opening one document sometimes open more than one?
30-Aug-2012Why is typing in Yahoo! Mail so slow?
30-Aug-2012Can I run Windows XP on my new computer with Windows 7?
30-Aug-2012What software do you use?
30-Aug-2012What does it mean to "Like" something on Facebook?
30-Aug-2012How do I back up to a memory stick?
29-Aug-2012Why are there always programs that don't respond when Windows is shutting down?
29-Aug-2012Why does my program report "Disk Full" when saving a file to a disk with lots of room?
29-Aug-2012How do I get rid of this social media sharing pop-up on a site?
29-Aug-2012Why do Thunderbird and Firefox hang on return from standby?
27-Aug-2012Why do links sometimes show up as blue and sometimes brown when I'm typing them in email?
27-Aug-2012Why am I not getting some emails after my account has been hacked?
27-Aug-2012How do I fix the screen when a game I play leaves it messed up on exit?
26-Aug-2012How do I get data off of DVDs containing my photos that won't read?
26-Aug-2012Why does defragging appear to lose disk space?
26-Aug-2012How do I get YouTube videos embedded in email messages to work?
25-Aug-2012Macrium Reflect's Rescue Media doesn't recognize my external hard drive, what do I do?
25-Aug-2012My bank resizes my browser window when I log on, how do I stop that?
25-Aug-2012Is installing apps on my mobile device becoming riskier?
25-Aug-2012Can I make my Hotmail account read-only?
23-Aug-2012Why do some drives not read CDs or DVDs that others will?
23-Aug-2012How do I get Favorites to work in IE9?
23-Aug-2012How do I get access to system information and other things I can't on this machine I've received?
23-Aug-2012How did someone in another town login to my Facebook account?
23-Aug-2012How do I remove these keyloggers that remain after I removed a keylogger?
23-Aug-2012Will a scheduled backup wake my machine up if it's sleeping?
23-Aug-2012How do I erase all passwords saved on my machine?
23-Aug-2012Is a continuous backup still a good idea?
23-Aug-2012How do I enable auto-complete for the addresses in my Outlook Contacts?
22-Aug-2012What does it mean to tether a phone?
22-Aug-2012Can I safely use my smart phone for banking?
20-Aug-2012Can I take my external drive and install it as a replacement in my laptop?
20-Aug-2012I get the New Hardware Wizard frequently for no reason. How do I fix that?
20-Aug-2012Why is this link not clickable when others are?
20-Aug-2012Do I need to reboot into Safe Mode to run anti-malware scans?
20-Aug-2012How do I delete keys in the Windows registry if I don't have permission?
20-Aug-2012Can I read personal documents on my Kindle?
20-Aug-2012Why do my pictures sometimes show upside down when I email them?
20-Aug-2012Why does my Firefox require a login each time I use it?
20-Aug-2012My CD tray keeps going in and out, how should I proceed?
19-Aug-2012So just what is RSS, and why should I care?
18-Aug-2012How do I view my email address once I switch?
16-Aug-2012Why aren't Facebook page visits showing up in my history?
16-Aug-2012Are my Skype conversations private?
16-Aug-2012Are reverse phone number sites legitimate?
16-Aug-2012Will my machine stop working if it's determined to be an illegal copy of Windows?
15-Aug-2012Are there privacy or security issues when using a Kindle over WiFi?
15-Aug-2012Do I need to download if I have Outlook 2010?
15-Aug-2012Can I copy a multi-floppy install to a single CD and have it work?
15-Aug-2012Why can my Sony camera not display jpg files created by a Nikon?
15-Aug-2012Can I restore a smaller drive to a larger replacement?
15-Aug-2012What are my options when even a reformat won't fix my failing drive?
13-Aug-2012I can't access the Windows Update site, what do I do?
13-Aug-2012Can your email be hacked through the games on Facebook?
13-Aug-2012How can I stop having to deal with annoying advertising emails every day?
13-Aug-2012Is View Source a safe way to view suspicious emails?
12-Aug-2012When I delete my Yahoo IM transcripts are they really deleted?
12-Aug-2012Can I prevent someone from saving photos shared over Yahoo IM?
12-Aug-2012Why is my computer uploading and downloading when it's doing nothing?
12-Aug-2012Why can't I get my Hotmail email address at
12-Aug-2012Could someone set up a Facebook in my name?
11-Aug-2012Can I keep my password list on my iPad?
09-Aug-2012How can I limit the time I spend on the internet?
09-Aug-2012Can I read Open Office documents on my Android?
09-Aug-2012Does index.dat mean someone is spying on me?
09-Aug-2012How much memory does this particular CPU need?
09-Aug-2012Do I need to worry about memory fragmentation?
08-Aug-2012What can we learn from Mat Honan?
08-Aug-2012Should I disable gadgets for security?
08-Aug-2012Do I need a router if my modem has a firewall?
08-Aug-2012How do I remove SkyDrive?
08-Aug-2012Will my backup work if I replace my motherboard?
08-Aug-2012Why do these ads keep following me around the internet?
06-Aug-2012Will my backup program recreate partitions when a restore is needed?
06-Aug-2012Can I install a program to an external hard disk and have it be portable?
06-Aug-2012Why does my laptop WiFi sometimes drop and then work well when I manually reconnect?
06-Aug-2012If I don't save my Excel work, can the data still be recovered after I close?
06-Aug-2012Is it possible to get Microsoft to add features to Windows Explorer?
05-Aug-2012How do I make my C: drive 'not dirty'?
05-Aug-2012How can I tell what program has begun to download megabytes of data without being asked?
05-Aug-2012Can I delete what appears to be redundant entries in the updates list?
05-Aug-2012How can I send a document to someone securely?
05-Aug-2012Are all rootkits dangerous?
05-Aug-2012Is Microsoft Shutting Down Hotmail?
02-Aug-2012Is it possible to recover web pages accessed by a computer on a specific date?
02-Aug-2012Could I be getting more spam after my friend's email account was compromised?
02-Aug-2012Is there a safe way to follow a link in spam?
02-Aug-2012Are there really any computer experts?
02-Aug-2012Why are there so many of this particular model of machine on the refurbished market?
02-Aug-2012How many full backups should I keep?
02-Aug-2012How do I get rid of 'Adware Games PUP'?
01-Aug-2012Why does my cloned drive report as failing genuine validation?
01-Aug-2012Why does Facebook tell me that cookies are blocked?
01-Aug-2012Why do so many people forget their password? (And how do I avoid becoming one of them?)
01-Aug-2012How do I downgrade from Windows 7 Enterprise Edition to the Home Edition?
30-Jul-2012My machine will often crash on or after booting, how do I resolve this?
30-Jul-2012Is using a flash drive directly for heavy read/write operations safe?
30-Jul-2012How much can I trust information on the internet?
29-Jul-2012Why is my Windows Installer not running?
29-Jul-2012Why do I have problems accessing files and folders on my network?
29-Jul-2012Why do I get 'Not Responding' from Outlook so often?
29-Jul-2012Why does Windows Live Mail lose messages it knows about?
28-Jul-2012Is there a way of enlarging print size of email?
28-Jul-2012How do I copy the contents of my Hotmail or Gmail to a CD or DVD for reference?
28-Jul-2012How do I set up a home network without internet?
27-Jul-2012Are mini-tower machines more prone to overheating?
27-Jul-2012Will Windows 8 overwrite my system restore partition, and if so how do I restore?
27-Jul-2012Why does my computer slow down dramatically between midnight and 2am?
26-Jul-2012Can I use a programmable keyboard to store my passwords?
26-Jul-2012When does a download stop if I close my browser?
26-Jul-2012Is the registry the root cause of Windows malware issues?
25-Jul-2012How do I get rid of this pop-up ad?
25-Jul-2012My machine sometimes hangs on boot during the Windows Logo, what do I do?
23-Jul-2012Why does my laptop run slower when it's not plugged in?
23-Jul-2012Are computer users getting smarter?
23-Jul-2012Is it safe to open email that's in my junk mail folder?
22-Jul-2012Should I really go paperless?
22-Jul-2012Could my mouse trackpad be causing my cursor to jump around the screen?
22-Jul-2012My email program won't receive after I dismissed a malicious pop-up. What do I do?
21-Jul-2012Why does my 14MB file not download in a second on my 14mbps connection?
21-Jul-2012Would simply writing a large file overwrite deleted data?
21-Jul-2012Can I delete extra copies of MSXML or C++ Redistributables?
21-Jul-2012Can I get WiFi from my ISP's DSL connection?
21-Jul-2012Why is this download flagged as malware?
19-Jul-2012Can I have a file appear in more than one library or folder at the same time?
19-Jul-2012If deleted files remain in the Recycle Bin has any disk space been freed?
19-Jul-2012Why does my monitor show "No Signal" sometimes during boot?
19-Jul-2012Can I swap how my C: and D: drives are used?
19-Jul-2012Does Windows 7's uninstall have a problem? I can't uninstall AVG.
18-Jul-2012Why does my computer keep asking for my password even though I type in the correct one?
18-Jul-2012Can I leave a laptop running all the time?
18-Jul-2012I dropped my laptop and my hard drive now seems flaky. Should I replace it?
18-Jul-2012My headphones stopped working, what do I do?
18-Jul-2012How do I set up access for my iPad or laptop if there's no WiFi where I'm visiting?
18-Jul-2012Should I upgrade to Windows 8? (old)
16-Jul-2012Do I need to change programs now that Thunderbird development has been slowed?
16-Jul-2012How do I encrypt my backup if it's on an external drive?
16-Jul-2012Why do sites ask for age verification if it's so trivial to make up a fake birthday?
16-Jul-2012Can my guests still access my wifi hotspot after they leave?
15-Jul-2012Is there a way to bypass the print queue in Windows?
15-Jul-2012How do I keep my machine working after Windows XP support completely stops?
15-Jul-2012Why can't I get the old version of Windows Live Messenger to work?
14-Jul-2012Why did my YouTube conversion program just stop working?
14-Jul-2012How do I encrypt the email stored on my machine?
14-Jul-2012Can malware on my machine cause it to contact illegal sites?
13-Jul-2012I let a questionable technician remotely access my machine - what kind of risk have I exposed myself to?
12-Jul-2012How can I falsify my IP address?
12-Jul-2012What do I need to get a wireless internet connection in my remote location?
12-Jul-2012Can I reinstall Windows XP after installing this non-genuine copy of Windows 7?
12-Jul-2012I can't login when I set my blocking on high, what do I do?
12-Jul-2012Do I need to run anti-malware software on my smartphone?
12-Jul-2012What's the best way to clear my hard drive of everything but the operating system?
12-Jul-2012Should I report this malware that I just encountered, and to whom?
11-Jul-2012Can I restore my system simply by saving and restoring the entire registry?
11-Jul-2012My machine crashes randomly and it's not overheating, what else should I look at?
10-Jul-2012How do I make a secure password if I can't use special characters?
09-Jul-2012I cleared cookies and more, so how did a web site still know it was me?
09-Jul-2012Why does IE8 crash when I attempt to attach a photo to email?
09-Jul-2012Installing my game to an external drive doesn't work, what do I do?
09-Jul-2012Why does CCleaner clean up Internet Explorer items when I don't use Internet Explorer?
09-Jul-2012Does using complicated usernames add anything to the security level?
09-Jul-2012Can I unselect the recovery partition when I backup my C: drive?
09-Jul-2012Connecting my wireless mouse to my computer causes it to not boot - what do I do?
07-Jul-2012My grandson uses my email address, can he use something else?
07-Jul-2012How do I keep my PC running all the time?
07-Jul-2012How do I fix my Facebook layout problems?
05-Jul-2012Is there an anti-virus for XP that doesn't require SP3?
05-Jul-2012How do I get my wireless to run faster?
05-Jul-2012Are Clippy and Rover and the Kitty Cat ever coming back?
05-Jul-2012Are there alternatives to CCleaner's free space wipe function?
05-Jul-2012If too many bad password attempts cause account locks, how do hackers hack in?
05-Jul-2012Is it OK to turn off email scanning in my anti-malware program if it causes a problem?
05-Jul-2012Does my Android phone need a firewall, and is tethering safe?
05-Jul-2012My printer stopped printing, what do I do?
05-Jul-2012How do I use a solid state drive in my PC?
04-Jul-2012How do I read epub and mobi formatted ebooks?
02-Jul-2012My firewall is slowing down my system, do I really need it?
02-Jul-2012My machine doesn't even beep or begin to boot - what do I do?
02-Jul-2012Can I trace email related to social media sites back to the sending computer?
02-Jul-2012Can I connect my own router in place of my ISP provided equipment?
02-Jul-2012Should I configure my page file differently if I have lots of RAM?
02-Jul-2012How do I stop this disgusting email from being sent to me?
01-Jul-2012I'm getting a message that my system is not clean, how do I get rid of it?
01-Jul-2012Are third party utilities better than what's already in Windows?
01-Jul-2012Who do I talk to to get Windows Mail re-released?
28-Jun-2012How do I reconstruct the original source code from a .exe file?
28-Jun-2012Why am I getting notices for a service I didn't sign up for?
28-Jun-2012How do I restore a backup to a smaller hard drive?
28-Jun-2012Will malware always invalidate my Windows install, and what do I do if it does?
28-Jun-2012Am I too old to start learning an IT career?
28-Jun-2012How can I save my BIOS settings before replacing the CMOS battery?
28-Jun-2012How does Facebook figure out who my friends should be?
28-Jun-2012How do I clean up this slow machine and its misbehaving browser?
28-Jun-2012How do I uninstall this unwanted browser I got installing something else?
27-Jun-2012Are viruses attached to my email after I send it?
27-Jun-2012Who is accessing Facebook from my machine in the middle of the night?
25-Jun-2012Why has opting out of ads in Hotmail not turned them off?
25-Jun-2012Does https hide email addresses in Hotmail?
25-Jun-2012Why don't blocked emails stay blocked?
25-Jun-2012How can I make an external drive keep its same drive letter?
25-Jun-2012Can I move a program from one computer to another?
25-Jun-2012Why does my AOL software crash when I download a file?
25-Jun-2012How should I stay connected while traveling?
25-Jun-2012Can my company monitor my personal activities?
25-Jun-2012How do I extend the backup partition on my hard disk?
25-Jun-2012Did techs accessing my machine remotely fix Hotmail?
24-Jun-2012Can I delete all these Visual C++ Redistributables?
24-Jun-2012Why does my camera battery die so quickly?
24-Jun-2012Why can't I add anything to online shopping carts?
24-Jun-2012Can I delete these Earthlink Setup files?
23-Jun-2012Can I extend the life of an old computer by running Ubuntu?
23-Jun-2012Is there an easy way to temporarily turn off online activity during startup?
21-Jun-2012Should I use the backup software that comes with an external hard drive?
21-Jun-2012Are you sure email accounts don't get infected with viruses?
21-Jun-2012How much does a computer programmer earn?
21-Jun-2012How do I get my Bluetooth driver to stop slowing my system startup?
21-Jun-2012Why is my download speed not what it should be?
20-Jun-2012So ... what about Microsoft Surface?
20-Jun-2012How do I fix things on my computer left over from a virus?
20-Jun-2012How do I get music to auto-play when email is opened?
20-Jun-2012Is there a Windows 7 alternative to the program GoBack?
20-Jun-2012If I reinstall Windows will I lose Microsoft Office?
20-Jun-2012Why can't I access Documents and Settings in my Windows 7 backup image?
20-Jun-2012Will laptops ever have traditional keyboards again?
20-Jun-2012Can I read PDFs using my Kindle Reader application on my tablet or phone?
19-Jun-2012Why does IE's stop button not always work?
18-Jun-2012How do I see the "Undisclosed recipients" on an email I sent?
18-Jun-2012How much sensitive information is stored on my computer when I purchase online?
18-Jun-2012Why are there so many errors and warnings in Event Viewer?
18-Jun-2012How do I get Facebook out of my life completely?
18-Jun-2012Ask Leo! Webinars
17-Jun-2012Why does IE give me the spinning circle for a while when I click on a link?
17-Jun-2012Should I use Facebook to login to other sites when offered?
17-Jun-2012How do I make checkboxes work on the web?
17-Jun-2012Does having too many files on my computer slow it down?
17-Jun-2012Can you give away a Kindle book after you're done reading it?
17-Jun-2012Why did the first track of my newly burned audio CD not play properly?
16-Jun-2012Should I consider Ubuntu Linux over Windows 7?
15-Jun-2012Opening Phishing Holes with New Top-Level Domains
14-Jun-2012When does installing a hard drive into an external enclosure make sense?
14-Jun-2012So many accounts are getting hacked, there must be something wrong at the provider - can you get their attention?
14-Jun-2012Can I interchange laptop power supplies from the same manufacturer?
14-Jun-2012How do I get my browser window larger after something made it small?
13-Jun-2012How do I download only certain emails from my Yahoo account?
13-Jun-2012Why do I get new pages in tabs when I leave a site?
13-Jun-2012How does a digital product sell out?
13-Jun-2012Why is there a ghostly icon on my desktop when I edit a Word document?
13-Jun-2012Why are pictures on my laptop only showing if the original SD card they came from is inserted?
13-Jun-2012Windows Media Player keeps crashing, what do I do?
13-Jun-2012Why do I have constant disk activity from Chrome?
13-Jun-2012Why does my printer not print the middle of the page?
12-Jun-2012Why does my internet connection not work right away?
11-Jun-2012How do I export and import my contact lists folder structure?
11-Jun-2012How do I get SFC to work if it calls for my original CD which I don't have?
11-Jun-2012Will using history or remembered passwords bypass malware and keyloggers?
11-Jun-2012I forgot my BIOS password, how do I get into my machine?
11-Jun-2012How do I remove password protection from an Excel document?
11-Jun-2012How should I backup my computer before upgrading to Windows 7?
11-Jun-2012Can Hotmail let me switch between accounts?
11-Jun-2012How do I fix crashing whenever I try to download something?
11-Jun-2012Is there a way to place restore points on a drive other than the system drive?
10-Jun-2012How can I connect multiple users to my machine at the same time?
10-Jun-2012Why would I lose all the data on my hard drive after a Windows reinstallation?
09-Jun-2012How do you perform a backup to an external drive that is TrueCrypted?
09-Jun-2012Do you have any tips for writing batch files in Windows?
07-Jun-2012Should I dedicate a hard drive entirely for virtual memory?
07-Jun-2012My hard drive is overheating, how should I fix it?
07-Jun-2012How do I diagnose a machine that won't boot reliably?
06-Jun-2012Can I keep my IP address from changing when I switch out my router?
06-Jun-2012How do I access Outlook Express emails saved into My Documents?
06-Jun-2012How do I confirm security on my ISP-provided wireless modem?
06-Jun-2012How do I clear system information off an old system drive?
06-Jun-2012Are Evite invitations safe?
06-Jun-2012How do I delete mail on Gmail permanently?
05-Jun-2012How do compromised signing certificates affect me? And how do I stay safe?
04-Jun-2012I dropped my external hard disk, how do I recover the data?
04-Jun-2012Can I restore a backup to a partition smaller than it was when backed up?
04-Jun-2012Someone from Outlook Express offered to clean my machine, should I let them?
04-Jun-2012How can I hook up my desktop computer in my basement wirelessly to a router on a floor above?
03-Jun-2012How do I restore my passwords after replacing my motherboard?
03-Jun-2012Do I need updated drivers for my camera that stopped working after installing Windows 7?
03-Jun-2012Can I combine two hard disk drives into a single logical drive?
03-Jun-2012Should I let my son just focus on coding in school?
31-May-2012Is a quick scan the proper default for security software?
31-May-2012I accidentally deleted all my drivers, now what do I do?
31-May-2012Can I connect two computers to my dual-input TV?
31-May-2012Can I copy a bootable DVD to my hard disk to burn again later?
31-May-2012How can I get rid of
31-May-2012Why do all my programs crash with "stopped working"?
31-May-2012Can I open Outlook PST files read-only?
31-May-2012How do I login to my old Hotmail account after I create a new one?
30-May-2012Will a dual core processor run single-threaded programs?
30-May-2012Why am I only sometimes getting newsletters I signed up for? Is there a subscription limit?
30-May-2012How do I test my backups to DVD?
30-May-2012How do I test my backup to make sure it will work when I need it?
28-May-2012If someone starts using my old email address could they find my information?
28-May-2012Can information I posted years ago on a social site be cached and found on the deep web?
28-May-2012Does an internet installation with a FiOS cable protect my system from possible lightning strikes?
28-May-2012Do SSD drives have a limited life expectancy because they are flash memory?
28-May-2012Why is my computer making a loud noise since I upgraded the motherboard?
28-May-2012Where can I find drivers for adjusting sleep option, screen brightness and HDMI port?
28-May-2012Why is my dropdown of websites suddenly gone and Facebook telling me I have a new IP address?
27-May-2012How can I send a hyperlink in an email?
27-May-2012Why did this Win32/OpenCandy malware come back, and how do I really get rid of it?
26-May-2012Is the 'Keep Me Signed In' option immune to password changes?
26-May-2012Should I worry that Firefox wants to disable add-ons when it updates?
25-May-2012Why is my screen sometimes covered with random pipes, and often freezes?
24-May-2012Does configuring the number of CPU cores used during boot help anything?
24-May-2012How can I download Internet Explorer?
24-May-2012Can I use ImgBurn to create a restore file for a GPS Navigator?
24-May-2012Is there a free way to set up an XP machine to delete everything added since powerup?
24-May-2012Can my ISP know if I am using a VPN?
24-May-2012Is it okay to run several malware scans at the same time?
23-May-2012How do I tell if a blue screen 'CRC Fail' error is coming from my motherboard, hard drive, or RAM?
23-May-2012Should I set up two partitions on my hard disk?
23-May-2012When I use DBan will it nuke USB drives and all my partitions?
23-May-2012Can I delete email simultaneously from both my PC and iPad?
23-May-2012How do I save a large amount of information across multiple DVDs?
21-May-2012What is Java and what will happen if I uninstall it?
21-May-2012Is Virus and Salutations Center and MS Safety Scanner Safe?
21-May-2012Is a dual core processor really better? Or is it just a gimmick?
21-May-2012How do I send an email that can't be traced back to me?
21-May-2012How do I get access to a second-hand PC that's password protected?
21-May-2012How do I stop websites from knowing what I'm doing?
21-May-2012Why does my hard drive just spin and then shut off?
21-May-2012Why does my mouse curser freeze so I have to shut down with my keyboard?
21-May-2012Why do I get obviously wrong locations from IP addresses?
20-May-2012How do I back up my Truecrypt encrypted data?
17-May-2012Is it dangerous to use a wireless mouse or keyboard?
17-May-2012Why did a CD disc explode in my computer?
17-May-2012Will turning off programs save me from hackers when I get online?
17-May-2012How do I get around being blocked from watching Youtube videos?
17-May-2012Can I plug all my router plugs into a switch to get more speed?
17-May-2012Is it okay to use hibernate to shut down my computer daily?
17-May-2012Webinar #13 - What's on Leo's Computer?
17-May-2012Why are my two anti-virus tools giving different results?
16-May-2012Is it faster to write to a drive that has lots of space than to one with less space?
16-May-2012What IP address do I put in my browser to secure my router?
16-May-2012What's your take on the online spying bill CISPA?
16-May-2012How do I get outgoing mail to display "Undisclosed-Recipients:;" in the TO field?
16-May-2012How do I change my Hotmail alternate email address if I can't access it any more?
16-May-2012Can I just unplug my computer to shut it down?
14-May-2012Has LastPass had a security breach?
14-May-2012Is there an easy way to share photos with my family that's free?
14-May-2012How do I tell if my computer is capable of having a wired internet connection?
14-May-2012What can I do about a pop-up that says, "Internet Explorer has stopped working?"
14-May-2012Why is my important folder suddenly gone and not in the recycle bin?
14-May-2012Why do I get an error that says "The requested operation requires elevation"?
14-May-2012Can I delete the paging file if I'm using an SSD drive with 8GB of RAM?
14-May-2012How do I turn my DVD drive on to boot so I can test my rescue disk?
14-May-2012Is there a way to run a DVD disc off my hard drive?
14-May-2012How do you run TrueCrypt with Dropbox?
14-May-2012What is a Meebo bar? And is it bad?
12-May-2012Why does my computer turn itself back on from standby?
12-May-2012What happens when I mark something as spam?
10-May-2012How do I read my Acronis backup data on a computer without Acronis?
10-May-2012Is there a way to prevent toolbars from ever downloading to a computer?
10-May-2012I have two Facebook accounts; how do I delete one of them?
10-May-2012Can I turn off my modem when I am gone?
10-May-2012How do I get my two monitors to run different programs?
10-May-2012Can I run two hard disks with different operating systems on one computer?
10-May-2012Why is my back up aborting with a code of 0x810000037?
09-May-2012Why can't my DVD drive read a data CD?
09-May-2012Will deleting games free up more space on my hard drive?
09-May-2012Will drilling my hard drive wipe it of all data so I can donate it?
09-May-2012Can I clone everything on my hard drive except the operating system?
09-May-2012How can I get my volume back louder, like it used to be?
09-May-2012Should I uninstall my old driver before installing an upgrade version?
09-May-2012Can I convert my XP computer to Windows 7?
09-May-2012How do I view full headers in Gmail?
09-May-2012Should I Install Internet Explorer 8? Internet Explorer 9?
07-May-2012How can I recover my data after I reinstalled Windows?
07-May-2012Should I always sign out of my online email account?
07-May-2012Can you copy a program file to another computer and run it?
07-May-2012How do I tell if programs are using too much memory?
07-May-2012Why are there only six asterisks in the password field when my password has more characters?
07-May-2012Should I change the security information on all my emails after my Hotmail was hacked?
07-May-2012How do I play a 32 bit game on my 64 bit computer?
07-May-2012Is it safe to leave programs opened on my computer when I go onto the internet?
07-May-2012How do I get my saved Outlook emails onto my new computer with Windows Live Mail?
07-May-2012Can I reinstall my XP with SP2 even though updates have ended?
07-May-2012Can the IT department send emails that look like they are from me?
07-May-2012Can I safely remove update files and folders that are taking up disk space?
06-May-2012Why are there so many user accounts on my machine?
05-May-2012How do I remove my personal information from a machine before giving it away?
03-May-2012Will not having a paging file slow down my system?
03-May-2012How can I stop my anti-virus software from filling up my hard drive with updates?
03-May-2012Can I set a specific Microsoft Office version to open my emails?
03-May-2012Can an IP address on an email tell you which country it is coming from?
03-May-2012How can I list all the email addresses that I am the alternate email address for?
03-May-2012How do I decompress all the files that Windows compressed for me?
03-May-2012How do I fix my dial-up modem after being in a lightning storm?
03-May-2012Why does it take so long to download Apple software to my PC?
03-May-2012How do PCs and Macs differ? And which is best?
03-May-2012What or who is using up all the bandwidth on my remote camera?
03-May-2012Why should I pay for free software?
03-May-2012Why do I have "Apple Software Update" on my PC? And can I get rid of it?
03-May-2012How can I slow down a video so I can understand conversations?
03-May-2012Why has my Ymail account suddenly stopped working in Firefox?
03-May-2012Why does this tab keep opening in my Firefox browser?
30-Apr-2012Can keyloggers get my login information when I use drag and drop from Keypass?
30-Apr-2012Webinar #12 - Q&A
30-Apr-2012Can I tell if the person who shares my Gmail account has ever checked the search history?
30-Apr-2012How do I search multiple sites of my own choice?
30-Apr-2012Why am I getting so many generic comments on my website?
30-Apr-2012What should I do about the error 'Not Responding' when I am compacting my PST file?
29-Apr-2012Where are TCP/IP settings in Windows 7?
29-Apr-2012Why am I getting "Windows delayed write failed" error on my computer?
29-Apr-2012Will your books be available for Nook and Nook readers?
29-Apr-2012Can I set up my own static IP address for my internet connection?
29-Apr-2012Why does my browser show I'm still downloading a webpage even though I've read to the bottom?
29-Apr-2012How do I get rid of these new banner ads and tabs that pop up on websites?
26-Apr-2012Should I uninstall my old Office Pro before installing a new version?
26-Apr-2012How do I use my backup if my hard drive fails?
26-Apr-2012What happens if I am connected to my neighbor's wireless and my USB modem at the same time?
26-Apr-2012How do I remove my D: restore partition?
26-Apr-2012Why does "Acquiring network address" show continuously in my icon tray?
26-Apr-2012Where is "Run" in Windows 7?
26-Apr-2012Why does each update of Firefox have a new version number?
26-Apr-2012What's a Noob?
26-Apr-2012Does deleting and adding information to a hard drive wear it out?
26-Apr-2012Can my computer be hacked if it is turned off?
26-Apr-2012Does Hotmail store everyone's IP addresses?
25-Apr-2012How do I monitor what changes in my registry?
25-Apr-2012Will agreeing to this uninstall error break my computer?
25-Apr-2012How do I recover my old emails and contacts from my hacked Hotmail account?
25-Apr-2012What causes my computer to fail a Smart Short Self Test, and do I have to reformat?
25-Apr-2012How do I recover with my backup when a virus took out my boot sector?
25-Apr-2012How do I stop Windows from re-installing drivers just because I used a different USB port?
23-Apr-2012Are there now public links to everything in my Dropbox?
23-Apr-2012Where does Windows Live Mail store my contacts?
23-Apr-2012How to I manually update Windows XP using IE6?
23-Apr-2012Is it possible to find out if a bad sector has been allocated to a file?
23-Apr-2012Why do I have to keep updating Firefox when I can't see any difference?
23-Apr-2012Can I save my original System Restore point?
22-Apr-2012How do I stop automatic emails coming out of Hotmail?
22-Apr-2012I am running out of room on my backup drive, what can I do?
22-Apr-2012Can I recover the information on my hard drive by putting it in an enclosure?
22-Apr-2012Does everything I do on the internet download, or just when I save a file?
22-Apr-2012Can World of Warcraft be installed and run on a tablet?
22-Apr-2012Dealing with 'Not Responding' in Internet Explorer
22-Apr-2012Can you help me find an Ubuntu partition in Windows 7?
21-Apr-2012Will I lose internet access in July?
19-Apr-2012Can a virus be transferred into our system, or our router, from our granddaughter's smart phone?
19-Apr-2012How do I safely get security software onto my newly reinstalled machine?
19-Apr-2012Are computers crashing everywhere because of something from Russia?
18-Apr-2012Does repartitioning and reformatting a hard drive clean it?
18-Apr-2012Can I leave my TV hooked up to my PC through HDMI all the time?
18-Apr-2012How do I use recovery disks on an empty hard drive?
18-Apr-2012How do I block unwanted emails in Thunderbird?
18-Apr-2012Do we still need that same old Recycle Bin?
18-Apr-2012How do I cancel all Google services except for Gmail?
17-Apr-2012Can I replace my LCD screen from one laptop to another?
17-Apr-2012Webinar #11 - Mastering your own domain
17-Apr-2012Will the new iPad3 have Adobe Flash?
15-Apr-2012Why do my files get locked?
15-Apr-2012Why am I getting a message at start-up that my computer is checking the file system?
15-Apr-2012Can I delete Microsoft Office updates to free up disk space?
15-Apr-2012Can you help me archive Ask Leo! answers on my computer for future reference?
14-Apr-2012Why do I get a shut-down error message on Outlook when I am not running Outlook?
14-Apr-2012How do I get my computer back to like-new without reformatting?
14-Apr-2012Why do hackers hack and spammers spam?
14-Apr-2012Somebody knows my IP address and is sending bad emails. Can you help me close my account?
14-Apr-2012Can an email be picked up from a non-existing email address?
14-Apr-2012How do I block trojans and the man sending them to me?
13-Apr-2012Can I keep my old Windows XP and ignore this Microsoft Deployment Toolkit notification?
12-Apr-2012How can I recover deleted pictures from my digital camera if it doesn't show as a drive?
12-Apr-2012How do I run Windows Update on my Ubuntu computer?
12-Apr-2012Can I use my 25" desktop monitor on my laptop?
12-Apr-2012What's the difference between system restore discs and system repair discs?
11-Apr-2012Aren't incremental backups just as important as a system backup?
11-Apr-2012Why does my laptop suddenly shut down while playing games?
11-Apr-2012Does storing documents on my computer's desktop slow it down?
11-Apr-2012Why can't I log into Hotmail even though I remember my password?
11-Apr-2012Why can't I make changes to my host file when I am the administrator on this computer?
11-Apr-2012Why do I get an error that my computer is protected by a password authentication system?
09-Apr-2012How do I make a small photo larger?
09-Apr-2012How do I make my cursor larger so I can see it?
09-Apr-2012How do I recover my lost password on my Windows XP computer?
09-Apr-2012Why have libraries stopped offering ebooks for Kindle?
08-Apr-2012How can I run old XP programs on a Windows 7 machine?
08-Apr-2012Can you disguise an IP address?
08-Apr-2012How do I manage a large number of client workstations?
08-Apr-2012How did my friend's phone number get posted on a porn site?
07-Apr-2012Can my ISP help me prove I didn't post comments to a forum after I was hacked?
07-Apr-2012Can my neighbor view and monitor my browsing if I use his wireless connection?
07-Apr-2012Do all wireless routers require a cable connection to a modem for internet service?
07-Apr-2012How do I get a Hotmail or MSN email for another country?
07-Apr-2012My friend says I have a virus in my Hotmail email, what should I do?
06-Apr-2012Is there a way to move an .exe file from an old drive?
06-Apr-2012Will someone provide security updates for Windows XP after Microsoft stops supporting it?
04-Apr-2012What processor do I need for a 17-inch laptop?
04-Apr-2012How do I stop false positives in spam and malware reports?
04-Apr-2012Where are canceled or failed downloads stored?
04-Apr-2012What is the security related information I need to change to secure an email account?
04-Apr-2012Where did all these Windows Photo Gallery pictures come from?
03-Apr-2012How do I install programs on an alternate drive?
03-Apr-2012How do you burn a CD?
03-Apr-2012How can I fix my computer from going to blue screen?
03-Apr-2012Where can I get a downloadable version of Windows Vista?
03-Apr-2012Why does my monitor sometimes turn purple?
02-Apr-2012What incremental backup images should I delete?
02-Apr-2012Can I use my IP address to connect to my computer without remote desktop?
02-Apr-2012Why do I end up in the wrong place when I click on a link?
02-Apr-2012Does turning off my computer equipment break my internet connection?
02-Apr-2012Do I need all these Java QuickStarter and Consol add-ons in Firefox?
31-Mar-2012Should I take the latest Flash update - and what update method should I choose?
30-Mar-2012Can USB ports go bad?
29-Mar-2012How can I report a phishing email address?
29-Mar-2012Can I schedule CHKDSK to run before my automatic backup?
29-Mar-2012Is the internet shutting down?
29-Mar-2012Can you help me spy on someone?
29-Mar-2012How do I reinstall Windows without a CD drive?
29-Mar-2012What's an inexpensive way to set up a backup system?
29-Mar-2012Why does virus software expire?
28-Mar-2012Can I encode video faster with quad core processors?
28-Mar-2012My files turned green and are encrypted. What do I do?
28-Mar-2012Help! Youtube is crashing my computer!
28-Mar-2012Why won't my Truecrypt volume backup?
27-Mar-2012Should I wait for Windows 8?
24-Mar-2012Why does my PC restart itself when trying to boot off of a Linux Ubuntu CD?
24-Mar-2012How do I clear up these lingering problems after a malware infection?
24-Mar-2012Searching Effectively
21-Mar-2012Why is there a delay when I try to access my external hard disk?
20-Mar-2012Using RSS
18-Mar-2012Why can't my machine boot if my external drive is plugged in?
17-Mar-2012How much of my data can be subpoenaed?
14-Mar-2012Why is Firefox so slow?
14-Mar-2012Is a wired connection to the internet faster than a wireless connection?
14-Mar-2012How do I remove the recovery partition on my machine?
10-Mar-2012How do I read a Kindle book if I don't have a Kindle?
10-Mar-2012What happens to my initial system image if my system takes an update?
10-Mar-2012If I empty the contents of a file and then save it, is the data really deleted?
07-Mar-2012How often should I wipe my disks free space?
07-Mar-2012How does my friend always know when I'm online?
07-Mar-2012Why did I not get the download I wanted?
03-Mar-2012What difference does multiple-overwrite delete really make?
03-Mar-2012How do I temporarily turn off Microsoft Security Essentials for an install?
02-Mar-2012Google Alerts
29-Feb-2012Is an image backup useful if I need to restore to a different machine?
28-Feb-2012How do I fix Windows 7 boot problems?
27-Feb-2012Why didn't I have to tell my firewall to allow a technician remote access?
25-Feb-2012How do I find the product key that was used to install my system or application?
24-Feb-2012Does Google's new privacy policy mean they know everything about me?
24-Feb-2012Webinar #10 - Your Questions, Live
22-Feb-2012Can I create a shortcut to a program needing administrative access that bypasses UAC?
22-Feb-2012How do I delete cookies automatically?
21-Feb-2012How do I get my files back from a closed upload site?
18-Feb-2012Can someone get my IP address?
18-Feb-2012I've been wrongly labeled as a spammer. What can I do about it?
17-Feb-2012Can I get my TV programming over the internet?
15-Feb-2012How long do ISPs keep data on you?
15-Feb-2012How did I get subscribed to this dating service?
14-Feb-2012How do I get sound out of the correct speakers in Windows 7 and Vista?
10-Feb-2012How do I use Facebook safely?
10-Feb-2012Does deleting my email or email account really delete all my messages and attachments?
10-Feb-2012How long can I keep running my copy of Windows?
09-Feb-2012How do download accelerators work?
08-Feb-2012How do I recover my email password from my mail program?
07-Feb-2012How do I backup my Yahoo! Mail?
04-Feb-2012How do I get rid of IE9's "Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons" notification?
04-Feb-2012How do I delete a contact in Hotmail?
03-Feb-2012Webinar #9 - RSS, Google Reader and Searching Effectively
01-Feb-2012Why can't my Windows 7 machines 'see' each other on my network?
01-Feb-2012How do I repair Microsoft Office?
31-Jan-2012Why is Thunderbird saying your newsletter might be a scam?
31-Jan-2012Does this email address that shows for auto-complete mean my computer or account has been hacked?
28-Jan-2012What version of Internet Explorer should I be running?
28-Jan-2012What's a "live" CD? And why would I want one?
27-Jan-2012What's the difference between a router, a wireless router and a wireless access point?
25-Jan-2012I'm having keyboard problems, can you help?
24-Jan-2012What image format should I use?
21-Jan-2012Does changing or disabling the broadcast of my wireless SSID make me more secure?
21-Jan-2012How do I make a photo's file smaller and take up less space on disk?
18-Jan-2012How do I deal with a photo that is it too large, visually?
17-Jan-2012Why do some website pictures display so slowly?
15-Jan-2012What's the difference between a DLL and an EXE, and why is it important that I know?
14-Jan-2012What would you recommend for a small business to provide ftp to clients?
14-Jan-2012What's the difference between a sandbox and a virtual machine?
11-Jan-2012Just how dangerous is it out there?
11-Jan-2012How do I disable live taskbar previews in Windows 7?
10-Jan-2012A (very) brief look at ZoomIt
10-Jan-2012How do I get a Hotmail password reset if my alternate email address is invalid?
07-Jan-2012A brief overview of Vim
07-Jan-2012How do I upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit Windows?
06-Jan-2012CCleaner - Windows Cleaning Tool
06-Jan-2012What is a clipboard?
04-Jan-2012Ultrasurf and anonymous browsing
03-Jan-2012How do I back up my e-reader?
31-Dec-20112011 Most Popular Questions
30-Dec-2011What does a recovery CD recover?
27-Dec-2011How do I use a URL broken by my email program?
23-Dec-2011How do I change what search engine is used by Internet Explorer?
22-Dec-2011A brief overview of Webdrive
22-Dec-2011Webinar #8 - Photo Manipulation
22-Dec-2011What kind of router do I need?
20-Dec-2011How do I remove spyware from a computer I loaned to a former friend?
17-Dec-2011A brief overview of AutoHotkey
15-Dec-2011How do I repair Windows 7 with a re-install?
15-Dec-2011My machine won't boot, how do I get at the files on it?
10-Dec-2011How do I avoid trojans like Win 7 Home Security 2012?
09-Dec-2011Why does my screen have a black border all around it?
08-Dec-2011A brief overview of VLC
07-Dec-2011Amazon Kindle Fire - More than a great reading device
07-Dec-2011Why can't I send mail unless I'm at home?
03-Dec-2011How do I remove the black Google toolbar and blue 'Click here to start sharing' bar?
02-Dec-2011How do I get my login ID and password to stop showing on sites that I log into?
01-Dec-2011A brief overview of Faststone Image Viewer
30-Nov-2011How do I get rid of these questionable entries in my Hotmail auto-complete?
28-Nov-2011Macrium Reflect 7: Restoring a File from an Image Backup
27-Nov-2011Macrium Reflect 6: Restoring an Image
26-Nov-2011Macrium Reflect 5: Scheduling Backups
25-Nov-2011Macrium Reflect 4: Creating an Incremental Backup Image
24-Nov-2011Macrium Reflect 3: Creating a Backup Image
23-Nov-2011Macrium Reflect 2: Creating Rescue Media
22-Nov-2011Macrium Reflect 1: Downloading and Installing
19-Nov-2011How do I print a .prn file?
17-Nov-2011How do I disable Internet Explorer add-ons?
15-Nov-2011How do I share files on my Windows 7 machine with my Windows XP machine?
13-Nov-2011Webinar #7 - Your Questions
12-Nov-2011Where did my volume icon go?
12-Nov-2011A brief overview of Snagit screen capture utility
11-Nov-2011Will you help fix my account? My username and password are ...
10-Nov-2011Can I remove Internet Explorer if I never use it?
10-Nov-2011How do I tell what program is slowing down my machine?
06-Nov-2011How do I safely backup an infected drive?
06-Nov-2011Should I turn off my wireless access point if I don't use it?
05-Nov-2011How do I get Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) to work - at all?
02-Nov-2011Why do system cleanup utilities report many errors on a supposedly clean system?
30-Oct-2011The Spam Primer - Learn about and deal with spam
28-Oct-2011How do I get Foxit Reader to let me click on links?
27-Oct-2011A brief overview of Dropbox
26-Oct-2011I installed Microsoft Security Essentials and now things are worse! How do I recover?
26-Oct-2011Why is my BRAND NEW domain immediately getting spammed?
24-Oct-2011Webinar #6 - Tools Sampler Continued
23-Oct-2011What's the difference between RAW and JPG image formats?
23-Oct-2011How do I recover from a bad virus infection?
22-Oct-2011A brief overview of Evernote
20-Oct-2011How do I delete someone from my Hotmail address book?
15-Oct-2011How do I install an ISO file that contains software?
15-Oct-2011How do I get "Send To" to work with Hotmail? Or Gmail? Or some other web-based email?
15-Oct-2011How do I remove a partition in Windows 7?
14-Oct-2011How do I sign in to Windows 7 automatically?
11-Oct-2011Questions and Answers about Backup
10-Oct-2011Why would one disk defragmenting program take so much more time than another?
08-Oct-2011Why is it so easy and quick to accidentally move a file when copying takes so much longer?
07-Oct-2011Three ways to find Outlook's PST file
04-Oct-2011A brief overview of Macrium Reflect Backup
04-Oct-2011Why is it so bad to leave the email addresses in an email I forward?
02-Oct-2011What can someone tell from my email address?
01-Oct-2011How do I run an anti-virus scan if I can't boot?
30-Sep-2011How do I repair a corrupt .pst file?
27-Sep-2011A brief overview of Windows 7 Backup
25-Sep-2011Is Facebook going to start charging?
25-Sep-2011What is Windows Live?
24-Sep-2011How can I recover my encrypted data from my flash memory device?
22-Sep-2011What does a gigabyte limit on my internet plan really mean?
17-Sep-2011How can I prevent a Word document from being copied or printed?
17-Sep-2011A brief overview of Paragon Backup and Recovery
15-Sep-2011I accidentally deleted everything on my hard drive, how do I get it all back?
14-Sep-2011Webinar #5 - Tools Sampler
14-Sep-2011Should I try Windows 8?
09-Sep-2011Why can't I access Hotmail?
09-Sep-2011Why didn't Microsoft fix this horrible bug?
08-Sep-2011Encrypting Using AxCrypt
07-Sep-2011Does keeping an unencrypted copy of encrypted data make sense?
07-Sep-2011Is there a way to get an internet connection for free?
02-Sep-2011What is Adobe AIR?
02-Sep-2011Is it safe to share my internet connection with my neighbor?
01-Sep-2011Can encrypted e-mail be sniffed?
01-Sep-2011How should I protect my computer from natural disasters?
31-Aug-2011Encrypting Using LockNote
27-Aug-2011How do I fix "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed"?
27-Aug-2011What does "host name lookup failure" mean in an email bounce?
26-Aug-2011Webinar #4 - Backup Sampler
26-Aug-2011Encrypting using Truecrypt
25-Aug-2011Is deleting a file and emptying my recycle bin enough?
24-Aug-2011From where can I legally download mp3 files?
21-Aug-2011Why do I have two desktop.ini files on my desktop?
21-Aug-2011How secure is mobile broadband?
20-Aug-2011Encrypting using Zip files
20-Aug-2011How do I find the DNS server being used by my PC?
12-Aug-2011Just how easy is it to sniff network traffic?
12-Aug-2011How should I connect while traveling within the US?
11-Aug-2011How do I safely attach a wireless device that doesn't support encryption?
11-Aug-2011Why can I suddenly not rename, move or delete particular types of files?
11-Aug-2011Why doesn't my click in a search result go directly to the destination?
05-Aug-2011Why aren't illegal sites easier to track down?
04-Aug-2011How do I reset my router's password?
03-Aug-2011Managing Lots of Passwords
01-Aug-2011How do I keep malware from reaching my machine in the first place?
29-Jul-2011Why does Hotmail have such a bad reputation?
28-Jul-2011What software should I install first?
27-Jul-2011Creating Good Passwords
25-Jul-2011How secure is my smartphone?
24-Jul-2011Do I have to keep buying new computers?
23-Jul-2011Two-Factor Authentication
16-Jul-2011Do all these email bounces mean I have a bot infection?
15-Jul-2011What are .BAK files?
13-Jul-2011What are these "no media", "removable" drives on my system?
13-Jul-2011What's the best way to bank online using a dedicated machine?
12-Jul-2011Virtual Machines - What Are They?
12-Jul-2011Webinar #3 - Encryption
12-Jul-2011How do I view your past webinars?
09-Jul-2011WinPatrol - Get alerts to important changes to your computer
09-Jul-2011How do I get a 64-bit Flash Player?
08-Jul-2011Installing Microsoft Security Essentials
07-Jul-2011Is it safe to get receipts and statements in email?
06-Jul-2011How and where can I get a copy of Windows XP?
06-Jul-2011How do I contact my network administrator for my home computer?
03-Jul-2011What is contextual advertising, and how does it affect my privacy?
02-Jul-2011How do I encrypt a hard drive using TrueCrypt?
02-Jul-2011If I have all the recommended security in place, is my computer safe and un-hackable?
29-Jun-2011Securing Your Router
27-Jun-2011What is disk slack space and how do I reduce it?
25-Jun-2011How do I delete screen savers from my PC?
24-Jun-2011How do I figure out what kind of file I have - without the file extension?
22-Jun-2011How do I send a .exe file if Gmail won't let me?
17-Jun-2011Why is my paste of web content into Word underlined?
17-Jun-2011Webinar #2: Password Security and more
17-Jun-2011Making Your Own Taskbar Toolbar in Windows 7
15-Jun-2011What's the fastest safe way to abort a malware download?
10-Jun-2011How do I ignore a Windows Update item?
09-Jun-2011Should I install IE9 (Internet Explorer version 9)?
09-Jun-2011How do I turn off keyboard repeat?
05-Jun-2011How do I attend one of your webinars? (And what's a webinar?)
05-Jun-2011Webinar #1: Is this thing on?
03-Jun-2011What's that "+1" thing I'm seeing on lots of sites?
03-Jun-2011How do I turn off User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7?
02-Jun-2011Do I need to backup my webmail?
01-Jun-2011Can I backup to an internal drive?
30-May-2011CutePDF Writer - Create PDFs from any application that can print.
28-May-2011Viruses: How do I keep myself safe from viruses?
28-May-2011Why does Task Manager suddenly have no menu or tabs?
28-May-2011Where'd the menus go in IE9?
27-May-2011Is it safe to run as administrator now that Windows 7 has UAC?
26-May-2011What is a "top-level folder"?
23-May-2011What is "Print To File" used for?
19-May-2011How do I use two computers with only one display, keyboard and mouse?
18-May-2011How do I uninstall Internet Explorer 9?
17-May-2011Web Of Trust - Website Trust Ratings from Other Internet Users
15-May-2011How do I get Outlook 2010 to deliver multiple accounts to a single inbox?
14-May-2011How strong does my Windows password need to be?
14-May-2011How do I change system fonts in Windows 7?
12-May-2011How do I determine my router's IP address?
11-May-2011Can I switch back to Windows XP from Windows 7?
09-May-2011Not found? Not acceptable. Websites can do better.
08-May-2011What media players do I need?
07-May-2011How do I correct my Windows Live Hotmail time zone?
05-May-2011How do I keep my business account when I change ISPs?
30-Apr-2011How can I tell if my computer is being hacked?
29-Apr-2011Can hackers sniff my cellphone internet connection?
28-Apr-2011Does leaving tabs open in my browser eat up bandwidth?
27-Apr-2011What's a "mht" file and how do I reliably share them with others?
23-Apr-2011How can I backup my computer to that of a friend's remotely?
20-Apr-2011Are my accesses of Google Docs recorded? For how long?
20-Apr-2011Can I backup files to another partition on the same hard disk?
20-Apr-2011What does "To help protect your computer, Windows has closed this program" mean? And what do I do?
19-Apr-2011A computer crash lost my Outlook data file - what should I use instead of Outlook to prevent this in the future?
17-Apr-2011How do I view full headers in Outlook 2010?
16-Apr-2011How can a message I send by using "Reply" bounce?
16-Apr-2011Can I trust https certificates in my browser?
15-Apr-2011What is a VPN?
15-Apr-2011How do I fix "Error on page" when visiting a website? And what does "Error on page" mean?
09-Apr-2011How did a website install malware on my machine?
08-Apr-2011I clicked on a link that I shouldn't have. What should I do now?
07-Apr-2011How do my phone company and ISP relate?
06-Apr-2011How do I securely share sensitive electronic documents with my attorney?
03-Apr-2011How do I get rid of the accounts created by the store from which I purchased my new machine?
01-Apr-2011Can I put more than one machine's backup on an external drive?
31-Mar-2011Why do so many companies use "Hidden URLs"?
30-Mar-2011Why am I not getting the email my friend sends me?
27-Mar-2011Why is my computer slow for a while after I start it up?
26-Mar-2011How do I remove a BIOS password?
24-Mar-2011How can I be sure I'm getting the internet speed I'm paying for?
23-Mar-2011What's a "fraudulent certificate" and should I be concerned?
22-Mar-2011Why can't I ask you by email or replying to your newsletter?
19-Mar-2011Can I connect to Hotmail with https?
19-Mar-2011Is it safe to have other browser tabs or windows open while I do my online banking?
19-Mar-2011Can I use the internal hard drives from an old machine as an external drive on a new one?
19-Mar-2011What's on your machine?
17-Mar-2011How do I log in to Hotmail automatically?
12-Mar-2011Can I protect my data from deletion?
11-Mar-2011How often should I defragment my hard disk?
10-Mar-2011How do I avoid needing a password after standby or hibernation?
10-Mar-2011Should I Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1?
09-Mar-2011Retaining your social media connections
04-Mar-2011How do I restore a backup from a BitLocker encrypted drive?
03-Mar-2011How do I uninstall this program from a used machine?
02-Mar-2011How do I setup Acronis True Image Home 2011?
27-Feb-2011How do I login to Windows automatically?
26-Feb-2011What secret questions should I use?
24-Feb-2011How do I protect myself from my IT consultant?
23-Feb-2011Can I just keep adding data to my external drive?
18-Feb-2011What happens to my IP address if I cancel my Internet service?
18-Feb-2011Where do all these cookies come from?
17-Feb-2011Will computers ever be malware and bug free?
13-Feb-2011Will IPv6 break my internet on old machines?
13-Feb-2011Do green bars in the defragger mean my BIOS has a virus?
11-Feb-2011How can I prove that a photo was stolen from my original?
11-Feb-2011Maintaining Windows XP - A Practical Guide
10-Feb-2011Can I backup more than one machine to a single external hard drive?
10-Feb-2011What do these options mean when I connect my phone to my computer?
05-Feb-2011How do I stop someone from sending spam to my closed Hotmail account's contacts?
04-Feb-2011How do I print a list of what's on my USB drive?
01-Feb-2011How do I really get rid of all of Bing?
29-Jan-2011How do I resize a partition in Windows XP?
27-Jan-2011Technical Assistant: Application
27-Jan-2011How do I turn on "https" in Facebook?
26-Jan-2011Does bounced email mean all the recipients didn't get my message?
26-Jan-2011About Working for Leo
26-Jan-2011Technical Assistant
22-Jan-2011How do I convert a ".tif" file to a Word ".doc" file?
21-Jan-2011Why might you want to use "www" in your website references?
21-Jan-2011Should I include the "www" when linking to my web site?
21-Jan-2011Does having lots of email slow down my computer?
20-Jan-2011How can I securely delete everything except the operating system on a machine?
20-Jan-2011What's wrong with scanning email in real time?
18-Jan-2011Why I (still) don't like challenge/response spam blockers
16-Jan-2011How do spammers know what sites I visit?
16-Jan-2011Why does nothing happen when I insert a disc?
15-Jan-2011Why is my C: drive filling up even though I install programs on D:?
14-Jan-2011Am I at risk for Internet Explorer vulnerabilities even though I use a different browser?
14-Jan-2011What is a "questionable" or "suspicious" website?
10-Jan-2011What happens to my recovery partition when I upgrade Windows?
09-Jan-2011What's wrong with an email "blast"?
08-Jan-2011CES Day 3 - That's a Wrap
08-Jan-2011What is a valid Win32 Application?
07-Jan-2011CES Day 2 - Buzzwords, Swag, Clouds and more Backup
07-Jan-2011How can I make an income working online?
06-Jan-2011CES Day 1 - I Need Your Stories
06-Jan-2011How do I set my Gmail alternate email address?
02-Jan-2011Why is some email to me delayed by days?
01-Jan-2011How do I make the taskbar smaller? Or larger?
31-Dec-20102010 Most Popular Questions
30-Dec-2010What is the difference between high color and true color?
29-Dec-2010How do I safely copy files from my old PC to my new one?
26-Dec-2010My contact list is getting spam from me, what do I do?
23-Dec-2010Would temporarily unplugging from the internet protect me while I work on something sensitive?
18-Dec-2010How can I automatically reply to spammers telling them to stop and that I'm not reading their junk?
16-Dec-2010How do I control Windows Live Hotmail's auto-complete?
12-Dec-2010Does a router stop viruses?
11-Dec-2010How do I create a filter in Gmail?
10-Dec-2010What is 'whois' protection, and do I need it?
10-Dec-2010Is it possible to wipe my hard drive and start over myself?
10-Dec-2010My hard disk is filling up, what should I do?
08-Dec-2010Can I just use my cellular service for all my internet needs?
04-Dec-2010How do I change my computer's name in Windows 7?
04-Dec-2010How do I get rid of the "Welcome to IE8" screen every time I start Internet Explorer?
04-Dec-2010How do I delete Windows.old? Can I delete windows.old?
03-Dec-2010Can my IP address be linked to an illegal site without my knowledge?
02-Dec-2010How does a VPN protect me?
02-Dec-2010How do I keep my USB device from becoming infected?
28-Nov-2010What is a "broken digital signature", and is it a problem? If so, why?
26-Nov-2010How does what I do on my computer use bandwidth?
24-Nov-2010How do I change my email address in Facebook?
21-Nov-2010Password Recovery Questions; how do they work and can I make up my own?
20-Nov-2010How do I start using my second hard drive?
19-Nov-2010How do i completely restore my computer?
18-Nov-2010Why do my Windows 7 restore points keep disappearing?
17-Nov-2010How do I manage Windows Vista sidebar gadgets and turn the sidebar back on?
15-Nov-2010How do I backup games I've downloaded and installed?
13-Nov-2010How do I determine my IP address in Windows Vista?
12-Nov-2010Is there a quick way to find a particular file out of many without having to open each one?
12-Nov-2010Can someone break encryption just by knowing the encryption algorithm?
10-Nov-2010How can I tell what program is crashing my machine at night?
05-Nov-2010What's the difference between an intranet and the internet?
04-Nov-2010To whom do I report these IP addresses attempting to hack my computer?
03-Nov-2010Why do I get disconnected before I finish composing my message?
30-Oct-2010I visited an online store and someone else's information appeared; should I be worried?
29-Oct-2010MacMost - News and Help for Mac users
28-Oct-2010Can you tell me how to set up a new email account with Yahoo?
27-Oct-2010A failed install is taking up a lot of disk space and I can't uninstall. What can I do?
24-Oct-2010Ask Leo! List Break-in
24-Oct-2010Ask Bob Rankin - More Helpful Online Tech Support
23-Oct-2010Why does my streaming radio station stop after several hours?
23-Oct-2010Will deleting cookies slow down my computer?
22-Oct-2010How did I get all these viruses if I have anti-virus software?
21-Oct-2010Why does my email program keep prompting for my password?
20-Oct-20109 ways your account can be compromised, even with a super-strong password.
17-Oct-2010Do all these software updates take up more and more disk space?
16-Oct-2010I got burned by Windows Update, should I just avoid it?
15-Oct-2010What free anti-phishing scam program do you recommend?
14-Oct-2010Where and how should I backup important documents?
09-Oct-2010How do I convert an audio file to a midi file?
09-Oct-2010How do I know if these update notifications are legitimate?
07-Oct-2010Will write-protecting my USB device keep me safe at public computers?
05-Oct-2010How do I turn off this new "conversations view" in Hotmail?
01-Oct-2010Is it safe to multitask while burning a CD?
01-Oct-2010How do I prevent spam and scam emails from being sent to me?
29-Sep-2010There's a porn star on the internet with my name, what should I do?
26-Sep-2010Why is my PDF so large compared to the original?
26-Sep-2010How do I change my name on my computer?
25-Sep-2010Should I use "quick" format, and what is quick format anyway?
24-Sep-2010How do I clean up after free software made a mess of my machine?
24-Sep-2010How do I move my Thunderbird-based email from one machine to another?
18-Sep-2010How do I stop this constant disk activity?
17-Sep-2010How do I recover email that I deleted six months ago?
17-Sep-2010Will deleting programs from my computer make it faster?
17-Sep-2010How do I tell what programs are starting up on my machine?
16-Sep-2010How do I securely delete email?
16-Sep-2010How do I stop legitimate email from going to my spam folder?
12-Sep-2010How do I access the Policy Editor in Windows 7 Home editions?
09-Sep-2010Does blocking junk mail senders help?
08-Sep-2010How do I get a Windows application to start automatically on login, and start minimized?
07-Sep-2010Does my computer use more power or generate more heat depending on what it's doing?
04-Sep-2010What's the difference between an email program and an email account?
04-Sep-2010How do you make links?
03-Sep-2010How do I get my attached drive to show in Windows Explorer?
03-Sep-2010How do I turn off thumbs.db in Windows 7?
02-Sep-2010Is copyright still an issue if something's not available anywhere?
29-Aug-2010How do I safely use a free email account?
28-Aug-2010Does Google read my email?
27-Aug-2010How do I change the location of the Windows temporary files folder - and should I?
21-Aug-2010Can I have more than one email account with the same ID?
21-Aug-2010Are celebrities dying at an alarming rate?
20-Aug-2010What happens when my anti-malware tool quarantines something?
19-Aug-2010Is my FTP program secure?
18-Aug-2010How do I stop Firefox from opening with two tabs?
15-Aug-2010How do I know that this web address is safe?
13-Aug-2010How do I get Hotmail to stop changing things?
13-Aug-2010Have problems with SP3 been resolved and is it now safe to install XP SP3?
12-Aug-2010Speeding up my CD/DVD-ROM: what are PIO and DMA, and how do I change the setting?
12-Aug-2010How do I get 32-bit software to run on 64-bit Windows?
10-Aug-2010Literacy Grant Awards 2010
08-Aug-2010Should I Leave Windows 98 behind?
08-Aug-2010Can backups be infected? And if so, what good are they?
04-Aug-2010How do I delete a folder in the new Windows Live Hotmail?
04-Aug-2010How do I view full headers in Windows Live Hotmail?
01-Aug-2010How do I report a bug in Windows?
01-Aug-2010What's the difference between, and
30-Jul-2010Does "Windows is checking for a solution..." actually do anything?
29-Jul-2010My Yahoo account was stolen and recovered, but now I'm getting suspicious emails. What should I do?
27-Jul-2010Is this "Account updates!!!!!" email legitimate?
24-Jul-2010How long should a hard drive last?
24-Jul-2010How should I make my files accessible via the internet?
23-Jul-2010How do I convert a PDF document into a Word document?
22-Jul-2010Why won't services just email me my password instead of making me set a new one?
22-Jul-2010How do I remove this error on startup after a virus removal?
15-Jul-2010Someone has created a fake social media profile with my name - how do I remove this fake account?
14-Jul-2010How do I get Hotmail to close my stolen account?
14-Jul-2010Do external drives commonly fail?
10-Jul-2010Why are reboots required on some system updates?
10-Jul-2010How do I back up my installed software?
09-Jul-2010Kindle - Much more than an electronic portable book reader
09-Jul-2010With Microsoft providing Microsoft Security Essentials do I no longer need to purchase malware protection?
08-Jul-2010Why does my computer make the sound of a door slamming from time to time?
02-Jul-2010Does restoring a backup also reformat the hard drive?
02-Jul-2010What are these partitions on my hard drive?
01-Jul-2010How can I tell what kind of WiFi encryption I'm using?
25-Jun-2010Why won't my files open even after they've been transferred to my new PC?
24-Jun-2010How do I create a bootable Windows XP CD using BartPE?
23-Jun-2010How do I create a Windows XP SP3 "slipstream" disc?
20-Jun-2010Do I need to backup my BIOS? What about backwards compatibility?
20-Jun-2010What's the minimum amount of internet security software I need?
18-Jun-2010How do I unblock email to me that my ISP is blocking without asking?
18-Jun-2010How do I get the free Windows XP SP3 download to install? And do I really need it?
16-Jun-2010Can my neighbors see my WiFi if I can see theirs?
12-Jun-2010How do I get people to stop asking me to fix their computers?
11-Jun-2010How do I get rid of this msconfig startup error after making changes?
11-Jun-2010How do I cancel a Yahoo email account?
10-Jun-2010Why is my system slow if only the system idle process is using nearly 100% of my CPU?
10-Jun-2010Should I install optional Windows driver updates?
05-Jun-2010Would you please reopen my Hotmail account?!
04-Jun-2010Why does installing from scratch take so long? Isn't there a better way?
03-Jun-2010Do I need to protect my computer from lightning?
02-Jun-2010How do I transfer information such as contacts and mail from one Windows Live Hotmail account to another?
02-Jun-2010What happens if I let my email account expire?
30-May-2010How do I get pictures from my camera if its software doesn't work on my computer?
30-May-2010How do I get Hotmail or Messenger without Windows Live?
28-May-2010How do I get the correct program to open my PDF files?
28-May-2010How do I control the names displayed in my inbox?
26-May-2010How do I fix Windows after removing a virus?
23-May-2010How do I delete my Facebook Account?
21-May-2010How do I restore from a backup?
21-May-2010How do I fix my USB port crashing my machine?
16-May-2010SpinRite - Repair hard disk failures and recover your data
15-May-2010Terms of Service Violation: Why won't my email provider tell me what I did wrong?
14-May-2010"Windows Live Hotmail has blocked some attachments ..." - how do I get around that?
13-May-2010Is my computer secure now that I'm running anti-virus and anti-spyware software?
12-May-2010Why are there two iexplore.exe Internet Explorer processes when I've run it just once?
12-May-2010What's an ebook, how do I get it and what do I do with it?
08-May-2010How do you use more than one anti-virus program?
07-May-2010Someone's stolen my email account and is scamming my contacts for money, what do I do?
06-May-2010How do I get a pinned taskbar item to run with administrative privileges in Windows 7?
06-May-2010What is "Windows.old" and can I delete it?
02-May-2010Is it OK to use this random wireless network that I just found?
01-May-2010My computer logs out immediately on login, what do I do?
29-Apr-2010How do I get the password for a computer I purchased at a garage sale?
28-Apr-2010If I get this particular backup device, can I then use it to restore my entire system?
28-Apr-2010How many failed product key attempts do I get before I have to call Microsoft to install Windows?
24-Apr-2010Can I backup multiple machines to the same drive?
23-Apr-2010Can I upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 by upgrading to Windows Vista first?
23-Apr-2010Should I buy my own DSL modem?
23-Apr-2010Can a virus infect my computer's BIOS?
22-Apr-2010What's a BIOS?
18-Apr-2010Is it possible to hack an IP address?
17-Apr-2010Does leaving my external hard drive connected put its contents at risk from malware?
15-Apr-2010Does using a virtual machine keep me safer?
14-Apr-2010Why should I use a different computer to send anonymous email?
10-Apr-2010Why do messages I compose in Hotmail now start with an ad that looks like it's from me?
09-Apr-2010Does private browsing or stealth mode count as anonymous surfing?
09-Apr-2010Revo Uninstaller - Uninstall Things That Won't
09-Apr-2010How can I close my deceased relative's Hotmail account?
08-Apr-2010Ask Leo! Stickers
08-Apr-2010How should I protect my computer from theft when I leave home?
05-Apr-2010Are computers simply too unsafe to use?
03-Apr-2010Do I want to let my browser automatically detect settings?
02-Apr-2010Do I want 32-bit or 64-bit Windows?
02-Apr-2010How can I tell if my computer is infected?
31-Mar-2010Why are those "retype the word" tests so twisted, faded and blurred?
31-Mar-2010How can I archive email that uses remote content?
27-Mar-2010Why can't I get the volume louder in Windows Vista and Windows 7?
25-Mar-2010Does having a password on my Windows login keep me secure?
25-Mar-2010Why am I getting spam with my email address but with a different name?
21-Mar-2010Will not using the keyboard fool key loggers?
19-Mar-2010So just how sneaky can spyware be?
19-Mar-2010Can a recovery partition be infected?
18-Mar-2010Is it safe to leave a flash drive plugged in all the time?
17-Mar-2010How do I keep my laptop safe at the airport?
15-Mar-2010What's the difference between a "quick" and a "full" scan, and which do I want?
12-Mar-2010How do I make something run automatically when I log in to Windows 7?
12-Mar-2010Why are emailed attachments larger than the original file?
10-Mar-2010What are (and how do I get rid of) "Antivirus 2010" and "Vista Spyware 2010"?
07-Mar-2010How do I know when it's safe to allow programs that cause the User Account Control (UAC) notification to occur?
06-Mar-2010When do I actually need to run a virus scan?
05-Mar-2010What are the pros and cons of web-based email over desktop email?
05-Mar-2010It's About Helping: Your Recommendations
04-Mar-2010Why did you tell people you weren't going to be home?
03-Mar-2010Why is email between Hotmail accounts lost?
28-Feb-2010How do I remove Windows Media Player from being the default media player?
27-Feb-2010Does my ISP really connect to the internet through only a single router?
26-Feb-2010Is it worth upgrading to Windows 7?
25-Feb-2010Can just opening an email download both viruses and spyware?
24-Feb-2010What good is an image backup if I just want to backup and restore my data?
21-Feb-2010So do I need the Windows Firewall or not?
20-Feb-2010Where do Facebook friend suggestions come from?
17-Feb-2010What does "Notification of Limited Account Access" mean?
16-Feb-2010How do I know what to believe on the internet?
12-Feb-2010How did you backup while on your trip?
17-Jan-2010What are some other popular tech newsletters?
15-Jan-2010How do I see what's happening on my machine's network connection?
15-Jan-2010Will I need to install drivers after reinstalling Windows?
14-Jan-2010How do I keep MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger from starting up?
10-Jan-2010Does just looking at a file leave a trail?
10-Jan-2010What's the difference between AppData and Application Data folders? (And why have both?)
09-Jan-2010Can hackers see data going to and from my computer?
08-Jan-2010Where does Outlook Express put my mail folders?
07-Jan-2010How do I fix this problem uninstalling Microsoft Office 2010 (Beta)?
06-Jan-2010How do I remove the sender's address before forwarding an email?
03-Jan-2010How do I create a disk image using DriveImage XML?
02-Jan-2010How do I get rid of toolbars in my browser?
01-Jan-2010Does locking my computer keep it safe?
31-Dec-20092010 - It's About Helping People
26-Dec-2009Why, or how, do files become corrupt?
24-Dec-2009How do I know what programs are safe to uninstall?
23-Dec-20092009 Most Popular Questions
19-Dec-2009How long does Hotmail keep email?
19-Dec-2009Why are there limits to attachment sizes in some places and not others?
18-Dec-2009Should I Compress and Encrypt my backups?
17-Dec-2009Can someone I'm IM'ing with see my machine or hard disk?
17-Dec-2009Does a BIOS password protect the contents of my laptop?
13-Dec-2009Why am I repeatedly locked out of my Hotmail account, and what can I do about it?
12-Dec-2009How can I keep data on my laptop secure?
12-Dec-2009Should I use Google's new DNS services?
11-Dec-2009What are the steps to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7?
09-Dec-2009Someone I met in chat is threatening me - am I safe on my computer?
06-Dec-2009How do I make sure that Windows is up-to-date?
04-Dec-2009What does it mean to register a domain?
04-Dec-2009Why is there an email block against my IP address?
03-Dec-2009How do I delete cookies?
03-Dec-2009If I move a hard disk from my old machine to my new one, can I just run my old applications from it?
29-Nov-2009Is it safe to just turn off an external USB drive without "safely removing" first?
28-Nov-2009What is this numeric folder in my SYSTEM32 folder, and why does it have 45 gigabytes of data in it?
27-Nov-2009Can clicking "Cancel" still mean "Accept" when I get a popup?
26-Nov-2009Can I, or should I, use TrueCrypt for my backups?
21-Nov-2009What is Windows 7's "Windows XP Mode"? (And can I use it to get Outlook Express back?)
19-Nov-2009Why does IE7 still seem to be around after installing IE8?
19-Nov-2009My flash drive suddenly stopped working, how do I recover the data on it?
18-Nov-2009Why do file timestamps compare differently every time change?
15-Nov-2009SimpleURL - Inexpensive Domain Registration ... with Service
14-Nov-2009Does forwarding email introduce risk?
13-Nov-2009What do I do when my backup drive fills up?
12-Nov-2009How do I stay safe in an internet cafe?
11-Nov-2009If all I do is web browsing, email and video, do I still need to back up?
08-Nov-2009What do I do if my machine didn't include installation or driver disks?
07-Nov-2009How can I sign a digital document without needing to print it?
05-Nov-2009How many copies are made when I email a picture?
04-Nov-2009Why is Outlook Express sending multiple copies of my email?
01-Nov-2009My Windows Live Hotmail account won't close, what do I do?
30-Oct-2009How do I tell if I have 32 bit or 64?
30-Oct-2009How do I get rid of boot choices in Windows 7?
28-Oct-2009Does running Windows in a virtual machine protect me from viruses?
27-Oct-2009If I replace my hard drive will I lose my ability to restore to original settings?
25-Oct-2009How should I protect myself when other people use my computer?
24-Oct-2009How do I transfer my data if I do a clean install of Windows 7?
24-Oct-2009How do I uninstall Windows 7?
20-Oct-2009How do I move installed applications from Windows XP to Windows 7 when I don't have installation media?
18-Oct-2009Can you have too much RAM? Is 64bit just a marketing ploy?
17-Oct-2009The volume indicator has disappeared from my system tray, how do I get it back?
16-Oct-2009Is it safe to buy software on EBay?
15-Oct-2009Why is my "generic volume in use" when removing my external hard drive?
14-Oct-2009How do I reformat and reinstall Windows?
11-Oct-2009What's a safe web site?
10-Oct-2009My anti-spyware tool is reporting errors in my hosts file. What is that, and why?
09-Oct-2009Is keeping an image backup of my cleanly installed machine a good idea?
08-Oct-2009What are hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys? (And how do I remove them?)
07-Oct-2009What does "relaying denied" mean?
04-Oct-2009What is cloud computing?
03-Oct-2009How do I type in characters and symbols that aren't on my keyboard?
03-Oct-2009Why is downloaded email disappearing immediately?
30-Sep-2009What do I do with incremental backups when restoring?
27-Sep-2009What's the difference between anti-virus, anti-spyware and internet security software?
25-Sep-2009Why did my email apparently get delivered to the wrong person?
24-Sep-2009What are Root Certificates, and why do I need to update them?
24-Sep-2009How do I send you files that clarify the problem I'm having?
22-Sep-2009Restoring An Image Using Acronis TrueImage Home
21-Sep-2009Can I be traced by my email address?
19-Sep-2009Can I repartition my hard disk to remove CRC errors?
18-Sep-2009How do I stop QuickTime from playing audio files in my browser?
17-Sep-2009How do I make system tray icons go away permanently?
16-Sep-2009What's the difference between a recovery disk and an installation disk?
13-Sep-2009How do programmers create interactive games?
12-Sep-2009How easy is it to forge or alter email?
12-Sep-2009My laptop only seems to support WEP encryption, how do I get WPA2?
06-Sep-2009Is Windows Live Hotmail about to close my account?
05-Sep-2009Restoring A File Using Acronis TrueImage Home
05-Sep-2009Why does the mouse on one computer move the pointer on another?
03-Sep-2009How do I disable my laptop touchpad?
02-Sep-2009Is Yahoo (or Gmail or Hotmail or ...) reading my email?
29-Aug-2009Scheduling Automatic Backups with Acronis TrueImage
28-Aug-2009Should I consider the 64 bit version of Windows 7?
27-Aug-2009How do I upgrade from XP or Vista to Windows 7?
26-Aug-2009Why doesn't accessing a site by its IP address work?
24-Aug-2009I thought my posts were private/anonymous/protected?
23-Aug-2009How can I best connect to the internet while driving?
22-Aug-2009How do these emergency recovery options compare?
21-Aug-2009How do I scan computers at my nuclear power station for viruses without an internet connection?
20-Aug-2009Making a Full Backup using Acronis TrueImage
20-Aug-2009Why can't I copy/paste out of a PDF document?
18-Aug-2009Why do I have Internet Explorer temporary files if I never use it?
16-Aug-2009What does "Cannot copy - the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error" mean, and what do I do?
14-Aug-2009Why do registry errors keep coming back?
13-Aug-2009Why is there more than one "My Documents"? Does that mean it's taking up extra space?
11-Aug-2009Creating Bootable Rescue Media using Acronis TrueImage Home
08-Aug-2009Seagate FreeAgent Go - Portable USB External Harddrive
08-Aug-2009What does "If you change a file name extension, the file may become unusable" mean?
08-Aug-2009Does the browser store passwords in cookies?
07-Aug-2009My ISP has placed a bandwidth cap on my connection. What should I do?
06-Aug-2009Installing Backup Software
05-Aug-2009Just what service packs do I need?
02-Aug-2009I reinstalled Windows and now my sound doesn't work - how do I fix it?
01-Aug-2009How do I deal with email sent from a deceased's apparently hacked account?
31-Jul-2009How do I get un-banned from a site?
30-Jul-2009Should I switch to Windows 7?
29-Jul-2009Is leaving a website open on my computer dangerous?
27-Jul-2009How can two programs that are nearly identical be so different in size and speed?
25-Jul-2009How do I tell what svchost is doing?
22-Jul-2009How do I set what email program my system uses?
19-Jul-2009How do I stop my neighbor from using my IP address?
18-Jul-2009How do I move my emails from one provider to another?
15-Jul-2009How do I keep my domain registration private?
12-Jul-2009What is "RAID" and why is "RAID 0" such a bad, bad idea?
11-Jul-2009How do I copy a picture out of a PowerPoint presentation?
10-Jul-2009Should I allow Outlook Express to compact messages, and how do I get it to stop asking me if I don't?
09-Jul-2009Why can't this trojan be removed?
08-Jul-2009Can I tell if a keylogger has been installed on the machine I share?
05-Jul-2009What's the difference between an upgrade and an upgrade?
04-Jul-2009How do I access my email remotely, from more than one place?
03-Jul-2009What does it mean if you get a warning that your hard drive is about to fail?
02-Jul-2009Why do vertical bars appear on the left of some emails I send?
01-Jul-2009How do I install programs on a drive other than C:?
28-Jun-2009Link to Leo!
28-Jun-2009Promotional Material
28-Jun-2009I closed my email account, but people are still getting email from it. Why?
27-Jun-2009Why does my computer crash after adding RAM?
26-Jun-2009Does the Flash Player store things in my computer? Is that safe?
25-Jun-2009Twitter Starter Pack
25-Jun-2009My Windows Live Hotmail account was closed for a "Terms of Use Violation" - I did nothing wrong, what do I do?
24-Jun-2009How much does my encrypted wireless connection protect me?
22-Jun-2009Did I really get a critical update notification for Outlook Express in my email?
21-Jun-2009My old computer is too slow for anti-virus software. What should I do?
20-Jun-2009Is it safe to allow a technician to remotely access my machine to fix it?
19-Jun-2009How are upload and download speeds related, and why are they different?
18-Jun-2009How can I password protect a desktop shortcut?
17-Jun-2009Why does mail to me bounce with "mailbox full" only if it's over 1 megabyte?
14-Jun-2009I let a stranger send email from my computer, what could that have done?
13-Jun-2009Why am I getting a network attack from China?
12-Jun-2009How do I move my Windows Live Hotmail account from one computer to another?
11-Jun-2009What's the best thing to do when my hard drive fills up?
10-Jun-2009Why does my email program think that this message might be a scam?
08-Jun-2009Did someone really send me photos on Tagged?
07-Jun-2009Can I tell when someone logged into my machine, and what they did?
06-Jun-2009Why do some web pages not update like they should?
05-Jun-2009How do I determine the subnet mask I'm supposed to use?
04-Jun-2009Why do I get "This operation is canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer"?
03-Jun-2009How much can people find out from a photo I email them?
01-Jun-2009Just how do websites track or monitor our activity?
31-May-2009What if I just can't get installation media with my new machine?
29-May-2009How do I remove uninstalled software "leftovers"?
28-May-2009Is it ".html" or ".htm", and when do I need a trailing '/' when typing a URL into my browser?
27-May-2009Why is my computer picking up radio stations and sounds?
25-May-2009What alternatives are there to FrontPage?
24-May-2009How do I block people from finding information about me on the internet?
22-May-2009How can an anti-malware program possibly scan all my files in a reasonable amount of time?
22-May-2009Do new browser features offering privacy really work?
21-May-2009What does "mailbox unavailable" mean?
21-May-2009Why am I getting warnings from your newsletter and site links?
18-May-2009Why are there duplicate entries in Task Manager, and how do I clean it out?
17-May-2009My Windows Live Hotmail contact list has been hacked, how do I recover?
16-May-2009How do I install SP2 if I get "Access Denied" or some other failure when I try?
15-May-2009What is an email quota and what does "over quota" mean?
13-May-2009How do I block Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) from being automatically installed?
09-May-2009Can I prevent phishing attacks by using a bookmark?
08-May-2009Is it safe to use hibernate all the time?
07-May-2009What do I need to set up using my Windows XP virtual machine software?
07-May-2009How do I save email when using Yahoo, GMail or Hotmail webmail?
06-May-2009How do I remove the latest IE update - Internet Explorer 8?
03-May-2009How do I do a computer defrag if I have no "My Computer" icon?
30-Apr-2009Will adding a bogus entry to my address book stop viruses from emailing?
29-Apr-2009NoScript - A Firefox addin that makes browsing safer.
27-Apr-2009Why does so much spam have a part of some other email or document in it?
26-Apr-2009How do I install a pre-installed Microsoft Office on another machine?
25-Apr-2009Why do I suddenly have another toolbar in my browser?
23-Apr-2009What is the Recovery Console, and how do I get at it?
22-Apr-2009What's hogging my machine for so long on startup?
19-Apr-2009How do I get a new IP address?
17-Apr-2009How do I find a file on my computer in Windows XP?
16-Apr-2009How should I share my home network with a visitor?
15-Apr-2009Why can't I change user-specific folder and variable names?
12-Apr-2009How do I uninstall only Microsoft Outlook?
11-Apr-2009Can I block email from certain sites?
10-Apr-2009Why do cookies have my name in them, and do the sites I visit see that?
09-Apr-2009Why is Windows Live Hotmail rejecting email I send my friend?
08-Apr-2009What's your social media strategy? - Tools, information and education for skeptical thinkers
05-Apr-2009Do I need to install software for my monitor?
02-Apr-2009Does archiving compressed files increase the chance of corruption?
02-Apr-20092008 Most Popular Questions
01-Apr-2009Are password safes secure?
29-Mar-2009What's a Batch File?
28-Mar-2009Someone has stolen my email address can you help?
27-Mar-2009What will happen when Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP?
26-Mar-2009Is online banking safe?
22-Mar-2009What's the difference between subscribing to a website via RSS and Email?
22-Mar-2009Is it safe to install an infected drive into a working machine to clean it?
21-Mar-2009How does GMail's "undo send" work?
21-Mar-2009I can't pass a firewall test, what should I do?
20-Mar-2009I Googled my phone number and it turned up my home address - is that legal?
19-Mar-2009What's the best way for a non-profit group to interact online?
16-Mar-2009How do I keep using a program past its free trial period?
15-Mar-2009Someone has stolen my Windows Live / MSN Hotmail Account and is scamming my contacts. What can I do?
14-Mar-2009How do I stop my computer from being a zombie?
13-Mar-2009How do I change my router's password?
12-Mar-2009DropMyRights - Login as Administrator, but run select applications with limitations
12-Mar-2009What does it mean when a window turns white?
08-Mar-2009Do I need a file shredder for my USB Flash Drive?
07-Mar-2009AutoHotkey - Mouse and Keyboard Remapping, Macros and Hotkeys
06-Mar-2009How do I block porn?
06-Mar-2009How do I set up an Out Of Office (OOF) message?
04-Mar-2009I formatted my machine and now all my programs and data are gone, how do I get them back?
01-Mar-2009Why didn't you restore from a Disk Image?
27-Feb-2009What are these blue lines on the left of my email?
26-Feb-2009I thought I deleted these files, how were they recovered?
26-Feb-2009Can I just copy an install CD to a USB device and use it that way?
25-Feb-2009How do I encrypt email?
23-Feb-2009Is webmail faster than downloading with POP3 over dialup?
22-Feb-2009What do you install first?
21-Feb-2009Chkdsk said my system was "dirty" - what does dirty mean?
18-Feb-2009Why is there no Windows Live Hotmail https connection?
15-Feb-2009How do I get an arbitrary email address?
15-Feb-2009Why would installing Beta software cause problems?
13-Feb-2009Is autorun really that evil, and if so, how do I turn autorun off?
12-Feb-2009Dell - PC Desktops, Laptops and Accessories
11-Feb-2009What do I do about all the leftovers after an uninstall?
08-Feb-2009How long should I keep my backups?
07-Feb-2009How do all these "Documents" folders relate to each other?
07-Feb-2009How do I Uninstall Windows Live Messenger?
06-Feb-2009Should I get an additional internal or external hard drive?
06-Feb-2009What are all these other pictures that appear when I view a picture from email?
01-Feb-2009How do I set up an email address for my son on my computer?
31-Jan-2009My work and home computers have the same IP address, how do I fix that?
30-Jan-2009How do I recover my lost photos on my hard disk?
28-Jan-2009My anti-virus cleared something off my machine. Should I change my passwords? - Sooner or later, the jokes stop here.
23-Jan-2009How do I get System Restore to take up less space?
20-Jan-2009How should I protect my network and computers from my guests?
18-Jan-2009Are there any legitimate uses for peer-to-peer file sharing programs?
17-Jan-2009When I delete private email at work, can it still be found?
17-Jan-2009How do I access my Windows administrator account?
16-Jan-2009How did you clean up your friend's infected machine?
12-Jan-2009How do all these options for connecting to the internet differ?
12-Jan-2009Why won't this "Your Computer Is Infected" warning go away?
10-Jan-2009Will using an on screen keyboard stop keyboard loggers and hackers?
10-Jan-2009How do I clear history from my Google search?
09-Jan-2009If my Windows XP is not genuine, can I download an older version for free?
06-Jan-2009How do I replace my laptop keyboard?
05-Jan-2009ImgBurn - Free CD/DVD Burning Tool
03-Jan-2009Why shouldn't I include my email address in a Twitter post or 'tweet'?
03-Jan-2009What's the risk of connecting to the internet without protection?
02-Jan-2009How do I get Windows Explorer to show folder names in its taskbar buttons?
01-Jan-2009Why does my anti-malware software say a link is suspected phishing?
29-Dec-2008Recuva - A free, easy to use undelete and file recover tool
26-Dec-2008Does accessing my computer's hard disk over the network impact the computer's performance?
26-Dec-2008My anti-virus performed a virus removal but I still have a symptom, how do I get rid of it?
21-Dec-2008Should I get Windows Vista or XP?
20-Dec-2008I accidentally deleted my Recycle Bin, but got to thinking: do I even need a Recycle Bin?
19-Dec-2008Can my computer get a virus from my camera?
17-Dec-2008How do I add a signature with a picture to my emails?
14-Dec-2008How can I be sure my actions aren't being logged on this computer I'm using? - A Comprehensive, Free and Family-friendly Internet Reference Portal
13-Dec-2008Do people really still fall for this stuff?
12-Dec-2008Why isn't my wireless operating at full speed?
11-Dec-2008What's a Volume Name?
08-Dec-2008How do I convert to NTFS?
06-Dec-2008DBAN - Darik's Boot And Nuke
06-Dec-2008What do I do if a program requires 16 bit color?
05-Dec-2008What is "signature scanning"?
30-Nov-2008Where did my folders go in Windows Live Hotmail?
29-Nov-2008Why does copying a large file sometimes slow down or fail?
28-Nov-2008Just what is the Malicious Software Removal Tool that I keep getting in Windows Updates?
27-Nov-2008What kind of maintenance should I do to avoid software rot?
26-Nov-2008My computer was stolen. It's password protected, what files can the thieves see?
24-Nov-2008My computer has started to shut down randomly, could it be the fan?
23-Nov-2008How do I print or capture the information from a "blue screen" error?
21-Nov-2008Google Mail - Free Email that works and leaves you in control
20-Nov-2008How do I print my email with the latest Windows Live Hotmail?
16-Nov-2008Why am I getting "Windows cannot find" messages on startup?
15-Nov-2008Why is my internet connection slowing down?
14-Nov-2008What's the difference between Closing and Killing a program?
13-Nov-2008What is the .NET Framework, and do I need all these versions?
12-Nov-2008How can I get the old Windows Live Hotmail back?
09-Nov-2008Does sharing a router make me vulnerable to those I share with?
08-Nov-2008Where did the Windows Live Hotmail Reply and Forward buttons go?
07-Nov-2008Are there any issues listening to streaming music over the internet?
06-Nov-2008How to find the IP address of my computer?
05-Nov-2008What's a port scan, and should I be worried about them?
03-Nov-2008Can a virus be transmitted in a picture?
02-Nov-2008Can a virus destroy my computer or hard drive?
02-Nov-2008Fujitsu ScanSnap - A Fast, Sheet-fed Document Scanner
01-Nov-2008How do I set up a system with more than one screen?
01-Nov-2008Should I get the 64 bit version of Windows?
30-Oct-2008Why does my email program ask for a username or password when I try to download mail?
29-Oct-2008Should I password protect my BIOS?
26-Oct-2008Why are emails I send with attachments not being delivered?
25-Oct-2008Just what is PDF format, how do I view it, and why do people use it?
24-Oct-2008What is the prefetch folder, and why are there copies of system files there?
23-Oct-2008What does "Pri Master HDD Error" mean on boot?
23-Oct-2008Why does answering cordless phones cause some wireless connections to drop?
20-Oct-2008CA Anti-Virus - solid, reliable anti-virus protection.
18-Oct-2008I have annoying malware, but my anti-malware tools don't remove it. What do I do?
17-Oct-2008I've installed anti-virus software, but Windows says I haven't. What do I do?
16-Oct-2008How do I add a program to my Start Menu?
15-Oct-2008How do I uninstall software that doesn't provide a way to uninstall?
14-Oct-2008My computer is crashing and having troubles, is it time to replace the power supply?
13-Oct-2008A program is telling me to uninstall its competitor; should I?
12-Oct-2008When will Hotmail return an undeliverable message?
11-Oct-2008Why would the defragger tell me I still need to defrag after it's done?
10-Oct-2008How do I install an msi file that requires administrative privileges in Windows Vista?
10-Oct-2008Belarc Advisor - Detailed information about your computer's hardware and software
10-Oct-2008Where can I find a missing Windows file?
06-Oct-2008Do I need a new computer to keep up with my faster internet connection?
05-Oct-2008I have an old, old program I need to run in Vista, but it won't. Is there a way?
04-Oct-2008Is a backup an alternative to having no Windows installation CDs?
03-Oct-2008Am I stealing someone else's IP address by resetting my router?
02-Oct-2008How do I recover a corrupt system file if my Windows was pre-installed?
01-Oct-2008Does a sandbox or virtual machine help protect your privacy?
29-Sep-2008How else can websites get my information?
28-Sep-2008Word Tips - Microsoft Word Tips, Tricks and Answers
25-Sep-2008What are browser cookies and how are they used?
24-Sep-2008Why can't I just use one password everywhere?
22-Sep-2008What can a website I visit tell about me?
21-Sep-2008Where's the Recycle Bin on my USB Drive?
20-Sep-2008WebDrive - Make FTP connections appear as virtual drives.
19-Sep-2008Why am I getting spam on this email address I use only for one newsletter?
18-Sep-2008How do I protect myself from my children?
17-Sep-2008How do I know if I have WPA or WEP I can use when traveling?
15-Sep-2008What's the difference between using Outlook Express versus my ISP's email?
14-Sep-2008How long should email take to be delivered?
13-Sep-2008How do I prevent auto-download or auto-start video?
12-Sep-2008Please don't spam me!
11-Sep-2008Do I need to use a screen saver if I have an LCD screen?
10-Sep-2008How do I access Hotmail using Outlook Express?
07-Sep-2008Do icons on my desktop mean programs are running or will they otherwise slow down my system?
06-Sep-2008Why is my PC's clock wrong?
05-Sep-2008What are these entries in my system hosts file?
04-Sep-2008You may want to rethink your recommendation of this product I had problems with.
03-Sep-2008Why does Outlook tell me it wasn't closed properly?
01-Sep-2008Can my ISP turn off my modem if I use bittorrent?
31-Aug-2008Where is Windows Defender's Vault?
30-Aug-2008FastStone Image Viewer - An easy to use tool to view, organize and manipulate images
30-Aug-2008Why do picture colors vary from computer to computer, or when I print them?
29-Aug-2008Is an outbound firewall needed?
28-Aug-2008How can an infection like Antivirus XP 2008 happen?
27-Aug-2008How do I get rid of this loading error on startup?
25-Aug-2008Process Explorer - A Free Powerful Replacement for Windows Task Manager
22-Aug-2008If everything's infected, how do I get anything done?
21-Aug-2008Why can't I rely on System Restore for backups?
20-Aug-2008How can I tell from where an EXE file is being run?
19-Aug-2008Why are some pictures blocked in email, and how do I stop that?
11-Aug-2008How do I block Windows XP Service Pack 3?
09-Aug-2008How do I reduce the amount of computer maintenance I'm supposed to do?
08-Aug-2008How do I remove a pesky message in Windows Mail?
07-Aug-2008How should I save files before reformatting my computer?
06-Aug-2008Why am I being told I'm connected when I'm not?
04-Aug-2008What do terms like "opt-in", "opt-out" and "double opt-in" mean?
03-Aug-2008This Is True - Weekly Weird News, Humor and Insightful Commentary
02-Aug-2008What do I need to know about the DNS vulnerability?
01-Aug-2008How do I get rid of a "Windows cannot find |sass.exe" error message on login?
31-Jul-2008Why are some of my file names blue?
30-Jul-2008How can an https web site still be nonsecure?
27-Jul-2008How does Windows delete files, and what can I do to keep my files secure?
26-Jul-2008What are the $NtUnstallKB* folders in my Windows folder, and can I delete them?.
25-Jul-2008SnagIt - Quick and Easy Screen Capture and Annotation
23-Jul-2008Why does my internet connection slow down sometimes?
23-Jul-2008Why is my screen saver asking for a password, and how do I fix that?
21-Jul-2008Can I prevent a file from being deleted?
19-Jul-2008How do you remove wireless connections in Vista?
18-Jul-2008Can I move my system drive to another computer and have it work?
17-Jul-2008How do I format and partition my new external hard disk?
14-Jul-2008What is Silverlight, and do I need it?
13-Jul-2008How secure is standby mode?
11-Jul-2008Is it safe to uninstall updates?
10-Jul-2008How do I transfer my email from one ISP to another?
09-Jul-2008How do you keep track of new mentions of yourself on the internet? - Keep Yourself Safe from Internet Scams and More
06-Jul-2008How do I backup and restore the registry?
06-Jul-2008Will putting a label on a CD hurt it?
05-Jul-2008Can I save the Sent Items folder to CD in Outlook Express?
03-Jul-2008What's an "instance"?
03-Jul-2008Why can't I create a folder named CON? (And other "Crazy Facts")
30-Jun-2008Foxit Reader - A Faster Free PDF Reader
29-Jun-2008Can I tell when my Hotmail account was created?
29-Jun-2008What's the difference between RAM and a Memory Module?
28-Jun-2008Is DHCP safe?
26-Jun-2008Why am I suddenly getting spam?
25-Jun-2008Can I recover data after I accidentally formatted my hard disk?
23-Jun-2008RSS and Google Reader - Subscribe to information feeds and read it all for free
22-Jun-2008Is it possible for a hacker to get my Hotmail password without access to my computer?
17-Jun-2008What's your background? Did your University education help?
15-Jun-2008Will my Windows XP computer work with a USB keyboard?
13-Jun-2008Is it ok to have more than one firewall?
12-Jun-2008Why is my modem taking longer and longer to connect?
11-Jun-2008How do I remove a virus from a memory card?
09-Jun-2008What is bandwidth?
08-Jun-2008Sometimes the only solution is to have someone look at your machine.
07-Jun-2008How do I print pictures from websites so that they actually look good?
06-Jun-2008How do I send periodic email to a large number of people?
06-Jun-2008AWeber Email Service Provider for email newsletters and more
04-Jun-2008How can I protect my email from being read by others using my computer?
04-Jun-2008What's this spam-fighting technique called?
01-Jun-2008How do I know when it's time to replace my computer?
31-May-2008Is there any way to completely stop downloads and updates to my PC?
31-May-2008How should I save my old emailed love letters?
29-May-2008Internet Explorer pictures not displayed - how do I bypass security so that they are?
27-May-2008Where can I get a free antivirus for my computer?
26-May-2008How do i totally delete a virus on my computer?
25-May-2008On Kids, Parents and the Internet
25-May-2008Why can't my anti-virus program open certain files?
23-May-2008How can I delay programs that start automatically?
22-May-2008Why is mail being sent to all my contacts?
21-May-2008Is it safe to perform maintenance on a recovery partition?
20-May-2008Does installing a chat program pose any additional risks?
17-May-2008Acronis TrueImage Home - Backup Software
17-May-2008Do I need MS Office updates if I only have the viewers?
17-May-2008Why is DSL so much more complicated to setup than cable?
16-May-2008My computer froze, and I lost my work in progress - what can I do?
15-May-2008Why am I getting a bounce to an email I sent from someone I didn't send it to?
14-May-2008Why am I not getting some emails in my MSN Live Hotmail account?
14-May-2008How can I archive old hard disks?
11-May-2008The Plight of the Average User
11-May-2008How do I post a long link in email?
10-May-2008Can my company read the email I send via Hotmail on my work computer?
07-May-2008How do I get Windows XP SP3 on CD?
07-May-2008Who should I believe?
06-May-2008How do I fix bad sectors on a flash drive?
05-May-2008What does it mean when you recommend something?
05-May-2008How do I protect users on my network from each other?
03-May-2008Some Other Podcasts
01-May-2008Is it safe to post a picture of the product stickers when I auction a software package?
29-Apr-2008Why can't I undelete these files?
28-Apr-2008How do I view what cookies I have, and which are safe to delete?
27-Apr-2008Will Microsoft continue to support activating and patching Windows XP after they stop selling it?
26-Apr-2008Windows XP SP3 is releasing, should I install it?
26-Apr-2008Podcasting, 3 Years Later
24-Apr-2008What is Java?
24-Apr-2008How do I delete the default screensavers in Windows XP?
22-Apr-2008Can I find out where my email address has been used?
22-Apr-2008What are cabinet files?
21-Apr-2008Where do you hang out?
20-Apr-2008What are XML documents?
17-Apr-2008If people are getting spam from me, does that mean I have a bot infection?
16-Apr-2008What's the difference between disk imaging and copying?
15-Apr-2008Why do different registry cleaners give different results?
14-Apr-2008How do I avoid re-installing all the Windows updates each time I reinstall Windows?
13-Apr-2008Is cellular broadband more secure than WiFi?
12-Apr-2008It's all about support
11-Apr-2008How do I tell if this software is a good deal?
09-Apr-2008Why didn't Vista fix my pet peeve?
08-Apr-2008How do I change the font that Windows uses?
07-Apr-2008Will hard disk encryption protect me from network attacks?
06-Apr-2008Why I chose XP
02-Apr-2008Why do some programs say to "disable anti-virus" before installing, and should I turn it on again after?
02-Apr-2008How do I delete my GMail account?
31-Mar-2008Why are my Windows Live Hotmail Replies and Messages Blank?
31-Mar-2008How do I post a picture on the web?
30-Mar-2008So why don't I run Linux?
27-Mar-2008How do I find out who's sending harassing email?
26-Mar-2008Is remote printing secure?
24-Mar-2008How should I maintain my Documents and Settings folder?
23-Mar-2008Why is my firewall software alerting me to a connection attempt from an address like
22-Mar-2008Yes, it happens to me too.
20-Mar-2008Is the WiFi connection provided by my landlord safe, and if not, how should I protect myself?
19-Mar-2008How can we protect ourselves from botnets?
18-Mar-2008Is this an email hoax? Will forwarding an email help a dying child?
17-Mar-2008Does my router have a firewall or not?
16-Mar-2008What do normal people do?
13-Mar-2008I found a USB thumbdrive, plugged it in and now my system won't work. What happened?
12-Mar-2008What's a T1 line, and how do I connect to it?
12-Mar-2008Can I delete old versions of software?
11-Mar-2008How do I synchronize Outlook 2003 between a desktop PC and laptop?
10-Mar-2008Anonymous Comments - Good or Bad?
09-Mar-2008How do I get rid of unused network icons in my taskbar notification area?
06-Mar-2008How do I share a copy of an application with a friend?
05-Mar-2008How do bad software companies stay in business?
04-Mar-2008How do I make sure that my deleted data is really gone?
03-Mar-2008Are free online backup services worth it?
02-Mar-2008How do I stop someone from sending me harassing email?
01-Mar-2008A Cold Day in RAM
28-Feb-2008Can I switch from Windows Vista back to XP?
27-Feb-2008What programs should be running on my machine in the background?
25-Feb-2008WiFi Everywhere
25-Feb-2008My ex-boyfriend set up my computer and is now spying on me. What can I do?
24-Feb-2008Do I still need Internet Explorer updates if I don't use it?
21-Feb-2008How do I change the location of the My Documents folder?
20-Feb-2008Why does my HTML email look different to the recipient than it does to me?
19-Feb-2008Should I defragment my USB Flash drive?
18-Feb-2008Should I upgrade from Windows 98/Me?
18-Feb-2008Is there a way to bypass keyloggers?
16-Feb-2008The most effective upgrade.
12-Feb-2008How can I be sure that there isn't "legitimate" spyware on my machine?
12-Feb-2008Why can't I login to this website until the page is fully downloaded?
10-Feb-2008Will adding RAM to my system solve my problems?
06-Feb-2008Why did my mail get sent to my friends old email address?
05-Feb-2008My ISP went under - how do I recover mail email and email address?
04-Feb-2008Should I upgrade to IE7?
03-Feb-2008Can I do my backups over the internet?
03-Feb-2008My desktop PC shuts off after a period of inactivity. Why?
03-Feb-2008Why does my laptop hard drive keep failing?
26-Jan-2008The problem of masquerading problems.
24-Jan-2008Why didn't my gigabit network card result in better performance?
22-Jan-2008Requires Elevation - What does that mean and what do I do?
21-Jan-2008What media should I use for long term archives?
19-Jan-2008Why am I so hard on webmail?
17-Jan-2008Is C: sacred?
14-Jan-2008What does "the USB device can perform faster" mean?
14-Jan-2008Should I maintain my external drive the same way I do my internal?
14-Jan-2008Pages I visit open in a tiny window, how do I make it bigger?
13-Jan-2008On the Likelihood of Changing Others
10-Jan-2008My computer's infected with a virus, how do I clean it up?
09-Jan-2008Can I recover my MSN Hotmail password rather than reset it?
08-Jan-2008Should I disconnect my modem cable when I'm not using my computer?
08-Jan-2008Can I use a USB 1.1 cable with a USB 2.0 device?
08-Jan-2008Why doesn't Windows show all 4gigabytes of memory I have installed?
06-Jan-2008What about Vista SP1?
03-Jan-2008How do I make a Windows XP boot disk?
03-Jan-2008How do I share documents between OpenOffice Writer and Microsoft Word?
02-Jan-2008How do I get Windows Picture and Fax Viewer in Windows Vista?
02-Jan-2008What does "conversation timed out" mean in an email bounce?
30-Dec-2007Is dial-up safer?
29-Dec-2007Is Privacy A Thing of the Past?
25-Dec-2007How do I transfer my MSN Hotmail inbox from one account to another?
24-Dec-2007What should I do about low 'memory' on my recovery drive?
23-Dec-2007Why do I get "device ... cannot be stopped right now" trying to safely remove my USB drive?
22-Dec-2007Is spam inevitable?
20-Dec-2007Can I burn the I386 folder to a CD and use that as an install CD?
19-Dec-2007What's the difference between Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Hotmail?
18-Dec-2007What does it mean to "hover over" a link to check it's validity?
17-Dec-2007Why does Firefox sometimes say it's already running when it's not?
16-Dec-2007Why is my MSN Hotmail Inbox suddenly empty?
15-Dec-2007It's time to learn about network neutrality.
13-Dec-2007How do I stop constant "runtime error" messages in Internet Explorer?
12-Dec-2007Do I need all these services my domain registrar is offering me?
11-Dec-2007Should I change my router's password, and if so, how often?
10-Dec-2007Can email providers limit how much email I send?
09-Dec-2007How long are those records kept?
08-Dec-2007Did I really just win an email lottery or sweepstakes?
06-Dec-2007How do I make a new Windows Live Hotmail account?
04-Dec-2007What is disk partitioning?
03-Dec-2007Where did all these other temporary files come from?
02-Dec-2007If phishers had a clue...
01-Dec-2007How do I pick the right tools to protect my system?
27-Nov-2007Should I Install Windows XP SP3?
26-Nov-2007How do I burn something to CD?
24-Nov-2007If I Had to Do It All Over Again... [rerun]
23-Nov-2007So, what do you think about Kindle?
19-Nov-2007How can I view large web pages without having to scroll right and left?
18-Nov-2007Should I unsubscribe from things I've signed up for to avoid spam?
18-Nov-2007There's no going back
15-Nov-2007Why can I only back up a maximum of 4 gigabytes?
14-Nov-2007How do I click a link on a web page if I have no mouse?
13-Nov-2007Are 64-bit PCs more secure than 32-bit machines?
12-Nov-2007How can I reuse or erase a "dead" hard drive?
11-Nov-2007Does MSN Hotmail or Windows Live Hotmail keep a log of when I signed in?
10-Nov-2007Vista, one year later.
08-Nov-2007Can an anonymous proxy service capture my email password?
07-Nov-2007Why do I get "Access is Denied" when trying to copy a file?
06-Nov-2007How do I keep my email address if I change providers?
05-Nov-2007Why can't my machine hibernate? And how's that different than Stand-by?
04-Nov-2007What should I back up before reformatting?
03-Nov-2007Are you being tracked online?
01-Nov-2007How do I "shred" individual emails in Microsoft Outlook?
31-Oct-2007How do I restore my computer back to Windows XP?
30-Oct-2007Can someone find my home address or telephone number from my email address?
29-Oct-2007Should I upgrade my Windows Me machine to Windows XP or Vista?
27-Oct-2007What's a "zero-day" attack?
27-Oct-2007What would you take?
25-Oct-2007Can I remove the "ServicePackFiles" folder from my Windows folder?
24-Oct-2007How can I recover files encrypted with Windows filesystem encryption?
23-Oct-2007Can my work track what I do on my home computer via a remote connection?
22-Oct-2007How hard is it to learn programming?
21-Oct-2007Why is my IP blocked at a website I visit regularly after I changed ISPs?
20-Oct-2007The problem with blocking a technology
18-Oct-2007Can I retrieve a deleted email from three years ago?
16-Oct-2007How do I uninstall Windows programs that I never use?
16-Oct-2007How do I turn off the Sidebar in Windows Vista?
15-Oct-2007How do I use iTunes music in my videos?
14-Oct-2007Why does my computer shout at me?
14-Oct-2007How do I move my Microsoft Outlook mail and address book from one computer to another?
13-Oct-2007Do you really need anti-virus software?
11-Oct-2007Can I get Internet Explorer 7 without using Windows Automatic Update? And should I?
09-Oct-2007How can I tell if my computer's been accessed by someone else, and how do I prevent it?
09-Oct-2007Does a file's name matter?
08-Oct-2007Why am I not getting asked additional security questions when I expect them?
07-Oct-2007Windows tries to be helpful again.
04-Oct-2007How do I turn off User Access Control (UAC) in Windows Vista?
04-Oct-2007How do I change my Windows Live Hotmail password?
03-Oct-2007How do I download my Windows Live Hotmail to my machine?
01-Oct-2007Do email tracking services work?
30-Sep-2007Introducing the iBrick!
29-Sep-2007How do I make my own secret question with MSN Hotmail or Windows Live Hotmail?
27-Sep-2007Why am I getting some "Passport" login screen when I click on a "contact us" link?
26-Sep-2007Is it normal for an IP address to change from time to time?
25-Sep-2007How do I prevent my blog posts from being copied?
24-Sep-2007What does "leaving a secure internet connection" mean?
23-Sep-2007Why is there more than one "RECYCLER" folder on my machine, and why don't they all empty when I empty the Recycle Bin?
22-Sep-2007Web Advertising: good or evil?
20-Sep-2007MUST I upgrade MSN Messenger to Windows Live Messenger?
18-Sep-2007How do I get rid of this infection that keeps coming back on my machine?
17-Sep-2007How should I keep my hard drive clean and working at its best?
16-Sep-2007Why am I getting instant messages from people I don't know?
16-Sep-2007Did Microsoft go too far this time?
13-Sep-2007If shutting down Windows cleanly is important, what happens when the power just goes out?
12-Sep-2007How do I stop someone from using or voting from my IP address?
12-Sep-2007Which takes more disk space: backing up, or copying files? And how much?
11-Sep-2007Is Office 2003 compatible with Windows Vista?
11-Sep-2007What are all these other pictures when I view emailed photos?
08-Sep-2007Are forced upgrades a bad thing?
06-Sep-2007How do I UNinstall a program that's not in the add/remove list?
04-Sep-2007How do I install programs if I'm not the administrator of the computer?
04-Sep-2007Can I save programs I download from the Internet?
03-Sep-2007How do I know which program is used to open a particular type of file?
01-Sep-2007Why I hate DirectX
30-Aug-2007Why do people make viruses?
28-Aug-2007Where did file associations go in Windows Vista?
27-Aug-2007WGA phones home - and no one answers.
25-Aug-2007From where can I download Outlook Express 6?
25-Aug-2007From where can I download Outlook Express 6? (old version)
23-Aug-2007I accidentally deleted my Recycle Bin in Vista - how do I get it back?
21-Aug-2007How do I find out who's at a particular IP address?
21-Aug-2007How do I remove the Documents item on my Start Menu?
20-Aug-2007Why does Windows have a registry?
19-Aug-2007Can I convert an external USB hard drive into an internal one?
18-Aug-2007Tracking Bookmarks
16-Aug-2007What is "LSA Shell" and why is it an "Export Version"?
16-Aug-2007Can't I just copy everything instead of using a backup program?
13-Aug-2007How do I move from web-based email to email on my desktop?
13-Aug-2007What should I be doing to maintain my computer?
12-Aug-2007Why can I not find a file that Windows search tells me is there?
11-Aug-2007I hate to harp on backups, but
08-Aug-2007How do I remove a file that my anti-virus says can't be quarantined?
07-Aug-2007I have multiple winlogon.exe files on my machine, and one's taking up a lot of memory - what do I do?
07-Aug-2007My computer has a virus infection; how much has been compromised?
06-Aug-2007Is a 1 gigahertz 256 megabyte Windows XP Home machine good enough for on-line use?
04-Aug-2007I've received a popup telling me I'm infected and recommending a download to fix it. Should I?
04-Aug-2007The most frustrating thing I hear...
02-Aug-2007How do I tell Windows where my I386 folder has moved?
01-Aug-2007How can I reject email from unwanted senders?
31-Jul-2007So what should I backup?
30-Jul-2007Why does one contact keep signing in over and over to MSN Messenger?
29-Jul-2007Is there a way to refurbish an inexpensive printer?
28-Jul-2007Disk Crash: a backup and recovery story
26-Jul-2007How can I get the IP address of someone I'm instant messaging, and does it actually identify them?
25-Jul-2007How do I change the icon of a desktop shortcut?
24-Jul-2007Does sharing a computer mean that I'm sharing my Google web history?
23-Jul-2007What is thumbs.db, and can I delete it?
21-Jul-2007Why can't I access the Documents and Settings or Local Settings folders in Windows Vista?
21-Jul-2007Vista, or not?
17-Jul-2007Why can't I enable the Run command?
15-Jul-2007How do I translate a URL to an IP address?
15-Jul-2007Where can I download Windows XP?
14-Jul-2007I'm being notified of an intrusion attempt, what should I do?
14-Jul-2007Are you ready for your house to burn down? [rerun]
10-Jul-2007How should I clean my computer?
09-Jul-2007Chkdsk runs on every boot, but fails, and my system is unstable. What can I do?
09-Jul-2007How do I play this video file?
08-Jul-2007Out of Office Replies are Evil [rerun]
05-Jul-2007Why am I getting password reset mails for my Hotmail account?
04-Jul-2007Should I convert my FAT32 drives to NTFS?
03-Jul-2007Do I still need anti-virus software if my computer came with a security suite?
02-Jul-2007What does "check system fan" mean?
01-Jul-2007Is it safe to delete duplicate files?
30-Jun-2007Will Net Radio Survive?
28-Jun-2007I hear TV and Radio are converting to all digital. How will that affect me?
26-Jun-2007Are human relations skills important to computer programming?
26-Jun-2007How should I backup my hard drive with several partitions to an external drive?
25-Jun-2007How can I do dictation on my computer using my voice recorder?
23-Jun-2007All hail ... the iPhone?
21-Jun-2007How do I automatically redirect one web page to another?
19-Jun-2007Why do I need a default browser?
19-Jun-2007How do I maximize data transfer speed on my LAN?
17-Jun-2007First, Count to 10
14-Jun-2007What are alternate data streams, and are they a security risk?
14-Jun-2007Why can't I get two access points to work at the same time?
12-Jun-2007Can my spouse really read my IM conversations?
11-Jun-2007How do I turn off Data Execution Prevention errors?
10-Jun-2007The Catch with DRM-Free iTunes
10-Jun-2007Will my system be faster if I make my C: drive a flash drive?
08-Jun-2007How secure am I on a VPN?
07-Jun-2007How do I get something to open automatically when I log in to Windows?
05-Jun-2007How do I use a printer that's on another machine on my network?
03-Jun-2007Why do these firewall tests say I've failed? Should I be worried?
03-Jun-2007Protecting Your Computer
31-May-2007Why can't we catch spammers and phishers?
31-May-2007Are there hidden files that save every keystroke I've ever typed, and how do I find them?
29-May-2007How do I send a link in email?
28-May-2007What's a "docx" file, and how did I get one?
28-May-2007I lost Outlook Express, how do I get it back?
27-May-2007The Attitude That Helps
24-May-2007How do I copy an entire web page?
22-May-2007How do you ask a question when you don't even know the right words to use?
21-May-2007How do I switch Windows Live Hotmail back to the old style MSN Hotmail?
20-May-2007Why does the defrag program crash on my machine?
19-May-2007Where is the Run command on Windows Start Menu?
19-May-2007What's with Microsoft's Patents?
17-May-2007Why do I get "No profiles have been created." when I try to use "Send Link..."?
16-May-2007How do I schedule Disk Defragmenter to run with the Windows Task Scheduler?
15-May-2007How do I fix "The instruction at -- referenced memory at --. The memory could not be read."?
14-May-2007Is there a limit to what a single folder or directory can hold?
13-May-2007Can my employer track what I'm doing on the internet?
13-May-2007Why are processes listening to closed ports on my firewall?
09-May-2007How can I force a computer to sign out automatically?
09-May-2007Why does blocking a spam email end up blocking my own address?
09-May-2007How do I backup a large number of large PSTs?
06-May-2007What's the best media player?
05-May-2007Could Copy Protection be Doomed?
01-May-2007Why do web pictures look blocky on my computer, but not on someone else's?
30-Apr-2007Do I need to regularly update my BIOS?
30-Apr-2007How do I find a file on my machine?
29-Apr-2007Don't lose your keys!
29-Apr-2007Why don't more websites fit in an 800x600 screen resolution?
26-Apr-2007What do the "Report and Delete" or "This is Spam" buttons do?
23-Apr-2007What is Error 8000FFFF when I try to install a Windows Vista Update?
22-Apr-2007Google's Web History might surprise you
19-Apr-2007How do I backup my GMail?
17-Apr-2007Why does email get lost?
16-Apr-2007Why isn't there a restore point where I want to go back to?
15-Apr-2007Can I log into to two MSN Instant Messenger accounts at the same time?
14-Apr-2007Repair or Replace
13-Apr-2007Is this receipt for software I didn't order valid?
10-Apr-2007What is Remote Desktop?
08-Apr-2007Can I delete the contents of my TMP folder?
07-Apr-2007Hardware Can Break
06-Apr-2007How do I change the location of Windows temporary files?
04-Apr-2007How do I make a picture smaller?
03-Apr-2007I use Internet Connection Sharing and someone was able to see my main computer - why?
02-Apr-2007What are Warez? They appear to be free, but are they safe?
31-Mar-2007Vulnerabilities When Old Meets New
29-Mar-2007Will I lose email if I don't check it for a while?
28-Mar-2007How do I receive email on different accounts into different folders in Outlook?
26-Mar-2007What is TCP/IP v6?
25-Mar-2007Is plain text email safer?
25-Mar-2007Could my power supply be causing memory errors?
24-Mar-2007Your hard disk is more likely to fail than you think.
22-Mar-2007I've been accused of sending random emails - could I have a virus?
22-Mar-2007Will reinstalling Windows too often trip up Windows Product Activation?
21-Mar-2007Can people get my phone number from my web page?
20-Mar-2007Should I turn my computer off at night?
19-Mar-2007Should I Send Error Reports to Microsoft?
19-Mar-2007How do I scan a document into Excel?
16-Mar-2007What's the best way to revert from Windows Vista to run applications that don't work?
15-Mar-2007How do I keep my information on a shared computer private?
14-Mar-2007How can I duplicate my existing letterhead in Word?
13-Mar-2007Can I install programs on an external drive?
11-Mar-2007Posting on the bathroom wall.
08-Mar-2007How can I open Office 2007 files in older versions of Office?
07-Mar-2007Can I Copy and Rename a file in a single step?
06-Mar-2007How do I find out what's installed on my machine?
05-Mar-2007Is my anti-virus database up to date?
04-Mar-2007What's a good way to get a permanent email address?
03-Mar-2007Where did my edited attachment go?
01-Mar-2007What are these access attempts in my router log?
01-Mar-2007How do I find the list of BCC'ed recipients in outgoing email?
28-Feb-2007Are attachments stored in my Outlook PST? How can I remove them, if they are?
26-Feb-2007How can I tell what program is making or accepting TCP/IP connections on my machine?
26-Feb-2007What's the best way to publish an email chronicle?
24-Feb-2007Am I Too Hard on Hotmail?
22-Feb-2007I sent an email to an invalid email address, what can I do? Will it be read by someone?
22-Feb-2007How do I keep myself safe from others on my LAN?
21-Feb-2007Is it OK to leave software I don't use on my machine?
20-Feb-2007What's this 1394 network adapter on my machine?
19-Feb-2007How do I contact MSN Hotmail Customer Service?
18-Feb-2007Change Your Password - No, not that one...
14-Feb-2007Can I mark my files so that they can be read, but not copied?
13-Feb-2007How do I get a .reg file to install?
13-Feb-2007How do I get rid of the Quicktime Icon in the Windows System Tray?
12-Feb-2007Does email coming from the same IP address imply that it was the same computer?
12-Feb-2007Why am I getting email addressed to someone else?
10-Feb-2007Identity Theft of Another Form
08-Feb-2007Can a website cause my computer to get a "blue screen of death"?
07-Feb-2007Do I need to do something about the upcoming change to Daylight Savings Time?
07-Feb-2007Is there a way to easily open email that's been forwarded multiple times as attachments?
06-Feb-2007Is it safe to connect a drive infected with a virus to my computer?
05-Feb-2007Why can't I open a certain file that's on a CD?
04-Feb-2007What does "BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE" mean?
04-Feb-2007The one skill you should hone.
01-Feb-2007My website is being pounded by spiders, what can I do?
31-Jan-2007I've lost the password to a "zip" file. How do I open the file?
31-Jan-2007Why does my anti-spyware program keep reporting the same cookies?
30-Jan-2007What's NAS? How do I go about setting one up?
30-Jan-2007Can I delete these randomly named folders?
30-Jan-2007How can I block neighboring wireless networks?
28-Jan-2007So, what about Open Office?
27-Jan-2007How do I send email to a lot of people at once?
25-Jan-2007How do I get a password reset or reminder sent to my alternate email if I can't login to it?
25-Jan-2007How do I send anonymous email?
24-Jan-2007What is msmsger.exe?
21-Jan-2007Malware Using the News
18-Jan-2007What does it mean when a site says they "receive and store certain information"?
18-Jan-2007Can I recover from a virus by just restoring my registry?
17-Jan-2007Why isn't my Outlook PST getting smaller after deleting emails?
16-Jan-2007What's a botnet? Or zombie? And how do I protect myself from whatever it is?
16-Jan-2007How do I display my MSN Hotmail or other email in the order it was sent?
15-Jan-2007How do I determine the capabilities of my wireless network adapter?
15-Jan-2007The Need for Speed
10-Jan-2007How do I stop, start and generally control videos I watch on the web?
09-Jan-2007My registry scanner reported hundreds of errors! How do I know which to fix?
08-Jan-2007Why is my friend getting two copies of my mail?
07-Jan-2007TightVNC free remote control
04-Jan-2007Can software firewalls and security packages cause problems?
04-Jan-2007How do I know if I'm behind a NAT router?
02-Jan-2007Do ebook copy protection schemes work?
01-Jan-2007Do I need all these instant messaging programs?
31-Dec-2006Running Without a Net
28-Dec-2006How do I extend my network wirelessly?
27-Dec-2006How do I put my business on the web?
27-Dec-2006Will sending someone a link to my Hotmail allow them to get in?
26-Dec-2006Why do I get "There is another user logged onto your computer" when I shut down?
26-Dec-2006Someone used my credit card on-line illegally. What recourse do I have?
23-Dec-2006Are web-based applications any good?
21-Dec-2006The link I want to use to post a picture on MySpace is too long, what can I do?
19-Dec-2006Why is using Hotmail for my business such a bad idea?
17-Dec-2006Do you have a disaster plan?
17-Dec-2006Is it safe to install a higher wattage power supply in my computer?
13-Dec-2006Can I count on mail to a bad address bouncing back?
12-Dec-2006How do I upgrade to USB 2.0?
10-Dec-2006Sometimes, it's not what you think
09-Dec-2006How do I defragment my new hard disk?
07-Dec-2006How can I connect to my DSL modem if I don't have a network card?
05-Dec-2006How do I keep people from seeing possibly private things on my shared computer?
05-Dec-2006Why do pictures in email sometimes show up in-line, and sometimes as attachments?
04-Dec-2006Why can't I open attachments in Hotmail?
02-Dec-2006Is Free Software Worth it?
30-Nov-2006How do I upgrade my Outlook PST to 2003 format?
28-Nov-20067-zip file archiving utility
27-Nov-2006How do I download my Hotmail messages to my computer?
26-Nov-2006Why does Windows Explorer take so long to display sometimes?
25-Nov-2006How do I change Windows sounds?
25-Nov-2006Switching to Thunderbird
23-Nov-2006Can I password-protect a folder?
23-Nov-2006I get "Error Number: 0x800CCC19" when sending email - how do I fix it?
22-Nov-2006My '2' key stopped working. How do get Windows to recognize it again?
22-Nov-2006"Unable to update region settings" - how do I fix that on my DVD drive?
20-Nov-2006Are Limited User Accounts effective?
19-Nov-2006Can NtUninstall folders be deleted?
18-Nov-2006It's That Time of Year Again
17-Nov-2006Why doesn't 'Back' always work when I surf the web?
16-Nov-2006Is it safe to delete this file?
15-Nov-2006Can I find my Hotmail mail on my machine somewhere?
11-Nov-2006Making the Podcast
10-Nov-2006Where is 'C:\DOCUME~1'? I can't find it on my hard disk.
09-Nov-2006How do I clear my search history in IE 7?
07-Nov-2006How do I clear my search history in Firefox?
06-Nov-2006How do I login automatically with Windows XP Pro?
05-Nov-2006Yes, it's getting worse.
02-Nov-2006How do I delete a file in use?
02-Nov-2006RoboForm Password Manager and more
01-Nov-2006Is Javascript dangerous?
31-Oct-2006Will BitTorrent harm my computer?
29-Oct-2006IE 7, Firefox 2
25-Oct-2006MSN Hotmail: how long will Hotmail keep my account open?
25-Oct-2006Why is the byte activity different on my wired and wireless connections?
23-Oct-2006How should I protect myself from other computers sharing my internet connection?
22-Oct-2006Why does my computer shut down after an hour or two of playing music from my external drive?
21-Oct-2006Did ya miss me?
19-Oct-2006Do "Fix All Your Windows Problems" utilities work?
18-Oct-2006Can I use my old hard drives with a new motherboard?
17-Oct-2006How do I remove addresses from an email message for printing or forwarding?
16-Oct-2006My computer blue screens when I download pictures from my camera- what do I do?
14-Oct-2006How do I get the File Save or File Open dialogs to show details by default?
11-Oct-2006How do I send email to another machine on my local network without hitting the internet?
10-Oct-2006Why can't I put my email on CD?
09-Oct-2006Why didn't my backup program restore everything?
08-Oct-2006Why won't my display turn on?
06-Oct-2006My computers keep dying. Is it me?
04-Oct-2006Why do I need an ISP?
04-Oct-2006A duplicate name exists on the network - what does that mean? How do I fix it?
01-Oct-2006How do I keep my web access safe from sniffing?
01-Oct-2006What's a good password?
24-Sep-2006How do I turn off the Windows firewall warning?
21-Sep-2006Why did my home network stop working?
21-Sep-2006How do I choose plain text in Hotmail?
21-Sep-2006Is anonymous web surfing possible? If so, can't the 'bad guys' use it too?
19-Sep-2006Why does my network not work after resuming from standby?
18-Sep-2006Why is using Paypal to purchase at a conference or open market such a bad idea?
12-Sep-2006Why does my video flicker?
11-Sep-2006PPS files still don't work even after I created an association - what do I do?
06-Sep-2006Why can't I open this file?
06-Sep-2006Choosing an ISP: How do I choose a good ISP?
06-Sep-2006MWSBAR.dll - What is it, and why is it generating an error?
04-Sep-2006Where's the Sent Items folder in Outlook Express?
03-Sep-2006Web site spam: what can I do about it?
30-Aug-2006Does Linux have a role in the home?
29-Aug-2006How did you get my IP address?
29-Aug-2006What's this backwards P all over my email?
27-Aug-2006Zone Alarm firewall: do I need it if I'm behind a NAT router?
25-Aug-2006Links in HotMail emails: why aren't they active?
24-Aug-2006Wireless Encryption: do I need it?
24-Aug-2006Where's the podcast?
23-Aug-2006Secure Delete: what is it, and do I need it?
22-Aug-2006Why is my mail to HotMail (or AOL, Yahoo, etc.) subscribers not being delivered?
22-Aug-2006Toolbars in Internet Explorer: how do I get rid of them?
21-Aug-2006IE's click sound: how do I turn that off?
20-Aug-2006Messages deleted on HotMail: can I get them back somehow?
18-Aug-2006Will my backup hard drive stored in my safe survive the heat of a fire?
17-Aug-2006Exploding Laptops?
17-Aug-2006Shovelware: What do I do with all this extra software on my new machine?
16-Aug-2006Replacement hard drive: how can I copy files from a failing drive to its replacement?
15-Aug-2006Free Downloads: are they safer if I download directly to CD or DVD?
13-Aug-2006Blurry images: why do images on some web pages start out blurry and then clear up?
11-Aug-2006Parental Monitoring Software: My child figured out how to turn it off - what can I do?
10-Aug-2006Privacy? What Privacy?
08-Aug-200626 Drives? Is there a way around the 26 drive limit in Windows?
07-Aug-2006How do I print just portions of an email or web page?
07-Aug-2006Dictionary Attack: What is it?
06-Aug-2006Outlook Express Problems: My folders are empty, corrupted or just not working - what do I do?
06-Aug-2006Auto Start: How do I run a program automatically when Windows starts?
04-Aug-2006Can I reassign my drive letters?
03-Aug-2006Security Now
03-Aug-2006Why I'm Ignoring Vista
02-Aug-2006Why is my USB mouse not detected reliably?
31-Jul-2006Someone's created an account in my name, what are my options to stop them?
30-Jul-2006How do I configure WinSCP for Public Key authentication?
27-Jul-2006Newbie? Or Normal?
26-Jul-2006I think I've been "phished" - what should I do?
24-Jul-2006HTML font size: why can't I increase it on some web pages?
23-Jul-2006Does all this talk of outsourcing mean I should choose a different career?
20-Jul-2006When I use Start-Run and type in a command, why does a window just flash and disappear?
20-Jul-2006Winternals is Assimilated
18-Jul-2006I'm only getting speeds of 28.8kbs, why won't it go faster?
16-Jul-2006Why might my network icon show constant activity?
13-Jul-2006How do I put a picture into the caption of a picture on
13-Jul-2006Cyclic Redundancy Check: what is it, and how do I get rid of it on my newly burnt CDs and DVDs?
12-Jul-2006Why am I not getting all messages sent to the mailing list I'm on?
10-Jul-2006What's so special about a "permalink"?
06-Jul-2006WGA: Is it spyware?
06-Jul-2006Personal Folders: why am I seeing them listed more than once in Outlook?
05-Jul-2006Digital Signatures: what are they, and how do they protect me?
03-Jul-2006Should I use Windows File Compression?
29-Jun-2006Check out Google Checkout
29-Jun-2006Why does my computer keep wanting to dial a connection?
28-Jun-2006Why can't I email this movie?
27-Jun-2006Can a computer virus spread behind my firewall?
25-Jun-2006Can web sites monitor my Google searches?
24-Jun-2006Why did I get a password reminder I didn't ask for?
22-Jun-2006Ready for disaster?
21-Jun-2006How do I remove Microsoft Outlook's Favorite Folders pane?
20-Jun-2006What's the difference between Windows Live Messenger, Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Windows Messenger Service?
20-Jun-2006How do I disable the Windows Messenger service?
19-Jun-2006What's a Captcha?
18-Jun-2006How should I store my travel pictures while I'm away?
18-Jun-2006How do I connect to the internet while traveling abroad?
17-Jun-2006What's OEM software? Is it safe to buy?
15-Jun-2006Windows ninety-what?
13-Jun-2006How do I automatically close a program so that its data can be backed up?
13-Jun-2006What is Internet Connection Sharing?
12-Jun-2006Windows Installer runs on every reboot - why?
11-Jun-2006Why does a web page show for a second, and then suddenly change to "Not Found"?
09-Jun-2006Can I mix and match RAM I add to my system?
08-Jun-2006Googled Yourself Lately?
07-Jun-2006Must my mail server have a specific name?
06-Jun-2006Is this message that I'm infected a hoax?
05-Jun-2006What are MSN HotMail's POP3 and SMTP settings for Outlook Express?
04-Jun-2006Why does my screen resolution change when I run this program?
03-Jun-2006What's a good portable PDF reader?
01-Jun-2006Is Big Brother Watching You?
31-May-2006Will I have to start paying for Hotmail and Messenger?
31-May-2006Should I reinstall Windows from a fresh boot, or by running the installer from within Windows?
31-May-2006What does "Beta" mean?
29-May-2006What are my high speed internet options?
25-May-2006Can I check when my last Hotmail login was?
25-May-2006So what do we do about spam?
24-May-2006How can I read my email on more than one machine?
23-May-2006Does seeing a different IP address mean I'm seeing a different computer?
23-May-2006Should I upgrade my DSL modem?
19-May-2006Why does Outlook ask me "Do you want to save changes?"
18-May-2006Blue Security: Singing the blues about spam.
18-May-2006How can I tell if an exe is "safe" or not?
16-May-2006I keep hearing about Paypal problems. Should I avoid Paypal?
15-May-2006What's 'akamai', and why is my firewall alerting me about it?
13-May-2006How do I tell if my ex has installed spyware on my machine?
12-May-2006How do I change my POP3 account password?
12-May-2006Why does email take so long to be delivered sometimes?
08-May-2006Why can't I access MSN HotMail through my router?
07-May-2006Can GMail be traced?
06-May-2006Should I dump my wired ISP for cellular broadband?
05-May-2006Can a sender tell where I'm reading my mail?
04-May-2006My Mac is Back, and running Windows
03-May-2006Should I wait for Windows Vista?
01-May-2006How can I send and receive FAXes using my PC?
29-Apr-2006How do I direct my web traffic to a single domain?
28-Apr-2006Is this Macromedia Flash potentially unsafe operation message legitimate?
27-Apr-2006Will you care if you lose your connectivity?
26-Apr-2006Why am I not getting the upload speeds I expect?
24-Apr-2006Will receiving large attachments eat up all my disk space?
23-Apr-2006What can I uncheck in MSCONFIG's Startup List?
20-Apr-2006Windows Automatic Update Stumbles
20-Apr-2006What's a "single point of failure", and why do I need to know?
19-Apr-2006Will MSN Hotmail tell me who logged into my account?
18-Apr-2006Why does IE now require "http:" in the address bar?
14-Apr-2006Why are one manufacturer's processors faster than another - even at the same GHz?
14-Apr-2006Why does the URL change when I go to some pages?
13-Apr-2006Old Technology on the Road
08-Apr-2006How do I sign into multiple MSN accounts in Messenger?
08-Apr-2006Is there an easy way to stop internet activity on a computer?
06-Apr-2006How can I password protect my documents?
05-Apr-2006How do I prevent MSN Hotmail from signing me in automatically?
04-Apr-2006What processes in windows task manager should I be wary of?
03-Apr-2006Can I get a virus or spyware from a free video download?
30-Mar-2006How do I view full mail headers in Outlook?
30-Mar-2006It's a cold day you-know-where...
29-Mar-2006Why shouldn't I use TAB characters in my source files?
29-Mar-2006Will I lose my email if I don't check it for a while?
26-Mar-2006How do I copy preinstalled software to another machine?
25-Mar-2006How can I control the size of my Start menu?
24-Mar-2006Why can't I find or delete 'bridge.inf'?
23-Mar-2006My Aborted Plunge into Thunderbird
22-Mar-2006Why doesn't MSN Hotmail save my Sent Mail?
21-Mar-2006Can I transfer my software to my new machine?
19-Mar-2006How do I give multiple PST files different names within Outlook?
19-Mar-2006Can I use my TV as a second monitor?
16-Mar-2006How do I put a picture in a comment on
16-Mar-2006What's so special about myspace?
14-Mar-2006How do I remove my email address from a malicious blog post?
13-Mar-2006What Windows Services can I turn off?
12-Mar-2006BigBlueBall - Help for Instant Messaging and more
09-Mar-2006Email Encryption - Failure to Launch?
08-Mar-2006Why is attaching a Word document to email such a bad idea?
08-Mar-2006How do I send encrypted email?
07-Mar-2006How do I bypass my school or employer's block on instant messaging?
06-Mar-2006Why don't I have an on-screen volume indicator?
05-Mar-2006How can on-line forum members realize it's me using two different accounts?
04-Mar-2006What are those strange folders in my Temporary Internet Files?
04-Mar-2006How do I remove Windows XP SP2?
03-Mar-2006How do I keep attached photos out of an email's message body?
02-Mar-2006Where'd this message box come from?
02-Mar-2006What ever happened to RSS?
28-Feb-2006Can I send text messages between a computer and a cell phone?
27-Feb-2006What does "This file does not have a program associated with it" mean?
27-Feb-2006Why won't my external drives shut down automatically?
27-Feb-2006Webopedia - Internet and Technology dictionary and search engine
26-Feb-2006Is running two anti-spyware programs better than one? - More Help for Microsoft Windows
23-Feb-2006How can I keep the images I post on the web from being copied?
22-Feb-2006Why is only the left hand part of my page printed?
20-Feb-2006What's a "torrent"?
17-Feb-2006Can my company monitor my IM conversations at home?
15-Feb-2006Can I Control the Volume of Podcasts I Download?
14-Feb-2006Where are the ethics?
14-Feb-2006Why does my laptop bounce email?
13-Feb-2006Why does my clock reset on every power-on?
12-Feb-2006Should I Leave AOL?
10-Feb-2006Windows Networking (.com)
09-Feb-2006What's this "Validation Scan" all about?
06-Feb-2006Hamachi - Simple Remote Access VPN
06-Feb-2006Why is my Windows screen sometimes stretched beyond my monitor's borders?
05-Feb-2006How do I uninstall Hotmail?
04-Feb-2006Can I be certain that my message history isn't being saved somewhere?
04-Feb-2006Can Internet Explorer's History be undeleted?
01-Feb-2006Another Day, Another Panic
31-Jan-2006How do I get the entire Programs menu to always display?
30-Jan-2006Why doesn't my keyboard work until Windows is running?
26-Jan-2006How do I maximize my battery life?
25-Jan-2006Watch the Cockroaches Scurry
24-Jan-2006How do I get at System Restore in Windows XP?
19-Jan-2006My cable modem has both a USB and an Ethernet port - can I connect two computers?
19-Jan-2006Hamachi - a simple VPN
17-Jan-2006Why can't I send email from all my accounts?
16-Jan-2006How can I tell what's taking up so much disk space?
13-Jan-2006Ask Dave Taylor - More free tech support online
13-Jan-2006Can I have too many drivers?
11-Jan-2006How fast can Microsoft fix a bug?
10-Jan-2006Why can't I add files to my CD-R?
09-Jan-2006I have up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Do I still need SP2?
08-Jan-2006Where can I get a PSP downgrade?
06-Jan-2006The Internet Tourbus - A free weekly tech newsletter
06-Jan-2006Should I be worried about this "WMF Exploit" that everyone's been talking about?
04-Jan-2006Outsourcing Tech Support - Good, or Evil?
02-Jan-2006How do I stop MSN Messenger from starting automatically and logging me in?
31-Dec-2005How can I archive email in my free email account?
30-Dec-2005Why doesn't my machine's IP address match what I'm told on the internet?
28-Dec-2005What is, and is not, spam
24-Dec-2005How do I disable the "remember me" feature of Instant Messaging clients?
24-Dec-2005How do I change my "From" user name in MSN Hotmail?
22-Dec-2005How should I reinstall Windows?
21-Dec-2005Podsafe for Peace - If Every Day Were Christmas
18-Dec-2005Does spam blocking prevent spam from reaching my machine?
16-Dec-2005MSN-Problems (IMZers)
15-Dec-2005How do I find the Windows CD Key from the CD?
14-Dec-2005What's a 'Stack Overflow'?
14-Dec-2005Podsafe Music, and the Internet Economy
12-Dec-2005How do I read a message that flies by too quickly on my screen?
11-Dec-2005What's so special about "32"?
09-Dec-2005The Internet Archive
09-Dec-2005How do I delete this Microsoft Passport?
07-Dec-2005Getting all worked up over IP tracing
06-Dec-2005How do I separate emails I receive on a single account?
05-Dec-2005What's "Invalid startup directory, please check your pif file"?
02-Dec-2005Gibson Research - Security, Disk Maintenance and Other Useful Tools
02-Dec-2005Where is it alright for svchost.exe to be?
30-Nov-2005How do I download Process Explorer?
28-Nov-2005My upgraded computer keeps shutting down - what should I do?
23-Nov-2005Is there a way to shutdown my headless Windows XP Pro machine remotely?
23-Nov-2005Greylisting - Another tool in the war against spam
21-Nov-2005Are Mac's inherently safer?
20-Nov-2005Can I save my MSN Messenger Archives to another computer?
18-Nov-2005Microsoft Support
18-Nov-2005How can I identify this blank taskbar item?
17-Nov-2005What's "Msocache"?
16-Nov-2005Is free software a viable alternative?
15-Nov-2005How do I control which email accounts Outlook tries to download?
13-Nov-2005So just what *is* the I386 directory anyway?
10-Nov-2005Why is 640x480 my only resolution option?
10-Nov-2005Are email newsletters dead?
07-Nov-2005Why is there a blank entry in my msconfig startup entries?
04-Nov-2005Can I move or delete my I386 directory to free up some space?
31-Oct-2005How do I change the size of my email display text?
30-Oct-2005How do I disconnect the touch pad on my laptop?
27-Oct-2005Spyware - is the crisis really that bad?
27-Oct-2005What is "greylisting"?
24-Oct-2005Why can't my guest send email using my LAN?
23-Oct-2005Does Windows XP Home support booting from CD-ROM?
22-Oct-2005Can I use Outlook Express or Outlook to access my Hotmail account?
20-Oct-2005Networking Sucks
17-Oct-2005How do I "image" a hard drive?
16-Oct-2005Why can I only see some files on a remote computer share?
13-Oct-2005Digging out from a flood of email
11-Oct-2005How do I install additional network protocols like IPX or Netbeui?
11-Oct-2005How do I install additional network protocols like IPX or Netbeui?
09-Oct-2005I have no C: drive, but some programs insist on it. What can I do?
06-Oct-2005Why is Outlook sending email using the wrong account?
05-Oct-2005When will we see true musical convergence?
25-Sep-2005Is it really that easy to get someone's password?
20-Sep-2005What is the UserData directory in my Documents and Settings?
18-Sep-2005How can I connect to my home computer from work?
13-Sep-2005I Love My Treo
08-Sep-2005Is an https connection really all that safe?
08-Sep-2005They're not as savvy as you think
05-Sep-2005Are cheap inkjet cartridges a good deal?
04-Sep-2005"Web Search Garage"
04-Sep-2005"Cleaning Windows XP for Dummies"
01-Sep-2005Use a Firewall
01-Sep-2005Anti-Virus Software
31-Aug-2005Katrina - What can we do?
29-Aug-2005Why are my revisions visible when I send out a Word document?
26-Aug-2005What's the difference between COMMAND.COM and CMD.EXE?
25-Aug-2005Is advertising evil?
21-Aug-2005What are some good tech newsletters?
20-Aug-2005How do I print an email with its attachments?
18-Aug-2005What's a Proxy Server?
17-Aug-2005Zotob Attacks! Who's to blame?
14-Aug-2005How do I forward my old email address?
10-Aug-2005What is Software Escrow?
10-Aug-2005Two years of Ask Leo!
10-Aug-2005Reflections on Two Years of Ask Leo!
06-Aug-2005Why does my 31 gig drive have only 10gig of space after formatting?
04-Aug-2005Full feeds, or not full feeds?
28-Jul-2005The soap opera that is instant messaging
25-Jul-2005Can I find out who instant messaged me?
22-Jul-2005I've fired my sysadmin, is changing passwords enough?
21-Jul-2005How should I set up my Linux Web Server?
21-Jul-2005How do I change my MSN HotMail Secret Question?
20-Jul-2005Did Apple just pull a "Microsoft"?
20-Jul-2005How should I backup my music library?
15-Jul-2005Recommendation: Popup Blockers
14-Jul-2005Why do my ".cfm" files work in some browsers and not others?
07-Jul-2005Can I connect to two networks at once?
07-Jul-2005I Love Linux, But...
04-Jul-2005Why is my USB device asking for a CD when I attach it?
03-Jul-2005Windows Defender
03-Jul-2005How do you stay connected in weak cellular areas?
01-Jul-2005How do I check the version of XP Service Pack 2 installed on my PC?
25-Jun-2005How do I use different signatures with different email accounts?
21-Jun-2005Why don't running programs show in my taskbar?
21-Jun-2005What's on Your Nerdstick?
18-Jun-2005How do I schedule a program to run on my machine periodically?
17-Jun-2005How do I convert a Word document into a PDF file?
15-Jun-2005What's this confirmation request I got when I emailed someone?
09-Jun-2005How do I delete and reinstall Microsoft Internet Explorer?
09-Jun-2005Are you ready for your house to burn down?
07-Jun-2005Why does this error happen in one XP user account and not another?
03-Jun-2005Do I need Internet Explorer and Outlook Express updates if I use Firefox and Thunderbird?
02-Jun-2005A podcast on podcasting
29-May-2005What's a good way to securely keep track of all my passwords?
29-May-2005How do I delete items I've been to using Google?
28-May-2005I've forgotten the answer to my MSN Hotmail secret question, *and* my password, what do I do?
27-May-2005Why can't you give a straight answer?
22-May-2005Why don't installed programs show up for all users?
16-May-2005How do I copy VHS tapes to my computer or DVD?
12-May-2005How do I block MSN Messenger?
11-May-2005Is it safe to leave my modem on and connected all the time?
10-May-2005Are certifications worth it?
08-May-2005Can I rename my Hotmail account?
02-May-2005Are certifications important?
01-May-2005Domain Envy? Or Domain Snobs?
27-Apr-2005Can I tell where these virus emails are coming from?
25-Apr-2005How can I keep my email safe from sniffing?
24-Apr-2005My Most Popular Search Term
22-Apr-2005How should I use RSS in my enterprise?
21-Apr-2005Is this stuff in my 'hosts' file supposed to be there?
20-Apr-2005What if I *want* Windows Picture and Fax Viewer?
19-Apr-2005Can I make a desktop icon for a web page shortcut?
18-Apr-2005How do I resolve my Hotmail email problems?
18-Apr-2005My most frequently asked question is...
14-Apr-2005How can I organize incoming email from two accounts?
12-Apr-2005What rights do I retain when I publish an RSS feed?
11-Apr-2005Spyware or not Spyware?
10-Apr-2005How is my IP address assigned?
09-Apr-2005Can I use a USB RAM stick to increase system memory?
08-Apr-2005Is Viewpoint Spyware?
07-Apr-2005Can I install Windows XP over my wireless connection?
06-Apr-2005How can I use two ip addresses from one cable modem?
05-Apr-2005How do I get attached pictures to show in the body of email I've received?
03-Apr-2005Urban Legends - Let's Educate the Masses
03-Apr-2005How can I share my hard disk remotely?
01-Apr-2005Must I reformat if I replace my motherboard?
29-Mar-2005Can I reinstall Windows XP SP1 over Windows XP SP2?
28-Mar-2005Why doesn't my CD-ROM work?
28-Mar-2005What's Bluetooth?
28-Mar-2005Know what your kids are up to?
26-Mar-2005What is Double Natting?
25-Mar-2005How do I Paste into a Windows XP Command Shell?
22-Mar-2005Where do I plug in my modem?
21-Mar-2005How do I uninstall Windows Messenger?
20-Mar-2005What's the minimum set of processes needed to run Windows XP?
20-Mar-2005Got Privacy?
18-Mar-2005How do I update the system bios from Windows?
16-Mar-2005What's an MD5 Signature?
15-Mar-2005Why are so many infected?
14-Mar-2005Are my Instant Messaging conversations private?
12-Mar-2005How much memory do I REALLY need for Windows XP?
10-Mar-2005Can I connect a pcmcia device to my USB port?
08-Mar-2005Can I fake the DNS ip lookup to test my website?
03-Mar-2005Mobile Connectivity - Staying Connected on the Road
02-Mar-2005What are the POP3 and SMTP settings for Hotmail?
01-Mar-2005How can I rejoin two files into one?
28-Feb-2005Free EMail - Should you?
26-Feb-2005Can I remove a link from Google using robots.txt?
25-Feb-2005I've lost my Hotmail password, can you help get it back?
22-Feb-2005I run Anti-Spyware software, why do I still get infected?
21-Feb-2005Can I use more than one instant messaging service using only one client?
21-Feb-2005How do I keep the "Connection Status" window from popping up?
19-Feb-2005Where does Microsoft Word keep AutoText entries?
18-Feb-2005Scandisk runs a long time - how long should it take?
17-Feb-2005Can I use my Webcam as a Motion Detector and Security Monitor?
15-Feb-2005MUST I Upgrade MSN Messenger?
14-Feb-2005Virtual Memory: How do I adjust Virtual Memory settings?
13-Feb-2005How can my website make money?
11-Feb-2005Googlejacking? What's "Googlejacking"?
06-Feb-2005"A Cabinet file cannot be trusted" - Why?
04-Feb-2005Is my email account private?
01-Feb-2005How long will I get email from an inactive account?
30-Jan-2005How do I set up my computer - simply?
28-Jan-2005Why does my PC restart after 10 minutes of voice chat?
25-Jan-2005How can I stop this automatic email?
23-Jan-2005Should I switch to Firefox?
23-Jan-2005Why am I getting error code 800701f7 in MSN Messenger?
22-Jan-2005How do I repair Outlook Express?
21-Jan-2005How should I set up my computer? (Part VII)
20-Jan-2005How can I tell when an application was installed?
19-Jan-2005How do I restore the Outlook Express icon on my desktop?
18-Jan-2005What happens if two computers have the same IP address?
15-Jan-2005How do I get hardware not directly supported by Windows to work?
12-Jan-2005How can I disable the games that come with Windows?
10-Jan-2005Is Microsoft's new Anti-Spyware program any good?
08-Jan-2005How should I set up my computer? (Part VI)
07-Jan-2005Why are people claiming I'm spamming them?
05-Jan-2005How do I get NUMLOCK to default to ON in Windows 2000?
04-Jan-2005Can I revert from Windows XP and NTFS to Windows 98?
02-Jan-2005How should I setup Outlook?
31-Dec-2004Do I need digital video output for my LCD monitor?
29-Dec-2004How should I set up my computer? (Part IV)
28-Dec-2004Can someone make long distance calls through my computer?
25-Dec-2004How do I install my new USB device?
23-Dec-2004How should I set up my computer? (Part III)
22-Dec-2004How do I view "PPS" files?
21-Dec-2004How should I set up my computer? (Part II)
19-Dec-2004Will Outlook's reading pane tell senders I've seen their mail?
14-Dec-2004How should I set up my computer? (Part I)
13-Dec-2004Why does my DSL drop after a few hours?
11-Dec-2004How do I fix a bad sector on my hard drive?
06-Dec-2004What if my new computer doesn't work?
30-Nov-2004Flashing my BIOS failed, how can I recover?
29-Nov-2004What can I do about VxD errors?
28-Nov-2004How do I host my own web site?
26-Nov-2004What computer should I give?
23-Nov-2004Can I install Outlook twice with different accounts?
20-Nov-2004How do I 'legalize' my Windows XP Installation?
16-Nov-2004Can I move an installed application to another drive?
11-Nov-2004What's Dvorak, and why did my keyboard layout suddenly change?
11-Nov-2004Do I need to change any settings when I add memory?
10-Nov-2004Can I get rid of spyware using system restore?
09-Nov-2004What's a 16bit MS DOS Subsystem?
06-Nov-2004What do I do if my spyware scanner hangs?
02-Nov-2004How do I setup a 'headless' machine?
31-Oct-2004How do I uninstall weather bug?
22-Oct-2004How do I turn off the unread message count on the Windows XP login screen?
21-Oct-2004Why is my system low on resources?
17-Oct-2004Can I share my Outlook Express folders on a network?
15-Oct-2004What is 'Podcasting'?
14-Oct-2004This computer's infested, what do I do?
11-Oct-2004Why can't I get The Sims 2 to work on my machine?
10-Oct-2004Should I Install SP2? (Windows XP Service Pack 2)
09-Oct-2004What's the difference between a 'Trojan Horse' a 'Worm' and a 'Virus'?
08-Oct-2004Why do some programs work when I'm logged in as one user but not another?
07-Oct-2004How do I clean up after someone's broken into my computer?
06-Oct-2004Can I copy files between two computers using a USB connections?
06-Oct-2004How do I remove a program from the Add/Remove programs list?
02-Oct-2004Will installing SP2 report an illegal Windows installation?
01-Oct-2004How do I configure the email button on my keyboard?
01-Oct-2004What is 'denied by gorbs' in bounced email?
27-Sep-2004Where do you get your answers?
18-Sep-2004Is it possible to get a virus from a music download?
17-Sep-2004Why is 'Communications Port ... preventing the machine from entering standby'?
16-Sep-2004Where did the Windows backup utility go?
14-Sep-2004How do I open up more than one item at a time in Outlook?
13-Sep-2004Will SP2 Crash my machine?
11-Sep-2004Why won't Win98 recognize my new hardware?
08-Sep-2004Can I move Windows from one hard drive to another?
01-Sep-2004Why does svchost access the internet?
30-Aug-2004How do I transfer Hotmail contacts to another account?
29-Aug-2004What's 'BullsEye Network'?
27-Aug-2004Where is Task Manager?
27-Aug-2004What is Internet Explorer's new Add-On Manager?
26-Aug-2004Does Outlook Express have a Calendar?
23-Aug-2004Can I use my Yahoo account in MSN Messenger?
20-Aug-2004How do I backup my Outlook Express email?
20-Aug-2004What's a 'UDF' formatted CD?
18-Aug-2004Windows Firewall is restricting access to something I want ... what do I do?
14-Aug-2004Will deleting cookies free up room in my computer's memory?
13-Aug-2004What's this new 'Security Center' thing in XP service pack 2 all about?
11-Aug-2004Why does my computer go nuts sometimes?
11-Aug-2004Has it really been a year?
09-Aug-2004Do I need to have Windows XP SP1 installed before I install SP2?
05-Aug-2004Can I set Outlook Express to ignore people not in my contacts?
03-Aug-2004How do I re-install Outlook Express?
29-Jul-2004How do I control the mouse right-click functions in Windows XP?
28-Jul-2004Where can I download Windows Messenger for Windows 98?
26-Jul-2004Why do I get 'no dial tone' from my computer even though the phone has a clear dial tone.
24-Jul-2004How do I change my MSN Messenger or Hotmail password?
23-Jul-2004What's a 'DSO exploit' and how do I get rid of it?
18-Jul-2004Why does IE not allow the selection of a default mail handler?
17-Jul-2004What is '\Program Files\XEROX\NWWIA', and how do I get rid of it?
17-Jul-2004How do I backup my Scheduled Tasks?
16-Jul-2004Can a camera's memory card transmit a virus to my PC or to another camera?
16-Jul-2004Why can I not access my Instant Message archives remotely?
11-Jul-2004How can I get rid of the 'keenval' trojan: downloader.keenval.B?
11-Jul-2004How do I Java-enable my browser?
11-Jul-2004Is there a way to save my 'Favorites' in case of a system crash?
11-Jul-2004My desktop Recycle Bin has disappeared - why, and how do I get it back?
11-Jul-2004Outlook Express' spell check broke when I upgraded to XP, how do I fix it?
10-Jul-2004How do I overline characters in Word?
10-Jul-2004'SymRealWinOpen is undefined' - why do I get this?
10-Jul-2004Is there a way to block certain URL's in IE?
10-Jul-2004Is there a way to retrieve my email history after I've deleted them?
09-Jul-2004How can I avoid making an unintentional bridge?
09-Jul-2004How do I retrieve old places visited and websites?
08-Jul-2004What does 'Mail policy violation Partial MIME Blocked' mean?
08-Jul-2004How can I reverse the compressible encryption of a pst file?
08-Jul-2004How can I install hardware if I no longer have my Windows XP CD?
07-Jul-2004Can I use a second wireless access point to extend my wireless network?
07-Jul-2004about:blank hijacked my homepage - how do I fix it?
05-Jul-2004What's the best Pop-Up Blocker? Anti-Virus Software? Anti-Spyware Software?
04-Jul-2004Can AOL users download & install MSN messenger?
04-Jul-2004A program is trying to access my email addresses - why?
03-Jul-2004Why does my computer 'Find New Hardware' for my printer every time I boot?
03-Jul-2004How can I keep Windows Instant Messenger from signing on automatically?
03-Jul-2004Why did I get reinfected within seconds of connection to the internet?
30-Jun-2004Can I install Windows XP using one manufacturer's CD on a different pc?
30-Jun-2004MSN Messenger 6.2 seems to be causing me problems, what should I do?
30-Jun-2004How do I change my internet security setting to medium?
27-Jun-2004I have Windows 98 - how do I get Windows 98 Second Edition?
26-Jun-2004Can I monitor who's using my machine?
23-Jun-2004When I insert a CD or DVD into my DVD ROM the computer freezes. What should I do?
23-Jun-2004My modem connection has suddenly slowed. What should I check?
22-Jun-2004Why do I keep getting a wtoolsa error in kernel32.dll?
22-Jun-2004How can I convert a .ost from Outlook 2003 to a .pst file?
21-Jun-2004How can I uninstall Directx 9?
19-Jun-2004How do I find out how much RAM is being used?
19-Jun-2004How do I update my version of Windows Messenger?
17-Jun-2004How can I connect to my office computer from home using a dial-up connection?
17-Jun-2004Is there anyway I can make Internet Explorer keep history forever?
16-Jun-2004Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) - Should I Install it?
14-Jun-2004How do I know if someone is opening my email before I read it, then marking it as unread?
14-Jun-2004Every time I boot Windows tells me "STCLOADER.EXE" appears to be corrupt. What do I do?
14-Jun-2004My MSN sent mail isn't showing up in the sent mail folder. Is it somewhere else?
14-Jun-2004I keep getting "A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:C02A0948 IN VXD VWIN32" - what can I do to fix it?
14-Jun-2004When I boot XP, saved network connections are listed, but are not automatically reattached; how can I force it?
14-Jun-2004'IEXPLORE.EXE' comes up when I start my computer and says that I'm trying to download something -- how do I fix it?
14-Jun-2004Can I use ASP or C# code to create a web page from where can enter user id and password and access my yahoo mailbox?
14-Jun-2004I can only get sound on my system if I'm on Yahoo chat, otherwise it is mute.
14-Jun-2004One of 8 systems will often not find the network until I reboot. What should I fix?
14-Jun-2004I have IE set to keep history 21 days, but only today is shown. How do I see the rest?
14-Jun-2004When I try to run winn32 I get "winn32" is not recognized. Why?
14-Jun-2004How do I get the 'From:' button to show in Outlook 2003?
13-Jun-2004Is there a way to make the cursor disappear while I type?
12-Jun-2004My mouse is super sensitive and seems to do things on its own. What do I do?
12-Jun-2004Can I import Outlook Express email into another instance of Outlook Express?
12-Jun-2004Why doesn't music play smoothly on my machine?
12-Jun-2004I get the message: 'Remote Assistance connection could not be established because the remote host name could not be resolved.' - What does that mean?
12-Jun-2004Are you *sure* there's no way to retrieve MSN Messenger history without "archive messages" selected?
11-Jun-2004Where can I find a list of Windows' secret key combinations?
11-Jun-2004I keep getting the error 'fash.exe failed to start ...' - how do I stop it?
11-Jun-2004I get 'Error Could not execute main' on startup - how can I fix it?
11-Jun-2004Internet explorer opens with a white screen and the letters dy in the upper left corner. How do I get rid of that?
11-Jun-2004How do I stop popups?
11-Jun-2004Can I network two computers with just a cable?
11-Jun-2004How do I stop *wanted* email from going to my Junk folder?
10-Jun-2004How can I connect using remote desktop to someone that has XP Home if I have XP Pro?
10-Jun-2004I've been told I have the (fill in the blank) virus, but my anti-virus program doesn't remove it. What do I do?
09-Jun-2004How do I get Messenger to stop logging in automatically?
09-Jun-2004Is there a possibility that my excel and word files are infected by sasser?
09-Jun-2004What is an "SNM" file?
09-Jun-2004Why do I get a WJView Error on Startup?
08-Jun-2004Can I run two versions of MSN messenger at the same time?
08-Jun-2004MSN Instant Messenger is unable to connect with error 0x81000301. What do I do?
08-Jun-2004MSN Instant Messenger shows my old ISP - How do I change it to my new one?
08-Jun-2004Emoticons stopped working for me in MSN Messenger ... but my friends see them just fine. Why?
08-Jun-2004MSN Messenger tells me my microphone is not enabled, why?
08-Jun-2004Are there alternatives to instant messaging programs for voice conversations over the internet?
08-Jun-2004Why might I not be able to down load msn 6.1 on my computer?
08-Jun-2004Is there a way to change the message length limit in MSN Messenger?
08-Jun-2004I've tried to update Messenger, so why does it keep telling me I need a newer version?
08-Jun-2004I keep getting MSN Messenger messages that say I am signed on a another location. What does that mean?
08-Jun-2004Would Messenger 4.7 work on my friend's old a pentium 1?
08-Jun-2004Where can I search for someone`s Yahoo Instant Messenger username?
08-Jun-2004Is there a way to stop Messenger from flashing the chat window when a message
08-Jun-2004How do I get my name, title and other information to show at the bottom of every message I send?
08-Jun-2004How can I use MSN Messenger just once without downloading the program?
07-Jun-2004My laptop is very slow - smsls. exe is using most of the CPU - what's up?
07-Jun-2004How do I backup Yahoo's message history?
07-Jun-2004Can I retrieve old AOL instant messenger conversations?
06-Jun-2004Is it possible to create an icon on the Desktop for IE without re-installing?
05-Jun-2004Trying to connect two computers to the internet, one says that there is an IP address conflict. Why?
05-Jun-2004Can I set my email to be spell checked with word perfect or another program?
04-Jun-2004What's with the [number] that gets added to some of my downloads?
04-Jun-2004How can I get Windows Explorer to default to open on a directory of my choosing?
04-Jun-2004I keep getting bounce emails for addresses on my domain that don't exist. How can I stop this?
03-Jun-2004How do I delete accounts from the .NET passport login dropdown?
03-Jun-2004Why can't I set my internet home page to what I want?
03-Jun-2004My new network card lights up, but Windows doesn't find it. Why?
02-Jun-2004Can I use Yahoo or MSN messenger without Yahoo or MSN mail?
02-Jun-2004Can I open more than one instance of Outlook at a time?
02-Jun-2004The task bar on my windows XP machine has become hidden, how do I get it back?
02-Jun-2004Is there a way to unattach an attachment from Outlook Express email?
01-Jun-2004I cleaned some malware called "wave eggs.exe", how do I protect myself in the future?
01-Jun-2004I have one machine on my network that when hogs all the bandwidth when it's on. Any ideas?
01-Jun-2004How do I backup to DVD? How can I copy video DVDs?
31-May-2004I have two machines running Windows Messenger 4.7, one can connect, the other cannot. Why?
31-May-2004Is it possible combine 2 different internet connections from 2 different ISPs?
31-May-2004I have an emachines restore XP disk. How can I put XP on my old computer which runs 98se?
31-May-2004Adware "cws,googlems,3" keeps getting reported by Pest Patrol, but won't delete. What do I do?
31-May-2004How do I get rid of
31-May-2004MSSTDFMT.DLL is missing. Where do I get it?
31-May-2004What do I do when a program reports a DLL is missing?
30-May-2004What is ivvrosr.exe?
30-May-2004How can I stop my computer from connecting to the internet automatically?
30-May-2004How do you link cells in different Workbooks in Excel?
30-May-2004Can I delete lsass.exe? svchost.exe?
30-May-2004Why does the Linksys wusb11 not work in Windows 98?
30-May-2004How can I get another activation code without paying for another CD?
30-May-2004How do I get rid of these porn links that keep coming back in my favorites?
30-May-2004When I select "help and support" I get a warning: marscore.dll not found. What should I do?
30-May-2004Is there a way to suppress the dialog box when remotely rebooting a Windows XP machine?
29-May-2004Where is the message History File saved?
28-May-2004How do I get rid of Messenger 4.7?
27-May-2004I suspect spyware or a worm, how do I get rid of it?
27-May-2004Why doesn't the "Help & Support" Service stay disabled?
27-May-2004Can I get rid of the "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items" warning?
26-May-2004Can I monitor, or control, the bandwidth used on my home network?
25-May-2004I can't format my hard drive - it keeps telling me "volume is in use by another process" -- why?
23-May-2004How do I set up an email newsletter?
23-May-2004My "Outlook Today" folder disappeared, how do I compress without it, and how do I restore it?
22-May-2004I lost the general tab in my internet options, how do I get it back?
21-May-2004My TaskBar is too small to be useful, what can I do?
20-May-2004What does the 'X' in a 48X speed CD-ROM mean?
14-May-2004Getting rid of Porn, Constant resets, AGP, Appcompat.exe and a star network topology
13-May-2004Where do Outlook's auto-complete suggestions come from?
12-May-2004My "Search Companion" window comes up empty and I can't search. How do I fix it?
10-May-2004The images on my screen seem to shimmer or flicker and give me a headache - is there anything I can do?
08-May-2004What are "LSASS", "LSASS.EXE" and "Sasser" and how do I know if I'm infected? What do I do if I am?
07-May-2004Why, in IE's Tools, Internet Options, is the Home Page selection grayed and unusable?
05-May-2004Reply with Changes, SMAgent, Screen Resolution, removing svchost, Elq0.exe
02-May-2004NTRootKit, Disappearing Salutations, Two outlooks and one account, fixing IE, and logging in twice on the same machine.
27-Apr-2004Pagefile usage, diagcrypt, missing DRMClien.DLL, missing Notepad.exe, garbled icons and more.
21-Apr-2004Is there a site where I can get old versions of software such as MSN Messenger 5.x?
19-Apr-2004Svchost and Svchost.exe - Crashs, CPU maximization, viruses, exploits and more.
17-Apr-2004Additional User Accounts, procnics9x trouble, Cidaemon, start-up woes, email addresses, routers, and unwanted popups...
12-Apr-2004What is Tasklist.exe, and why don't I have it?
10-Apr-2004Firewalls that report email sends, home pages that change, MS-Paint printing defaults, and several 'What is this'
09-Apr-2004My PST has grown over 2gig, and now I can't repair it. What do I do?
07-Apr-2004Can two Windows XP accounts share a Mail account?
06-Apr-2004How do I send mail from my mail forwarded address?
03-Apr-2004Viewing the Windows Directory, humming microphones, firedaemon, the Welchia worm and more...
02-Apr-2004What is the Event Viewer, and should I care?
31-Mar-2004Why is there a long delay after I login to Windows?
26-Mar-2004Dialog Sort Order, Removing MSN, Mail Exports, IDE Controllers and more ... quick answers
25-Mar-2004What do I do when Microsoft Bulletin MS03-043 pops up?
24-Mar-2004I upgraded to WinXP and my Outlook Express Inbox items disappeared ... are they lost?
19-Mar-2004Short answers: AutoComplete, more svchost, cidaemon, wjview and more.
18-Mar-2004How do I make something other than "Picture and FAX Viewer" the default for viewing pictures?
15-Mar-2004Why can't I delete this file?
13-Mar-2004What is a "subnet mask"?
12-Mar-2004Disappearing IE, Small Icons, Shareware vs. Freeware, What's This? and more
11-Mar-2004Can I retrieve old MSN Messenger conversations?
10-Mar-2004How do I stop comment spam in my blog?
07-Mar-2004My internet connection status shows millions of packets when I'm not doing anything; do I have a virus?
06-Mar-2004Messenger, SVCHost & more: Short Questions, Quick Answers
04-Mar-2004What HTML Editor Should I Use?
28-Feb-2004Quick answers to a few questions...
17-Feb-2004How can I send someone an attachment, if it's blocked by their copy of Outlook?
13-Feb-2004How can I keep my kids safe from internet garbage?
08-Feb-2004How do I include one HTML file inside another?
05-Feb-2004How do I delete items from Internet Explorer's auto-complete list?
29-Jan-2004Why does my System32 folder open when I log in?
25-Jan-2004Just how long should a download take?
21-Jan-2004How do I *really* disable auto-play in Windows XP?
18-Jan-2004Is there a way to "Safely Remove Hardware" from a batch file?
16-Jan-2004What kind of Compression or Encryption do I want for Outlook's .PST files?
12-Jan-2004svchost.exe error: svchost.exe has generated an error - now what do I do?
09-Jan-2004Can the same file have two different names?
07-Jan-2004I keep getting SVCHOST failures. Why?
05-Jan-2004How can I tell what internet activity is happening on my machine?
03-Jan-2004Is there a way to track unique subscribers to my RSS feed?
31-Dec-2003I have no CD - how do I get at Windows XP setup?
28-Dec-2003How do I make the WHOLE menu display always?
25-Dec-2003How can I tell what's running on my machine?
21-Dec-2003How can I access my Windows XP Machine Remotely?
01-Dec-2003How can I get Outlook 2003 to default the reading pane off, and to stop grouping?
24-Nov-2003How do I get Windows Explorer to display details by default?
23-Nov-2003How do I force Outlook to open "potentially unsafe attachments" that I know are ok?
22-Nov-2003How do I get Word documents on the web to show up in Word, rather than my browser?
16-Nov-2003How can I disable my "Windows" key? Or for that matter, remap my entire keyboard?
11-Nov-2003Is there a way to keep my email address when I change my ISP?
08-Nov-2003Can I read web mail using a pop3 mail reader?
02-Nov-2003Where are these viruses coming from?
24-Oct-2003How can I FTP from my VB program?
17-Oct-2003What's this program running on my machine?
14-Oct-2003A spammer is using my cgiemail, what do I do?
11-Oct-2003How do I move my Moveable Type web log?
07-Oct-2003What's all this stuff running after I boot Windows?
27-Sep-2003Why can't I have an Audio conversation using MSN Messenger?
26-Sep-2003How can I list blog entries on my non-blog web page?
23-Sep-2003Where can I find Unix Tools for Windows?
21-Sep-2003My ISP's DNS servers are timing out frequently, what can I do?
18-Sep-2003How do I get my wireless access point to work with my existing router?
16-Sep-2003What's the difference between MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, and Windows Messenger?
07-Sep-2003How can I keep someone from executing malicious SQL code on my website?
29-Aug-2003How does windows maintain the sort order in my menus?
26-Aug-2003Does IIS Support URL Rewriting?
25-Aug-2003How can I move my Outlook Master Category List to another machine?
20-Aug-2003Windows XP Home or XP Pro?
18-Aug-2003I have no "Accounts..." menu item in Outlook Express. Why?
15-Aug-2003Why did MSN Messenger stop alerting me to new messages?
15-Aug-2003Can I track what links people are clicking on, even if they go off my site?
12-Aug-2003Can I adjust some master NTFS table size to handle large number of files better?
04-Jan-2003Can I republish your articles?
03-Jan-2003How do I turn off those ads that look like links on your site?
02-Jan-2003What's your public key?