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Windows XP isn't dead! In early 2011, Windows XP is estimated to remain above 50% market share. Maintaining Windows XP - A Practical Guide will make your machine more reliable, more efficient, and more useful.

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It hurts me to see good computers get tossed aside when in all likelihood it doesn't have to be that way.

In many cases, people are just throwing their hands up in resignation and starting over.

One: you can do that without spending money on a new machine.

Two: you probably don't have to do that at all.

And that is what Maintaining Windows XP - A Practical Guide is all about: the steps that you can take without buying a new machine and without installing a new operating system. Steps that'll help make your machine more reliable, more efficient, and more useful.

Steps that'll help your machine last longer.

Learn more about the book here or continue on to its notes and errata page.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

I Placed My Order But Haven't Received the Download Link in Email

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Is The Book Available in Printed Form?

Yes. You can purchase a copy here on Amazon!

General Notes

The book was first released February 10, 2011.

As feedback comes in, I'll collect any notes, clarifications, or comments to be shared here.


Find a typo or an error in the book? Here's what I know so far:

Pages Issue Comments
1-4 Table Of Contents is not clickable I intended for it to be, but it's not. Instead, you'll find that the entire Table of Contents is present as bookmarks. View bookmarks in your PDF reader and you should see a useful navigation aid.
67 I/O Delta Reads and Writes are not visible on the Process Performance tab Process Explorer updated since that section was written. They're now on a new "Process I/O" tab in that same dialog.
130 "On a more practical not ..." Should be "On a more practical note ..."
130 "There's a pretty good chance you would notice the difference in color." Should be "There's a pretty good chance you would not notice the difference in color."
252 "Removing Install Programs" Should be "Removing Installed Programs"

Find a typo not listed? Email book<at> with your correction or just use the submit-a-question form.


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