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How do I resolve Javascript syntax errors suddenly popping up on most web sites I visit?

Javascript syntax errors on web pages could come from a number of sources. We'll start with a thorough malware scan.

Is Javascript dangerous?

Javascript is become more and more common on web pages, but some security experts prefer to leave it disabled. I look at why, and one great alternative for FireFox users.

What is Java and what will happen if I uninstall it?

When we say "Java," it can be two completely different things. First, we have to decide which you are talking about.

What should I do when my browser tells me a script is unresponsive?

This is usually a side effect of JavaScript taking longer than the browser expects and it's probably worthwhile letting them continue to try for awhile.

Why doesn't Flash work in IE9?

Something's wrong with Internet Explorer in this case. There's certainly no easy way to replace it, but it can possibly be repaired.