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Ask Leo! is looking for your recommendations for programs supporting English and Computer literacy.

Earlier this year, I announced that I'll make grants totaling $10,000 (USD) to as many as four non-profit organizations involved in computer and/or English literacy.

I also mentioned that I'd be asking for your help suggesting whom those recipients might be.

The "theme" for these grants is literacy, both English and computer literacy. For better or worse, a significant amount of information on and about the internet and computers is available only or primarily in English. I'm not out to change how the internet presents information - rather, I want to help empower people to gain access not only to that information but to the communities and individuals who are there as well. Literacy, both in English and in technology, are fundamental to that empowerment.

These grants are not restricted to the United States.

The Criteria for your suggestions

  • The organization must, as its primary focus or significantly be engaged in either:

    • English Language Literacy - programs focused on reading and writing in English, either as a primary or secondary language.

    • Computer Literacy - programs that teach the fundamentals of computer, technology, and internet usage to those who would otherwise not have resources to learn on their own.

  • If in the United States, the organization must be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. If outside of the U.S. it must be an equivalent NPO in its country of operation. This must be independently verifiable. If it's not a registered charity or NPO, the organization is not eligible.

  • The organization must have a public website containing information about its goals, operations and principals (the individuals running the organization). Those pages must be available in English so I can read them. Ideally, I would get everything I need to know about the organization simply by examining its public web site in depth.

I also need to be clear: This isn't a vote. I'm simply asking for ideas. Ultimately, I alone make the decision on who receives the grant.

While I'm sincerely asking for and deeply appreciate your input and your personal comments about the organizations you recommend, "over-lobbying" - (i.e. flooding the recommendations box or my email with comments in support of a specific organization) creates a real risk of backfiring for being too annoying. Make a recommendation, state your case, share your thoughts clearly and succinctly, and I promise to review what you've shared.

After making a suggestion, you'll likely hear nothing from me until the grant announcements are made on August 10th, 2010. Please don't take that personally; I'm simply anticipating that my time will be better spent evaluating what you've offered.

Deadline: All recommendations must be received by June 1, 2010.

Recommendations are closed.

Remember that the organization must meet the criteria that I've outlined above in order to be considered.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful assistance.


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