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Articles covering Amazon's Kindle ebook reader as well as the Kindle Reader applications and other Kindle-related topics.

Amazon Kindle Fire - More than a great reading device

Amazon's Kindle is a great e-reader. The Kindle Fire brings a backlit color touch screen - and the power of an Android tablet - to the table.

Are there privacy or security issues when using a Kindle over WiFi?

The security issues in using a Kindle on an open Wi-Fi are the same as for using a computer. Follow some critical rules and you'll be safe.

Can I read PDFs using my Kindle Reader application on my tablet or phone?

The Kindle application is actually quite a reasonable PDF reader and can be used on tablets and phones relatively easily.

Can I read personal documents on my Kindle?

A Kindle is a great document reader. There are several ways to get your document over there to read it.

Can you give away a Kindle book after you're done reading it?

Amazon's Kindle includes a couple of different concepts of borrowing or sharing books, but giving a Kindle book that you've purchased to someone else doesn't appear to be possible.

How do I read a Kindle book if I don't have a Kindle?

Kindle is much more than a physical reader. Amazon has made Kindle reading applications available for FREE on most popular platforms.

Kindle - Much more than an electronic portable book reader

The Kindle reader from Amazon is changing the way many people read. An overlooked capability makes Kindle much more than just a reading device.

So, what do you think about Kindle?

Amazon's new Kindle electronic book reader has some truly compelling features, several issues and a few surprises. It may change the way I read books.

Why have libraries stopped offering ebooks for Kindle?

At the time of this writing, we are in an early acceptance phase for ebooks, such as Kindle. Libraries are caught in this change, but there may be positive ways forward.