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RAM, Flash, and computer memory in general.

Are bigger internal memory or RAM sticks faster then those with less capacity?

Bigger RAM sticks only matter if they help add up the overall total internal RAM in a computer. Get the most you can!

Can I mix and match RAM I add to my system?

Depending on your computer you may be able to mix and match RAM chips of differing sizes. Or you may not.

Can you have too much RAM? Is 64bit just a marketing ploy?

64 bit machines and 64 bit support are becoming more common, which begs the question: is it hype, or is it worth it? And how much RAM is enough?

How do different memory options interact with one another?

There's memory and then there's memory. I'll look at the difference between system RAM and video memory and how they're used. And ReadyBoost makes an appearance.

How much memory does this particular CPU need?

It is not the processor that determines how much memory you will need in a computer, but what kinds of software you will run and how you will use the machine.

Is it safe to donate or give away RAM?

Giving away memory sticks is a great idea and removing power will cause the volatile memory to disappear.

Why does my computer crash after adding RAM?

Adding RAM can be a cost effective upgrade, but if your computer crashes after doing so, it's time to double check a few things. Like the RAM added.