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Articles relating to the various hardware devices and drivers that might be used to control or input data into your computer.

After resuming from Sleep keyboard works in Linux but no longer in Windows. What should I do?

Booting into Linux to test the keyboard gives us the information we need to know: that this is a software issue in Windows.

Can I swap my third mouse button for the left button?

The problem is that if the drivers for your mouse don't support that kind of button swapping, it may not be possible.

Could my mouse trackpad be causing my cursor to jump around the screen?

A mouse jumping around, especially on a laptop, is often the touchpad somehow being touched. There are a few other things to look for as well.

How do I configure the email button on my keyboard?

There are a couple of easy steps to take to configure the email button on your keyboard.

How do I control the mouse right-click functions in Windows XP?

In Windows XP there are a few easy steps to take to control the right-click function of your mouse.

How do I disable my laptop touchpad?

Whether or not your laptop's touch pad can be disabled depends on the software used to configure it. It might be easy, or it might be impossible.

How do I disable the touchpad if it's not in my Control Panel?

The first suggestion is to make sure that you've got the correct device drivers installed for your mouse and track pad.

How do I get NUMLOCK to default to ON in Windows 2000?

Making the NUMLOCK to default to ON in Windows 2000 involves a simple fix in an obscure place.

How do I replace my laptop keyboard?

Replacing a laptop keyboard is possible if you know what you're getting into. Through photos, I'll show you how I replaced my wife's laptop keyboard.

How do I turn off keyboard repeat?

The keyboard repeat rate can be configured in the Control Panel, but it usually can't be turned off there. I'll show you where to turn off keyboard repeat.

I'm having keyboard problems, can you help?

I get a steady stream of questions about keyboard keys acting up, looking for a software-based solution. More commonly, it's a hardware issue.

Is it dangerous to use a wireless mouse or keyboard?

Most newer wireless keyboards have good encryption on them and limited range. But, you should still know the danger of getting sniffed.

My program crashes when I drag the cursor too fast to copy something. How do I fix that?

Fast mouse movement causing a crash could be a symptom of several things. But first, we need to determine exactly what is crashing.

My touchpad stopped supporting multi-touch features. How do I re-enable them?

Touchpad multi-touch features are enabled through the drivers installed on your computer. The place to go is the manufacturer's website.

What's Dvorak, and why did my keyboard layout suddenly change?

If what you type isn't what you get, one possibility is that your keyboard is configured for the Dvorak layout. We'll look at how to check and fix it.

Why does my mouse curser freeze so I have to shut down with my keyboard?

A frozen cursor is common with wireless mice. But there are a few steps that you can take to help diagnose the problem.

Why does my screen suddenly scroll to the bottom when I'm typing?

A screen suddenly scrolling on a new laptop sounds like a touchpad problem. There is an easy way to test for that.

Why does the mouse on one computer move the pointer on another?

Wireless keyboards and mice broadcast their information in such a way that other computers might be able to listen in.

Will laptops ever have traditional keyboards again?

Keyboards are expensive pieces of hardware, and one of the areas that laptop manufacturers often cut costs. As a result, keyboard quality is one of the differentiators among laptop makes and models.