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ISO files are disc images, typically representing the contents of CD, DVD or BluRay disks. Articles here explore how to open, read, write, install and generally work with iso images.

Can I copy a bootable DVD to my hard disk to burn again later?

ImgBurn is the tool for copying bootable DVDs. Not only can you copy the DVD to your drive, but you can use ImgBurn later to remake the bootable DVD.

Can I use ImgBurn to create a restore file for a GPS Navigator?

It is unlikely that manufactures of devices like cameras and GPS navigators would allow users the kind of access needed to restore an ISO file. But, there is a way to test that flash drive question.

How do I burn the latest Ubuntu to CD?

Burning Ubuntu to CD can no longer be done with the latest release. The file is large enough to need a DVD disc.

How do I install an ISO file that contains software?

Some software is distributed as .iso files. I'll look at a couple of ways to install .iso files, or rather, install the software that they contain.