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Internet Explorer, or just IE, is the worlds most popular web browser. IE comes with free with every version of Microsoft Windows.

'IEXPLORE.EXE' comes up when I start my computer and says that I'm trying to download something -- how do I fix it?

There are a couple of things to look into if Internet Explorer (IEXPLORE.EXE) starts up and tries to download things on startup.

Am I at risk for Internet Explorer vulnerabilities even though I use a different browser?

Using a browser other than Internet Explorer is very common and for many different reasons. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you can ignore IE.

Are multiple instances of IE causing it to slow down dramatically?

Multiple instances of IE showing in the task manager could simply be multiple tabs open in the browser. This sounds more like a memory problem.

Can I get Internet Explorer 7 without using Windows Automatic Update? And should I?

Automatic Update scares some but it's the primary way most people get Internet Explorer 7. I'm not scared, but I'll show some alternatives anyway.

Can I remove Internet Explorer if I never use it?

It's not uncommon to use a web browser other than Internet Explorer. What you may not realize is that you're still using IE for other things.

Dealing with 'Not Responding' in Internet Explorer

'Not Responding' happens when a program hangs or takes too long to do something. In Internet Explorer, that's often due to add-ons.

Do I still need Internet Explorer updates if I don't use it?

Internet Explorer is a browser but it's so tightly a part of Windows that it ends up being much more. As a result, you probably want those updates.

Does index.dat mean someone is spying on me?

Internet Explorer uses index.dat as part of its operation. It is not spying on you or growing without bound!

Google search does nothing. How do I fix that?

Sometimes "drive-by toolbar downloads" can interfere with the way that your browser handles search and/or the page. We'll look for a fix.

How can I download Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer, most commonly, downloads from Microsoft as part of automatic updates. Find out how you can get it manually.

How do I block Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) from being automatically installed?

Internet Explorer 8 is being pushed out through Windows Update and Automatic Updates. If you're not ready, there are ways to block the IE8 update.

How do I change my internet security setting to medium?

Changing your internet security to medium can be done easily, but first make sure that it's really safe for you to do so.

How do I change what search engine is used by Internet Explorer?

Microsoft's Internet Explorer naturally comes with Microsoft's Bing as its search provider. That's easy to change and there are many alternatives.

How do I delete items from Internet Explorer's auto-complete list?

Internet Explorer tries to be helpful by showing you recently visited URLs so you don't have to retype them. But what if you don't want them to show?

How do I disable Internet Explorer add-ons?

Internet Explorer add-ons are a common cause of problems that are incorrectly blamed on IE itself. I'll show you how to disable IE add-ons.

How do I get Favorites to work in IE9?

Sometimes switching to a different version or browser will solve problems like this.

How do I get Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) to work - at all?

IE9 takes advantage of your graphics card to draw on the screen more quickly. It's nifty when it works and frustrating when it doesn't. We'll turn it off.

How do I get a 64-bit Flash Player?

With the availability of the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer, 64-bit add-ons may be required. I'll look at what to do when they're not available.

How do I get rid of IE9's "Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons" notification?

IE9 will notify you if it thinks you can speed up browsing because add-ons are taking too long to load. We can change the definition of "too long."

How do I get rid of the "Welcome to IE8" screen every time I start Internet Explorer?

The IE8 Welcome screen allows you to set up a few initial IE settings and then it goes away. Apparently you MUST setup, or it'll keep coming back.

How do I really get rid of all of Bing?

Internet Explorer comes preconfigured with Bing as its search provider. Occasionally, IE ends up displaying Bing "accidentally". We'll change it.

How do I remove the latest IE update - Internet Explorer 8?

The latest IE update - Internet Explorer 8 - causes problems for some people. It might be easy to remove the IE update, or it might be a lot of work.

How do I stop constant "runtime error" messages in Internet Explorer?

It's common to see runtime errors when visiting web sites in Internet Explorer. Unfortunately your options to deal with them are somewhat limited.

How do I uninstall Internet Explorer 9?

Explorer 9, or just IE9, is the current version of Microsoft's internet browser. I'll show you how to uninstall IE9, if possible.

How to I manually update Windows XP using IE6?

You should be able to update using Microsoft's online service, but it is also important to keep your browser up to date.

I have IE set to keep history 21 days, but only today is shown. How do I see the rest?

There's a quick and easy solution to displaying all 21 days of your Internet Explorer history.

I'm told that IE8 is using too much memory. What do I do?

I don't have a specific solution for this memory problem, but I will describe a couple of different things that may be contributing.

Internet Explorer pictures not displayed - how do I bypass security so that they are?

Internet Explorer will sometimes not display pictures. Bypassing security settings occasionally helps but there are also other settings to check.

Is it possible to create an icon on the Desktop for IE without re-installing?

Is there anyway I can make Internet Explorer keep history forever?

While you can't configure Internet Explorer to keep your History forever, you can configure it to last almost three years.

Should I Install Internet Explorer 8? Internet Explorer 9?

Internet Explorer 8 and 9 have been out for awhile now. Should you install them? Yes, even if you don't use them.

Should I install IE9 (Internet Explorer version 9)?

IE9 is a fairly safe upgrade for most, but not all. I'll look at what affects the odds and discuss your options.

Should I upgrade to IE7?

IE7 has been out for over a year now, and while continuing to run IE6 remains an option, there's no real reason not to upgrade.

What can I do about a pop-up that says, "Internet Explorer has stopped working?"

Pop-up errors can be annoying... or a sign of serious computer trouble. I give a brief description of both.

What is Internet Explorer's new Add-On Manager?

Thanks to the Add-On Manager, you now can now have more visibility and control over what software makes itself part of Internet Explorer.

What version of Internet Explorer should I be running?

Like many programs, IE is a bit of a moving target. I'll review where it is today, what version I recommend that you run, and what to do in case of problems.

Where'd the menus go in IE9?

Internet Explorer 9 optimized its screen real estate a bit; part of the optimization is hiding the menus. They're easy to get back as needed or permanently.

Why are there two iexplore.exe Internet Explorer processes when I've run it just once?

With the release of IE8 many people are noticing that there is more than one iexplore.exe process when they run IE. I'll look at why.

Why do I have Internet Explorer temporary files if I never use it?

Internet Explorer runs deeper than most people realize. Portions of what we think of as IE are in fact part of Windows itself.

Why do cookies have my name in them, and do the sites I visit see that?

Cookies are used by websites to place data on your computer that they can access when you visit again. IE uses your name to keep track of your cookies.

Why does CCleaner clean up Internet Explorer items when I don't use Internet Explorer?

It's not unusual to find remnants of Internet Explorer in your system – even if you don't use it as a browser. I explain why.

Why does IE give me the spinning circle for a while when I click on a link?

A spinning circle means that something is busy happening and you need to wait. If this is actually causing a problem, the first place to look is in your add-ons.

Why does IE not allow the selection of a default mail handler?

There are a couple things to look at if IE doesn't allow the selection of a default mail handler.

Why does IE's stop button not always work?

Hitting the "Stop" button often does not stop everything. I look at why that happens, and some alternatives.

Why does IE7 still seem to be around after installing IE8?

After updating IE7 to IE8 some folders and setting may be left that make it appear that IE7 has not been completely uninstalled. We'll speculate why.

Why does IE8 crash when I attempt to attach a photo to email?

Internet Explorer crashes when adding pictures to an email. I go through a number of steps to clean the system.

Why does Internet Explorer crash when I try to print?

Internet Explorer crashing while printing can be caused by so many different things. We'll start by looking at add-ons.

Why does Internet Explorer keep stopping and restarting?

Internet Explorer restarting over and over could be caused by a number of things from add-ons to hardware acceleration.

Why is typing in Yahoo! Mail so slow?

Typing in Yahoo! Mail could be slowed down by interference from your browser. Hopefully, you can speed it up without upgrading the entire computer!