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Streaming or download, YouTube or other sites - questions and answers about video on the internet.

A brief overview of VLC

VLC is a popular media player known for its ability to play just about any format. I'll go over a few of its features.

Can I get my TV programming over the internet?

There's a lot of online video and TV available over the internet. However, it's not yet a true replacement for your cable or satellite subscription.

Help! Youtube is crashing my computer!

Video uses a fair amount of processing power on a computer - that load could be overheating your computer.

How can I slow down a video so I can understand conversations?

There are settings in VLC player that allow you to slow down the audio speed in a video.

How do I get YouTube videos to play using RealPlayer?

The real problem you're trying to solve here is that you want to download some of the videos. That may be against YouTube's terms of service.

How do I get around being blocked from watching Youtube videos?

If your ISP blocks you, they are blocking you: there may be little you can do other than changing your physical location.

How do I play this video file?

Video formats are a confusing mess. Fortunately there are a couple of ways that you can often get downloaded videos to play without too much fuss.

How do I prevent auto-download or auto-start video?

Video embedded on web pages will sometimes begin to download, or even begin to play, before you hit play. We'll look at one inelegant solution.

How do I record a streaming video?

Recording streaming video has both legal and technical difficulties. We'll take a look at how to do it and the ramifications around both issues.

How do I stop, start and generally control videos I watch on the web?

More and more video is being placed on the web. Unfortunately, not every video producer is giving us the control we want. I look at how this comes to be.

Is it OK to install this software that an online streaming service says I need?

These software codecs are probably OK, although you should always be cautious when an application is asking you to install something.

Since so many other people have uploaded music to YouTube, can't I do that legally too?

Copyrights on YouTube are a long and ongoing problem that is still, in many ways, trying to get worked out.

What or who is using up all the bandwidth on my remote camera?

Cameras use a lot of bandwidth if they are streaming to an online service. That may be the first place to look.

Why did my YouTube conversion program just stop working?

YouTube officially discourages downloading of videos and puts significant programming barriers in the way of doing so. Your downloads may be breaking on purpose.

Why does Flash keep crashing in Firefox, but work fine in Chrome and IE?

Flash crashing in Firefox means something is wrong with either Flash or Firefox. We'll take an investigative approach to get running again.